Finding a Developer Job Abroad in 2020: Companies Offering Relocation

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how many organizations do business, including the recruiting and onboarding process. While most tech companies have had to put their international hiring plans on hold, it’s still possible to land a great IT job abroad with a relocation package included. In many cases, this job will be remote for now as the pandemic continues, but eventually, you’ll have the opportunity to relocate and work on-site at the company’s office.

Along with the team at, we’ve handpicked 20 companies that claim to offer relocation assistance in their current software engineering and other IT-related job listings. 

Let’s dive in.



Since its launch in 2017, Qonto’s mission has been to make banking easy for entrepreneurs. Today, over 100,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain are using Qonto, a mobile-first online banking solution, to seamlessly manage their business finances. In the past year alone, the company processed €10B in transaction volume. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? 

Browse open positions at Qonto 


Agoda (now part of Booking Holdings)

Agoda is one of the world’s largest and most rapidly growing online travel booking platforms with a network of over 2.5 million accommodation properties worldwide. Until recently, it was all about vacation rentals and hotels. Today, by using or the Agoda mobile app (both are available in 38 languages), travelers can also book flights. Since its inception in 2005, Agoda has transformed travel for millions of people around the world.  

Browse open positions at Agoda, “the social wall for everyone,” was born in 2014. Today, six years later, it’s one of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS companies in Austria with a diverse range of customers from over 50 countries. With, companies can create a branded social media hub that displays their best Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media posts and then embed it on the site. 

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Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the term “print on demand,” it’s about customizing white-label products (e.g., accessories, apparel, home decor staff, etc.) with your own designs to sell them online under your own brand and, more importantly, on a pre-order basis. Printify, a startup backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top angel investors, offers an online marketplace that connects e-commerce merchants with digital printing service providers. By using it, merchants can focus solely on creating and selling custom printed products, as Printify handles the order fulfillment, including shipping to end customers. As of today, over 300,000 online merchants use Printify.

Browse open positions at Printify



This company has been on a mission to reinvent investing for six years already. Launched in 2014, Bitpanda has quickly grown into Europe’s leading platform for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, digitized gold, and over 30 other digital assets. Ease of use is what differentiates Bitpanda from its competitors. As of today, the platform has more than 1.2 million users. Another interesting fact about Bitpanda is its very diverse, multinational team comprised of people from more than 40 nations, which is rather uncommon in Austria. 

Browse open positions at Bitpanda


Mondido Payments

Established in 2014, Mondido is a fast-growing fintech company working to change the way people shop and pay online. Its payment solution not only enables online merchants to seamlessly accept payments on the web and mobile devices but also offers smart features helping to boost sales. The company is backed by Nordea and NFT Ventures and has a growing number of customers all over Europe.

Browse open positions at Mondido



HeavenHR is a young, dynamic Berlin-based startup aimed at streamlining HR processes for small and medium enterprises, thus enabling them to focus on their core business. Its cloud-based HR solution helps manage recruiting, onboarding, staff performance, payroll, and more. HeavenHR is currently active in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria.

Browse open positions at HeavenHR



Since its founding in 2012, Kahoot! has been focused on making the learning process both engaging and fun through online, interactive games. With Kahoot!’s innovative platform, virtually any individual or organization can easily create, play, and share learning games. The company has amassed a large userbase with more than 1.2 billion active users around the world who have created nearly 100 million games. Kahoot! is headquartered in Norway with additional employees based in satellite offices located in the United States, the UK, France, and Finland.

Browse open positions at Kahoot!


Seven Senders

Since founding the company in 2015, the Seven Senders team has been working to develop robust tools that help to facilitate parcel deliveries around the world. Through their hard work and innovation, Seven Senders now boasts the top parcel delivery platform on the European continent. The company’s primary function is to connect merchants around the world with local package delivery companies, thereby enabling suppliers and storefronts to deliver parcels to customers quickly at the best prices.

Browse open positions at Seven Senders



Aiven is a relatively young cloud technology startup that’s backed by leading investors throughout Europe. The company offers a suite of managed, cloud-based services that allow businesses to more easily build and launch applications in conjunction with open-source projects. Aiven currently boasts over 500 customers, including some big names such as Toyota and Atlassian.

Browse open positions at Aiven



RoboMarkets has been in operation since the year 2012 and now offers its European retail and institutional customers over 12,000 trading instruments and eight different asset types. The company’s mission is to provide everyone with an opportunity to get easy access to complicated investment products.

Browse open positions at RoboMarkets



Headquartered in London, SumUp is a leading fintech firm that enables small businesses to easily and securely process credit card transactions at the point-of-sale or remotely. SumUp’s success has allowed it to expand into more than 30 countries on three different continents. The company continues to grow with a roster of hundreds of thousands of small businesses that today choose SumUp’s services to get paid.

Browse open positions at SumUp



Since its founding in 2012, DocPlanner has been on a mission to humanize the healthcare experience. The company is one of the most well-funded startups in the European healthcare space with more than 35 million unique patients having used its platform to book more than three million appointments every month. Not only does their SaaS tool help clinics and physicians optimize patient appointments and reduce no-show visits, but it also provides patients with access to a booking platform and free reviews of local practitioners.

Browse open positions at DocPlanner


Starship Technologies

Founded in July 2014 by two co-founders of Skype, Starship is changing the way parcels, groceries, and food are delivered. The company builds self-driving robots designed to deliver goods locally within 30 minutes. Since the launch of the company, Starship’s robots have completed hundreds of thousands of deliveries and have been driven in tens of cities around the globe.

Browse open positions at Starship



Taxfix is on a mission to make tax declarations more accessible by simplifying the tax filing process. Founded in 2017, the company has become one of the most successful fintech startups throughout Europe, and it continues to grow. With the Taxfix app, tax filings can now be fully completed in less than 22 minutes. The company is growing rapidly and is actively hiring right now.

Browse open positions at Taxfix


Bending Spoons

Bending Spoons is a fast-growing, seven-year-old technology company focused on building and marketing mobile apps. Its apps have over 3,000 million downloads and millions of active users every month. The team has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming the number one mobile application developer and publisher in the world.

Browse open positions at Bending Spoons



Boasting over 50 million active users, Stocard is a leading provider of mobile wallet solutions and is one of the fastest-growing fintech startups. The Stocard app is an innovative solution for both customers and retailers, allowing the former to easily convert their smartphones into mobile wallets while permitting brands and retailers to connect directly with prospective customers and drive them into stores. The company is headquartered in Mannheim but has offices in Rotterdam, London, Paris, Sydney, Rome, and Milan.

Browse open positions at Stocard


Recharge (formerly Creative Group)

Recharge makes prepaid phone credit and data top-ups simple for customers around the world. It currently serves 700+ brands, including big names such as Spotify, Apple, and Google. Over the past three years, Recharge has scaled up quickly with its and products, which has resulted in unprecedented growth and the need for additional team members to support the operation.

Browse open positions at Recharge



HENNGE is a leading provider of cloud-based security services in Japan. For companies interested in moving their systems to the cloud, HENNGE provides an added layer of security to protect system access and disruptions. Although its offices are in Tokyo, HENNGE recruits internationally, and the work environment is casual and flexible, which is quite unique for a Japanese firm.

Browse open positions at HENNGE



Since its launch in 2005, trivago has gradually reshaped how travelers find and compare hotels around the world. The company’s innovative hotel search tool compares real-time rates for numerous hotels on major booking websites worldwide. Each month, trivago serves millions of travelers who are searching for an ideal hotel option.

Browse open positions at trivago


Hiring needs and policies are continuing to evolve in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As a result, it’s entirely possible that not every company mentioned here is willing to hire talent internationally at the moment, especially with government-imposed entry requirements in certain locations.

Hopefully this list can at least be a solid starting point on your way to finding your ideal developer job abroad with relocation assistance provided. Check out more tech companies looking for international talent here.

Best of luck with your tech job search!

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