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'Do the Most Meaningful Work of Your Career' — that's the motto you see right after entering the Facebook career page. Indeed, it's hard for a tech professional to imagine something more purposeful than working on software solutions used by 3 billion people worldwide. And that's not only Facebook itself — as the company's employee, you can also put your hand into the development of WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as plenty of AR/VR projects and even a cryptocurrency wallet!

If that sounds intriguing to you, becoming a member of a Facebook family that already includes 45k enthusiasts might be an excellent opportunity for you to consider.

For those software engineers who live in the European region or are willing to relocate there, we made the search for a perfect vacancy at Facebook even easier. Here at Relocate.me, we analyzed all the Facebook tech jobs in Europe for you to find the most matching vacancies. Since Facebook offices and data centers can be located in nine European countries, you can combine the search for the most suitable job offering to choose the best place for you to live.


Facebook Tech Jobs in Ireland

Cities: Dublin, Cork, Clonee
Teams: Oculus, Portal, AR/VR, Security, Infrastructure, Software Engineering
Average software engineer salary in Ireland: €48,000 per annum

Ireland is the country with the most substantial Facebook presence in Europe, with offices located in Dublin (Facebook's European headquarters), Cork, and Clonee (a large-scale data center). Therefore, it's no wonder that Irish teams handle the company's most complex projects. In Dublin, you can contribute to various versatile solutions — from AR/VR-related ones like Portal, a smart device for video calling, to automated solutions that prevent malicious content from being spread on Facebook. If you are a data engineer or a skillful solution architect, some of the Facebook tech jobs in Dublin might be of interest to you as well.

The Cork office welcomes AR/VR enthusiasts to join Facebook's Oculus team and improve the popular VR headset owners' gaming experience. If you are a hardware professional, the Cork office might have some attractive positions for you, too — the local team is looking for enthusiasts who are willing to define the future of AR/VR displays.

As for the Clonee data center, its team consists of skillful network engineers who belong to Facebook's Infrastructure team.

A quick tip: Ireland is a reputable European tech hub and one of the greenest and wealthiest countries in Europe. Explore some personalized tips about relocation to Ireland here, as well as inspiring expat stories and tech jobs posted by Irish companies.


Facebook Tech Jobs in the UK

Cities: London
Teams: AdTech, Portal, WhatsApp, Novi, Design & UI, Infrastructure, Data & Analytics, Security, Oculus
Average software engineer salary in the UK: €49,125 per annum

The London office is probably the one with the broadest pool of opportunities for tech-savvy employees. The range of projects handled by the UK team varies from Spark AR (a platform for AR project creation) to WhatsApp and Novi (a digital cryptocurrency wallet). Hence the range of specialists required is also impressive — the UK office is continually looking for Android and iOS engineers to improve the Facebook family of apps; AI and ML software engineers with a decent knowledge of C++ and Python; research scientists, and network engineers

The WhatsApp team, which is partially based in London, also welcomes creative UI/UX designers to refine the messaging platform's user experience. Besides that, Facebook's UK office has plenty of tech jobs for the Oculus team (AR/VR-related positions), Security team, Portal team, Data Engineering teams. Basically, whatever technology you are proficient in, there will be a suitable vacancy for you at Facebook London (obviously, for front-end developers, the knowledge of React.js/React Native is always required).

A quick tip: London and the whole UK is an extremely expat-friendly location — for instance, one-third of Londoners were born abroad. If you are planning to join those who successfully moved to the UK, learn more about the relocation process here


Facebook Tech Jobs in Switzerland

Cities: Zurich
Teams: Portal, Oculus, AR/VR, Data Analytics, Software Engineering
Average software engineer salary in Switzerland: €92,000 per annum

Established in 2016, the Swiss Facebook office mostly welcomes engineers who are well-versed in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality. The range of projects handled by the Zurich office includes Portal, Oculus, Spark AR, and a brand-new Facebook Horizon (the whole VR world!) Therefore, Python and/or C++ knowledge is necessary for those willing to apply. For data-related positions, you will also need to be familiar with Hadoop and Hive.

Considering the growing demand for AR/VR solutions in quarantine times, Facebook plans to double the number of employees at its Zurich office. Therefore, more exciting Facebook tech jobs will be available in Switzerland soon!

A quick tip: Since Switzerland is an attractive destination for both tech giants and SMEs, plenty of noteworthy IT jobs are available. Browse them to check some attractive offers and increase your chances to relocate.


Facebook Tech Jobs in France

Cities: Paris
Teams: Facebook AI Research, Solutions Architecture, Software Engineering, R&D
Average software engineer salary in France: €40,000 per annum

In the very heart of Paris, Facebook's French office hosts around 100 techies who are solving complex AI- and ML-related problems daily. Most of those professionals are research scientists, AI software engineers, and machine learning experts. Therefore, most tech jobs at Facebook's Paris office are related to similar specialties. To be qualified for those vacancies, you will be required to have profound knowledge of natural language processing, speech recognition methods, text-to-speech algorithms, and other comparable subjects. The ability to implement the complex ML algorithms in Python and/or C/C++ is also a must for 95% of applicants.

However, if AI and ML are not your things, in France, you can also join Facebook's Solution Architecture team and build the core of the company's marketing technology solutions. 

A quick tip: Considering relocation to France? Calculate your approximate base pay here to compare it with the living cost and plan your moving process in the minutest detail.


Facebook Tech Jobs in the Czech Republic

Cities: Prague
Teams: Beat Games (VR games creation)
Average software engineer salary in the Czech Republic: €41,000 per annum

Facebook's presence in Czechia was established in 2019 when the company acquired Beat Games — the authors of the booming VR game 'Beat Saber'. After this acquisition, the occupation of the brand-new Prague office didn't change; but now the 'Beat Saber' development is strongly supported by Facebook's resources and knowledge base. 

Facebook's Czech team is looking for all kinds of game development professionals — from UI designers to software engineers. For the latter, profound knowledge of C#/C++, Unity Engine, and OOP is the basic qualification needed to the Facebook tech jobs in the Czech Republic.

A quick tip: Being one of the world's top-10 friendliest countries for expats, the Czech Republic is also home to plenty of companies looking for tech-savvy employees. If Czechia looks like an attractive relo destination for you, feel free to browse all the job openings there and find the ones that suit you the most.


Facebook Tech Jobs in Germany

Cities: Berlin
Teams: Software Engineering
Average software engineer salary in Germany: €55,000 per annum

Opened in 2012 and located nearby the governmental district, Facebook's Berlin office plays a vital role in the company's presence in the German-speaking market and its constant communication with political influencers. That explains that most Facebook jobs in Berlin are related to communications or sales. However, the tech department in the German capital is also strong — in Berlin, you can join Facebook's Software Engineering team or become a solution architect for the company's marketing technology projects. 

A quick tip: The process of relocation to Germany might seem mind-blowing at first, especially given the country's complex tax system and plenty of tech job offerings in big cities. If you are interested in moving to Germany but lack structured information, check some useful tips and expat stories here.


Facebook Tech Jobs in Poland

Cities: Warsaw
Teams: Software Engineering, AdTech
Average software engineer salary in Poland: €22,700 per annum

Over the past few years, Poland has gained credit as a popular country for techies to relocate to, thanks to its affordable cost of living and a strong presence of renowned tech employers. One of them is Facebook — the company's Central and East Europe headquarters are situated in Warsaw. The Polish team is responsible for the success of 46 million users, who leverage Facebook's marketing and advertising solutions across 30 countries. On the technical side, this is supported by a team of software developers who develop and maintain Facebook Ads products' codebase. 

To qualify for most Facebook tech jobs in Poland, you will most likely need to be an expert in at least one of these technologies: Python, PHP, C/C++, Ruby, C#, Java.

A quick tip: Even if nothing at Facebook seems a perfect fit for your skills right now, it should be said that Poland is worth the attention of anyone who is willing to relocate as a software developer. Browse the available tech jobs in Poland here — maybe one company is looking just for you!


Facebook Tech Jobs in Other Locations — Data Centers

Cities: Odense (Denmark), Luleå (Sweden)
Teams: Infrastructure

Facebook's data centers in Odense and Luleå are constantly growing — the area occupied by the former facility is to grow by 30,000 sq m in the nearest future. In contrast, the latter is expected to occupy 93,000 sq m in 2021. Given the increasing number of Facebook users, this growth likely will not slow down soon. So, if you think that building a career as a network engineer at Facebook might be the next level of your professional development, check the job openings at these data centers!


Facebook Relocation Package

The benefits Facebook provides to its employees have always been considered generous, and the same is true for relocation perks. Besides the traditional lump sum payment (which of course depends on your destination, level of your position, family status, etc.) and/or moving assistance (services of a moving company, car/home rental assistance, flight coverage, temporary housing for you and your family), you also get a range of additional benefits that will help you accommodate at your new home. For example, Facebook employees say that the company's health insurance is remarkable — it covers everything from dental care routines to buying new glasses. Another perk worth mentioning is the BFF (Best Friends Forever) program that helps newcomers get to know each other better and find friends at the new location among their teammates.


I hope this article helped you understand which Facebook office suits your skills fully and replenish your list of possible relocation destinations with a few European cities. 


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