30 Foreign Tech Companies Ready to Hire You in 2024

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Remember when finding international job placements was a niche choice back in 2009? 

Facebook was just starting to take off. AI and remote working was a far-flung sci-fi idea. A job would have to be something special or uniquely demanding to warrant moving abroad for it. Fast-forward less than 20 years, and relocating for work is practically the norm. 

The world keeps getting smaller – and based on the latest stats from 2020, an estimated 281 million people lived outside their country of birth, or around 3.60% of the global population. And despite the predictions of a large decline, figures were only just lower post-COVID and are increasing fast.

And this makes sense. The age of technology keeps us connected to anyone we want, wherever they are on the planet. Flights are increasingly accessible, and the job market is open for those chasing better opportunities, seeking a fresh start, or escaping instability.

There’s no doubt about it: people are both ready for and already starting new chapters abroad.

However, there’s been a shift over the last few years as to which countries are the best for moving abroad, both in terms of the opportunities they provide and the way the migration process works.

Leading the charge in 2024, countries like Portugal, Spain, Japan, Singapore, and even Mexico have dominated the top spots, with traditional countries like the UK, Switzerland, and Canada still holding ground but becoming unpopular for their high costs of living and political conditions.

It's safe to say the world’s your oyster, and if you’re looking to start a new chapter in your tech career, it may be time for a change.


IT jobs in foreign countries

So, if you're considering an international move this year, check out this list. We've got 30 foreign IT companies actively seeking global talent. You might find your next big adventure in one of the usual hotspots or maybe in an exciting new tech hub in Europe or Asia.

Let’s get into it.


Global 🌎


1. Navan

Cities: Dallas, San Francisco, Palo Alto, London, Amsterdam, New York, Sydney, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Field of activity: Enterprise Software, Software, Fintech, Business Travel

Vacancies: Back-End Engineers, App Engineers, Senior Engineers, Senior Directors, Senior Software Engineer, iOS Engineers, Director Global for SEO, Marketing Operations Manager, and more (43+ internal tech jobs in total)

Fast becoming the industry standard for corporate travel and spend management, Navan delivers a leading cloud-based T&E platform. This solution uniquely combines innovative technology with top-notch travel agency service. Navan secured $275M in Series F funding in October 2021, reaching a $7B+ valuation to fuel its continued growth. Careers page


2. Niantic

Cities: Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, London, Sunnyvale, Zurich, Hamburg, Tokyo

Field of activity: Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Development Platforms

Vacancies: Game Designers, Lead UX Designer, User Experience Researcher, Producer, Security Engineer, Senior Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Financial Analyst, and more (59+ jobs in total)

If you’ve heard of Pokemon Go, you’ve seen what Niantic does. 

Niantic is the world's leading AR technology company, inspiring outdoor exploration, exercise, and social connection through cutting-edge real-world experiences. Originally part of Google, they became independent in 2015, backed by strong investors like Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, and Alsop Louie Partners.

As far as tech jobs abroad go, these are some of the most cutting-edge.


3. Netskope

Cities: San Francisco, London, Melbourne, Santa Clara, Tokyo, Taipei, Clayton, Melbourne, Bangalore Urban, Madrid, St. Louis

Field of activity: Enterprise Software, Cyber Security, Data Security, B2B, SaaS, AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Security

Vacancies: Cloud Support Engineer, Data Engineer, Escalation Engineer, Infrastructure SRE, Staff Engineer, Member Technical Staff, Senior Software Engineer, Regional Sales Manager, and more (260+ jobs)

Netskope has remained a prominent figure in the cloud security industry since 2012, priding itself as a market-leading enterprise on its productive, staff-centric culture. Valuing openness, honesty, and transparency above all else, if you’re into security tech, this is the company for you.


4. DocPlanner 

Cities: Munich, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Cagliari, Ancona, Turin, Palermo, Naples, Bologna, Pescara

Field of activity: Healthcare

Vacancies: Software Engineer, IT System Administrator, IT System & Support Engineer, Backend Developer, Full Stack Developer, Junior Integration Engineer, Principal Engineer, Frontend Engineer, and more

DocPlanner is out to make healthcare feel more patient-friendly. Their popular platform connects patients with doctors, making booking easier and providing reviews – over 130,000 customers use it across 13 countries. It’s also the first Polish company to reach the $1 billion milestone.

They're a major European healthtech player, attracting top funding and talent. If you're passionate about improving the healthcare space, DocPlanner could be a great fit. Check out their openings and make a difference!

With their main offices in Spain and Italy, these are some fantastic opportunities for tech professionals. The warm climate and welcoming culture are a plus, and its mix of startups and global foreign IT companies means there's something for everyone.  

See for yourself – check out this list of current opportunities.


5. Aiven

Cities: Berlin, London, Helsinki, Hod-Hasaron (Israel), Austin, Auckland

Field of activity: Cloud Computing, SaaS

Vacancies: Product Manager Data Streaming, Senior Backend Manager, Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Senior Site Reliability Engineer, and more (54+ international tech jobs)

Aiven is levelling the playing field for cloud tech. They make it easier for businesses to build and launch apps using powerful open-source tools. This young startup already has huge clients like Toyota and Atlassian, thanks to their top-notch managed services. 

Backed by big names in European tech, they're definitely a company to watch. If you're an engineer ready for exciting challenges, check out their team openings – it could be your ticket to the next tech success story!


6. ING 

Countries: Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Philippines, Romania, and more

Field of activity: Multinational Banking, Financial Services

Vacancies: Senior Application Security Engineer, Information Security Officer, DevOps Lead Engineer, MS SQL Database Administrator, Senior Data Warehouse Developer, and more  (680+ more IT jobs in foreign countries in total)

ING is a global banking leader, constantly finding new ways to make finances easier for customers around the world.  They ditch outdated banking practices, focusing on digital solutions and a customer-first outlook.  Their commitment to innovation makes ING a dynamic workplace, whether you're a developer, designer, or finance whiz. With offices across continents, your ING career could take you anywhere!


7. Hootsuite

Cities: Vancouver, Toronto, London, Sydney, Paris, Bucharest, Mexico City, Waterloo, New York, and more

Field of activity: SaaS, Social Media

Vacancies: Lead Software Developer, Intermediate Software Developer, Program Manager, Senior Partner Development Manager, Senior Salesforce Developer, Senior Backend Software Developer, and more.

Ever feel like you're drowning in social media tabs? Hootsuite is your lifesaver! It's the top platform for managing all your social media channels in one place—no wonder it's trusted by over 16 million users across 175 countries worldwide (and a ton of huge companies), especially since social media is such a big part of modern life.

If you're passionate about social media, they're always looking for talented people to join their team.  Ready to simplify your social presence? Check out their openings!


8. Quantcast

Cities: London, Montreal, Toronto, Stockholm, Manchester, Singapore, San Francisco

Field of activity: Advertising

Vacancies: Machine Learning Engineer, Senior Full Stack Engineer (Creative Management), Staff Software Engineer (DevOps), Software Engineer (Edge Services) and more.

Quantcast is the publisher's best friend! Their powerful AI tools give marketers the data and insights they need to reach the right audiences. Think you can take their platform, The Q, to the next level? They're constantly pushing boundaries, processing massive amounts of data daily. If you're an ambitious developer with a passion for analytics, Quantcast could be your next big challenge.

Check out their openings and tech jobs abroad.


9. Stripe

Cities: Chicago, New York City, Seattle, Singapore, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Paris, Bengaluru, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Dublin, Mexico City, Paulínia, Cuauhtémoc

Field of activity: Internet Services, SaaS, Online Payments, Invoicing, Developer Tools, Cloud Infrastructure

Vacancies: Brand Design Manager, Product Designer, API Engineer, back-end engineer, Engineering Manager, Staff Engineer, iOS Engineer, Growth Marketing Manager, and more (299+ jobs in total)

Stripe isn't just streamlining online payments – they're building the financial backbone of the internet.  Join the team, and you'll tackle complex challenges, driving innovation in a rapidly evolving space.  Their technology is globally recognised, handling billions of transactions while keeping data secure. 

With perks, great pay, and the chance to work on cutting-edge projects, Stripe is a top-tier destination for those ready to make an impact. Career page.


10. ByteDance

Cities: San Jose, Seattle, Singapore, Los Angeles, Dubai

Field of activity: AI, Machine Learning, Content

Vacancies: Senior Software Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer, Frontend Software Engineer, Lead Network Engineer, Large Language Model Algorithm Engineer, Data Analyst (470+ international jobs in total)

ByteDance is changing how we connect with the world. Their cutting-edge platforms use machine learning to personalise news, education, and entertainment (TikTok) for people across cultures. If you're excited by the power of tech to bridge divides and share knowledge, ByteDance could be the place for you. 

Explore their open tech roles and join a team that's shaping the future of content!


11. Glovo

Cities: Barcelona (HQ), Madrid

Field of activity: On-Demand Delivery, Logistics

Vacancies: Product Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Senior Product Data Scientist, Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Android Engineer (Junior & Senior), IT Team Lead, Senior Backend Engineer (40+ jobs in total)

Need something delivered yesterday? Glovo is your answer. Order food, medicine, and even gifts; their couriers will bring it to your door superfast.  This company is booming, constantly adding new jobs for tech whizzes across Europe, Latin America, and beyond.  Want to be part of their HQ action? 

Check out those openings!


12. Optiver

Cities: Amsterdam, London, Mumbai, Frankfurt, Sydney, Austin, Chicago

Field of activity: Financial Services, Market Research, Trading

Vacancies: Tax Manager, Software Engineers, HR Coordinator, Data Center Engineer, Senior Futures Trader and Researcher, Senior Software Engineer, and more (110+ IT jobs in foreign countries in total)

If you're passionate about finance and tech, Optiver is worth checking out! They're leaders in market-making, with over 30 years of trading experience. Building the software behind those complex trades is a serious challenge – and they're constantly looking for sharp developers to join the team.  Browse their openings here – you might even find exciting opportunities in Shanghai, Sydney, or Chicago.

The Netherlands makes relocation smooth – almost everyone speaks English, the weather's great in summer, and it's a wonderful place for tech folks with its open culture and tons of IT events.

Europe 🇪🇺


13. PayPal

Cities: San Jose, Omaha, Nebraska, London, Dublin, Berlin

Field of activity: E-Commerce, Retail, Online Services, Finance

Vacancies: Engineering, Product Management, Sales & Business Development, Design and User Experience, and more (324+ jobs in total)

PayPal has become a household name in online payments, enabling secure and convenient transactions for individuals and businesses across the globe. The platform simplifies sending and receiving money, empowering users with financial flexibility – whether it's for online shopping, bill splitting, or managing a business.

With its reputation for reliability and constant innovation, PayPal remains a driving force in the world of digital finance. They aim to make financial services accessible, secure, and beneficial for everyone. Career page.


14. Booking.com

Cities: Amsterdam, Manchester, London 

Field of activity: E-Commerce, Travel, Hotels

Vacancies: Full Stack Developer, Lead Java Developer, Engineering Manager, iOS Developer, Senior Product Manager, Senior Accountant, Backend Developer, and more (120+ jobs in total)

You already know Booking.com. It's the go-to for finding that perfect hotel or vacation rental. With over 21,000 employees and over 198 offices worldwide, they're a truly global company. While most jobs are based in Europe (Netherlands, London, and Manchester specifically), they offer exciting opportunities with relocation around the world. 


15. Wise

Cities: Tallinn, London, Budapest, Singapore, Austin

Field of activity: Payments, FinTech

Vacancies: Engineering Lead, Senior Backend, Fullstack Engineer, Software Engineer, Senior Platform Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Staff Software Engineer, UT Technician, and more.

Wise (formerly TransferWise) is making international money transfers much easier! They cut out the hidden fees of traditional banks, helping people send money across borders. It's no wonder they're popular, with over 56k glowing reviews! 

With five main offices worldwide, their biggest hub is in Tallinn. Wise currently only offers relocation to Tallinn, Budapest or London – depending on the role. Ready to make a difference in global finance? Check out their openings and be part of their success story.


16. N26

Cities: Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, Paris

Field of activity: Banking

Vacancies: IT Audit Manager, Senior Database Engineer, Senior Analytics Engineer, Credit Risk Modeling Manager, Backend Engineer (13+ jobs in total)

N26 is a bank for those who hate paperwork and want to take complete control of their money. With N26, you can open a bank account online and then manage it through a convenient mobile app. The company operates in 24 European countries and launched in the US in 2019. N26 has open tech vacancies not only in Berlin but also in Vienna, Paris, and Barcelona, making it ideal for a beautiful European relocation. 

Take a look.


17. Smartly.io 

Cities: Helsinki, Berlin

Field of activity: Advertising, Analytics

Vacancies: DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, Senior Fullstack Engineer, Software Engineer, and more (15+ jobs in total)

Smarly.io is your secret weapon for online ads! Their platform handles everything from launching campaigns to measuring results, even helping you create personalised content to grab attention.  With a truly global team (37 nationalities and counting!), they're big players in the marketing space.  Ready to level your ad game?  

Check out their openings - Northern Europe might be calling, or maybe a whole other continent!


18. TravelPerk

Cities: Barcelona, London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Birmingham

Field of activity: Travel Tech, SaaS

Vacancies: Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Senior Data Analyst, Senior Business Intelligence Developer, Senior Android Engineer, iOS Engineer, and more (142 Jobs in total)

TravelPerk makes business travel a breeze. They streamline everything – book flights, hotels, even car rentals – and you get one simple invoice. Best part? It's free for users! They're based in Barcelona and have a truly global team with people from over 30 countries! 

Think you'd fit right in? Check out their openings and make that international career move!


19. Delivery Hero

Cities: Berlin, Vienna

Field of activity: Food Delivery

Vacancies: Senior Front End Engineer, Principal Data Scientist, Senior Software Engineer - Java/Kotlin, (Senior) Android Engineer, and more. (100+ tech jobs in total)

Delivery Hero is a huge network of food delivery companies from more than 40 countries. The company creates a strong web presence for its partners, aiming to transform the food delivery process drastically. From a total of 51,118+ employees, more than 400 work in the company's headquarters in Berlin. 

Join them here and discover their range of tech jobs abroad.


20. Zalando 

Cities: Berlin, Cologne, Dublin, Hamburg, Helsinki, London, Zurich, + more

Field of activity: E-Commerce, Fashion

Vacancies: Data Engineer, Java Software Engineer, Database Engineer, Android Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, BI Engineer, Engineering manager, and more (420+ IT jobs in foreign countries in total)

Zalando is a fashion powerhouse. With over 51 million active shoppers, it's the place to go for the latest styles. It operates in 25 countries, teaming up with over 4,500 brands to bring you the best selection, and has even launched its own thriving physical stores. It's a massive operation, raking in billions and keeping a 16,000-strong team busy.  

Currently, they're on the hunt for talented software engineers to help them keep growing. Think you've got the skills? Check out their openings!


21. Sennder

Cities: Berlin, Milan, Rotterdam, Bucharest, Wroclaw, Madrid, Remote, Amsterdam,

Field of activity: Supply Chain Management, Logistics

Vacancies: Senior Customer Service Logistics, Machine Learning Engineer, Program Management, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer, and more.

Sennder is simplifying global shipping! Since 2015, they've built the top parcel delivery platform in Europe. Their tools connect businesses with local carriers, finding customers the best rates and fastest delivery options.  

If you love streamlining complex systems, they're always looking for sharp minds to join their growing team. Check out their current openings – you might just find your next adventure in international logistics!


United States & Canada 🇺🇸🇨🇦


11 American Companies Hiring Overseas


22. Reddit

Cities: San Francisco, New York

Field of activity: Social Media, News Website, Social News, Web3

Vacancies: Backend Engineer, Director of Site, Engineering Manager, Principle Engineer, Security Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Roles (113+ jobs in total)

Reddit is a massive network of communities where people dive into their interests, hobbies, and passions. Think of it as the internet's collection of forums – there's a Subreddit about literally anything! Users create posts, share news or memes, and get into lively discussions in comment threads.

Beyond the fun stuff, Reddit's also a place for serious conversations, support groups, and finding answers to those questions nobody else can answer. It's real people having real conversations, and it's pretty powerful. Careers page.


23. Behavox

Cities: Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver

Field of activity: AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Visualisation

Vacancies: DevOps Engineer 3, Site Reliability Engineer 3

Behavox uses cutting-edge AI to help companies monitor their internal communications, flagging potential risks. Their tech is in high demand, landing them a huge $100 million investment in 2020.  With offices across the globe from New York to Tokyo, they're definitely a force in compliance software. Think you have what it takes? Check out their IT openings and see if it's a fit!

Canada consistently ranks high for its safe atmosphere and welcoming vibe, making it a great choice for relocation, especially with a family.  Even if you're coming solo, be sure to check out these resources on relocating to Canada to make your move a smooth one. Career page




24. Ninja Van

Cities: Klang, Jakarta,  Ho Chi Minh City

Field of activity: Logistics, Supply Chain Management

Vacancies: IT ServiceDesk Engineer, Product Manager (Junior & Senior), Senior Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, Senior UX Researcher, UX Designer (50+ jobs in total)

Ninja Van is dominating express delivery in Southeast Asia!  Launched in 2014, they've exploded in growth, handling millions of parcels daily with their tech-powered logistics.  If you're passionate about solving complex problems at scale, Ninja Van's openings could be your ticket to the next big thing.

Singapore's a true melting pot, attracting people from across the globe – ideal if you thrive in a diverse and dynamic environment. Love that tropical climate? Check out these tech job offers and find your next adventure!


25. Dealls

Cities: Jakarta

Field of activity: Jobs, Recruitment, Online Tech

Vacancies: IT SAP Functional, IT Infrastructure Architect, Front End Developer, QA Engineer, Scrum Master, Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Programmer, and more.

Dealls is a game changer for Indonesian tech talent, but they're also shaking up how people find jobs. They're building a cutting-edge platform that brings great candidates and top companies together.   If you're passionate about tech, innovation, and helping people find their dream job, Dealls could be your next big career move.  

Think you've got the skills? Check out their openings – relocation to Asia could be your ticket to joining a dynamic team on the rise!


26. Autodesk

Cities: Bengaluru, Pune, Singapore, Kilsyth, 

Field of activity: 3D Art, Software Development

Vacancies: Senior User Experience Designer, Principal User Experience Designer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Data Analytics Engineer, and more (20+ jobs in total worldwide)

Autodesk is a global leader in design and engineering software, empowering creators worldwide to bring their visions to life.  Their tools are used by architects, engineers, and artists to design everything from buildings and products to breathtaking landscapes in video games.  

Looking to expand your horizons and work with cutting-edge technology?  Autodesk has a growing presence in Asia, offering exciting opportunities for talented individuals.  Ready to explore a new adventure, with the potential for relocation and make a real impact? 

Check out their Asian job openings and see if your next creative challenge awaits!


27. Koltiva

Cities: Jakarta

Field of activity: Agritech

Vacancies: Software Quality Assurance Lead, GIS Developer, Scrum Master, and more

Koltiva is all about making agriculture sustainable. They work with businesses across the globe to build traceable supply chains and support farmers. Their tech solutions help track everything from planting to harvest, empowering better decision-making for the environment and local communities.  

If you have tech skills and want to positively impact, joining their team might be the perfect fit. Explore those opportunities and start building a better food future!


Australia 🇦🇺


28. Canva

Cities: Sydney, Manila

Field of activity: Design, Graphics Editing, SaaS

Vacancies: Tech Support Engineer, Engineering Manager, Senior Product Designer (Internal Tools), Senior Systems Engineer, Senior Technical Program Manager, and more (10 in total)

Canva is making design accessible for everyone! This drag-and-drop tool lets you create awesome graphics in minutes, with no design degree needed. They've got a massive library of templates, images, and effects, so you can make anything from social posts to presentations.

It's no surprise Canva now has over 170 million users worldwide and is now worth over $40 billion. Their teams operate like mini-startups, so get ready for a fast-paced and dynamic environment. If you thrive on challenges, Canva's openings could be perfect for you.


29. Telstra

Cities: Sydney, Perth, Narrogin, Broken Hill, Townsville, Bairnsdale, Melbourne, and more

Field of activity: Telecommunications

Vacancies: Security Technologist Specialist, Network Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Network Software Engineering Specialist, and more (50+ jobs in total)

Telstra is the backbone of Australia's communications, serving over 18.8 million people. They keep the country connected with phone, internet, and cutting-edge tech solutions. If you're ready for a change of scenery, Australia offers stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and a laid-back lifestyle. 

Joining Telstra means working for a respected industry leader while making this unique country your home. Ready to explore a new adventure? Check out their latest openings!


30. NetApp

Cities: Canberra, North Sydney, Melbourne

Field of activity: Data, Data Intelligence, Infrastructure

Vacancies: Product Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, and more.

While now operating around the world, NetApp offers an extensive range of opportunities in Australia. NetApp is a leader in cloud data storage and management. They have solutions that help businesses handle the flood of data in today's world, keeping everything secure and easy to access.  Interested in relocating to Australia? 

Beautiful beaches and a relaxed lifestyle aren't the only draws – it's also a rapidly developing tech hub. NetApp is a major player with offices across the country.  

If you have cloud expertise and are ready for a change of scenery, check out their Australian openings and see how you can play a role in shaping the future of data storage!


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