11 American Companies Hiring Overseas

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Thinking about working for a prestigious US company but also dreaming of living somewhere else in the world? You're in the right spot. 

This list is all about finding a job that gives you the best of both: the reliability of a big American name and the adventure of living abroad. So, do you want to know which are the best American companies hiring in Europe?


American companies hiring in Europe

The following companies range from big tech names to dynamic startups, all offering a chance to work on exciting projects while living overseas. Whether you're into tech, creative fields, or business, there's something here for you. If you are also open to working for a local firm that's hiring internationally, check out these companies.

Interested in a career move that mixes professional growth with a bit of adventure? Here's where to look.


1. Apple

Offices: Cork, Munich

Field of activity: Computers and electronics manufacturing

Vacancies: Design, machine learning and AI, operations and supply chain, software and services, corporate functions, hardware, marketing

Apple, being one of the largest tech companies, is constantly hiring in several countries across the globe. It also has significant operations in Munich, Germany, and Cork, Ireland, offering a wide range of job opportunities in Europe. Apple supports new hires with generous relocation benefits — including a choice between a lump sum and a relocation package — which makes the move to a new city easier for employees. Most jobs are on-site or hybrid, but some opportunities are remote, such as Apple Home Advisors.

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2. Amazon

Cities: Seattle, Riyadh, Madrid, Bengaluru, Brussels, London, Honolulu + hundreds more cities globally

Field of activity: Software development, e-commerce

Vacancies: Design, engineering, research science, software development, public policy, marketing, operations and support, finance, facilities, editorial, customer service, data science, audio and video production

Amazon is constantly seeking to simplify online shopping and introduce new technologies. With its European headquarters in Luxembourg and UK headquarters in Shoreditch, London, Amazon is a global giant continuously hiring worldwide. The company sometimes offers relocation assistance, depending on the position and need. Most jobs are on-site or hybrid, and only some of the positions, like content writing, editing and virtual support agent positions, are available remotely.

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3. Netflix

Cities: London, Berlin, Amsterdam, LA, Tokyo, Mumbai, Seoul, Los Gatos, Manila, Warsaw, Sydney, Helsinki, New York 

Field of activity: Entertainment provider

Vacancies: Marketing, design, data, product, finance, creative, engineering, business development, advertising

Netflix is a leading entertainment company that streams content worldwide. It offers a range of roles, from creative to technical, suitable for on-site, hybrid, and remote work environments. Netflix also has a Talent Mobility team dedicated to assisting employees and their families with relocations.

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4. Google

Cities: Hyderabad, New York, San Francisco, Vienna, Munich, Bangalore, Austin, London, Dublin, San Diego, Paris 

Field of activity: Software development

Vacancies: Engineering and technology, sales, design, marketing and communication, finance, business strategy, legal, facilities

It goes without saying that Google is a technology company focused on organising the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful. Known for fostering innovation, Google employs people worldwide in various fields, including software engineering, marketing, product management, and more. It offers comprehensive relocation support to address employees' individual needs. Google's European headquarters are in Dublin's Silicon Docks, and its Asia HQ is in Hyderabad, constantly hiring for both on-site and remote positions.

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FAANG (MAANG) Jobs in Europe →


5. QuantumBlack (A McKinsey Company)

Cities: Stockholm, Seoul, Tokyo, Riyadh, Johannesburg, Paris, Casablanca, Chennai

Field of activity: Management consulting

Vacancies: Data engineer, data scientist

QuantumBlack, a McKinsey company, focuses on enhancing decision-making and performance with advanced analytics across various sectors. It encourages growth through internships, formal training, and mentoring in a flat, merit-based structure where advancement is based on ability. Consulting positions are available in several sectors, including finance, infrastructure, natural resources, the public sector and telecommunications. McKinsey supports employees with relocation assistance, the amount of which varies with the distance from the office.

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6. Grammarly

Cities: San Francisco, Kyiv, Berlin, Vancouver, New York City, Seattle

Field of activity: Software development

Vacancies: Engineering, marketing, product, design, corporate, sales, customer experience, data science and analytics

Grammarly is a leading company in AI writing assistance, offering a remote-first hybrid work setup. Team members usually work from home in the US, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, or Poland, but some roles require being near one of Grammarly's hubs for better teamwork. Teams meet in person for 2-4 weeks every quarter at one of the Grammarly offices. Grammarly also offers relocation help for some positions to make moving easier.

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7. Gartner

Cities: Texas, Dublin, Tokyo, Singapore, Stamford, Irving, Mumbai, New York, Sydney, Barcelona, London, Chicago, Chennai 

Field of activity: Information services

Vacancies: Advertising, research and advisory, AI, client services, consulting, finance, legal, marketing, product, sales, technology

Gartner is a leading research and advisory company providing essential market insights. Working at Gartner means influencing business leaders and decision-makers with your research and analysis. With options for both remote and on-site work, it offers roles that deeply influence strategic decisions across industries. For those joining the team and needing to relocate, Gartner tailors its support to fit individual circumstances and roles.

Find your next challenge at Gartner Careers


8. TransferWise (Now Wise)

Cities: Austin, Sao Paulo, London, Tallinn, Budapest, Singapore, Mumbai, Brussels, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York

Field of activity: Financial services

Vacancies: Analytics, design, banking, finance, customer support, legal, marketing, operations, people, product, risk and compliance, technology

Wise is a global fintech company that simplifies international money transfers to make them more affordable. It offers options to work in remote and hybrid settings, including 90 days a year from other countries, and has a significant presence in Tallinn, Europe.

Explore roles at Wise Careers


9. King

Cities: Stockholm, London, Barcelona, Dublin, Malmö, San Franciso, New York, Berlin

Field of activity: Entertainment providers

Vacancies: Advertising, sales, art, data and analytics, HR, marketing and development, business support, UX and UI

King, the company behind Candy Crush, develops games combining technology and creativity. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, King offers hybrid work options, full relocation support, and visa sponsorships.

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10. Spotify

Cities: Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, New York, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Dubai, Sydney, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Stockholm

Field of activity: Software engineering

Vacancies: Sales, marketing, customer service, design, data and research, engineering, finance, product, payments, HR

Spotify offers music and podcast streaming, allowing users to listen to and discover new content. Spotify's Work From Anywhere Program gives employees the flexibility to choose their best working environment, whether at home or in the office and supports location changes within their region if it suits their role and Spotify's operational needs. Most positions are located in Stockholm, New York, and London, where Spotify offers a generous relocation package that covers temporary housing, home-finding assistance, a furniture allowance, and direct flights for both individuals and families.

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11. Meta

Offices: London, Seattle, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Sunnyvale, New York, LA, Menlo Park, Bangalore, Berlin, Paris, Austin, Prague 

Field of activity: Software development

Vacancies: Advertising, business development, creative, communications, data, Gen AI, operations, infrastructure, AI research, AR/VR, design and UX

Meta, the parent company of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, is at the forefront of digital communication and virtual reality and recruits across various fields, including tech, creativity, and policy. With its global presence, Meta offers opportunities in locations from India to Ireland and the US to the UK. The company provides a comprehensive relocation package covering movers, temporary housing, family travel, and additional moving expenses. Meta also supports flexible work arrangements, including 100% remote roles within specified regions, and hybrid options too.

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