30 Foreign Tech Companies Ready to Hire You In 2019

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Global sourcing and relocation assistance could be found in recruiters' master lists far in 2009. Now, job relocation is not an emerging trend anymore. In 2017, 258 million people were already living outside the countries of their origin (that’s about 3,5% of the world’s population). And, as the Legatum Institute states, approximately 10% of this group were refugees or asylum seekers. The other migrants had various reasons to move, such as personal or job-related issues.

A recent survey, conducted by Relocate.me, showed that the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, the UK, and Switzerland are among the most frequent work migrants' destinations. Among the other popular job relocation directions are Sweden, the United States, and Australia. Obviously, the relocating professionals now have a very much of choice.

So, if you want to relocate abroad this year, take a look at this list. Here we’ve gathered 30 growing companies, which are now actively hiring international talent. Along with the above-mentioned countries, here you will find some other attractive European and Asian destinations for tech professionals.




The Netherlands




Cities: Rotterdam

Field of activity: E-Commerce, Consumer Electronics

Vacancies: Technical Team Lead, Agile Coach, Junior Data Engineer, Senior PHP Developer, Senior Delphi Developer, and more

Coolblue is an online retailer of consumer electronics, delivering goods in cool blue boxes and creating a smooth customer experience for shoppers in the Netherlands and Belgium. As an employer, the company tries to sustain a friendly atmosphere in the team and trusts its professionals maximally. What is even better, they have a department of relocation specialists, ready to help you with your moving issues. Browse the openings to see if they have something for you right now.




Cities: Amsterdam

Field of activity: Travel, Hotels

Vacancies: Java Developer, Product Manager, Front-End Developer, Database Engineer, and more

This company needs no introduction. Apparently, you’ve already used this website to book a hotel number or an apartment for a trip. Unsurprisingly, Booking.com is a really large company — 17,000+ people work for it in 198 offices across 70 countries. So, although the company hires mostly in the Netherlands, you can also find some jobs with relocation to other countries. Click here and watch yourself.




Cities: Amsterdam

Field of activity: Financial Services, Market Research

Vacancies: Technology Intern, Software Developer, Reliability Engineer, and more

Working in Optiver will attract you if you’re interested in finance and trading. The company has more than 30 years of experience in ‘market making’ — buying and selling stocks, options, bonds, ETF’s, and so on. As creating software solutions for trading is not an easy task, the company welcomes curious and experienced developers to join its team. Browse the opportunities here. By the way, Optiver is also hiring in Shanghai, Sydney, and Chicago.


What is good about the Netherlands is that most of the Dutch speak English well, so you will hardly face the language barrier. Nice weather in summer, open people, and plenty of IT events are among the other country’s advantages. Search for some more IT jobs with relocation to the Netherlands here.






Delivery Hero


Cities: Berlin

Field of activity: Food Delivery

Vacancies: Product Manager, Software Engineer, QA Engineer, Cloud DevOps Engineer (30+ jobs in total)

Delivery Hero is a huge network of food delivery companies from more than 40 countries. The company creates a strong web presence for its partners, aiming to transform the food delivery process drastically. From a total of 1000+ employees, more than 400 work in the company's headquarters in Berlin. Join them here.




Cities: Dortmund, Hamburg, Berlin, Ansbach, Erfurt, Brieselang, Lahr/Schwarzwald

Field of activity: E-Commerce, Fashion

Vacancies: Software Engineer, Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Business Intelligence Engineer, Engineering Lead, Security Analyst, and more (100+ jobs in total)

Approximately 200 million people monthly visit Zalando to shop for clothing, shoes, and accessories. The company operates in 17 countries and has a partnership with more than 2000 fashion brands. Such a scope of work earns Zalando about €4.5 billion each year and requires more than 15000 employees. Currently, the company welcomes software engineers to join its team.




Cities: Berlin

Field of activity: Banking

Vacancies: Software Engineer, Software Architect, Security Engineer, Tech Lead, Data Scientist, and more (20+ jobs in total)

N26 is a bank for those who hate paperwork and want to take full control of their money. With N26, you can open the bank account online, and then manage it through a convenient mobile app. The company operates in 24 European countries and is currently planning to enter the USA. By the way, N26 has open tech vacancies not only in Berlin but also in New York and Barcelona. Take a look.


If none of these companies attracted you, browse for more IT jobs in Germany here. This country will suit those who can follow the rules and value stability and high quality of life.








Cities: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo

Field of activity: SaaS, Enterprise Software

Vacancies: Software Developer, Data Scientist, Developer Lead, Product Manager, Security Analyst, and more (60+ jobs in total)

Shopify helps people to build their own e-commerce businesses with no extra efforts. With Shopify, you can create an online store, or use customized software solutions for selling via other channels (such as Amazon, eBay, or Instagram). Such a huge variety of products means that a company always needs new enthusiasts to sustain and develop them. To join Shopify, click here.


Top Hat


Cities: Toronto

Field of activity: Education, EdTech

Vacancies: Android Developer, DevOps Engineer, Product Manager, Senior Platform Developer, Director of Engineering, Full Stack Developer

Top Hat is what can make a teacher forget about boring classes and sleepy students. The company’s solutions help tutors to launch anonymous discussions during the lecture, give and check interactive homework, or test students securely. Having joined the Top Hat team, you will be creating the software, which is used by 75% of the top universities in North America. Tap here if it sounds interesting to you.




Cities: Calgary, Montreal

Field of activity: FinTech

Vacancies: Software Development Manager, Full-Stack Developer, Software Developer

Solium’s main product is Shareworks — the online software for administrating stocks and equity plans. The application helps the user to see his/her holdings and perform stock transactions in real-time. Among the most eloquent Solium achievements is getting to such ratings as the ‘Top 25 Canadian Software Companies’ and ‘The Best Software Companies to Work For’ (Forbes, 2015). To join such a great employer, watch jobs here.


Canada is an incredibly calm and safe country, where everybody will feel at home. That’s why it’s a perfect place to move to with a family. However, even if you’re relocating alone, these details on relocation to Canada are definitely worth your attention.


United Kingdom


United Kingdom




Cities: London

Field of activity: Cyber Security, Machine Learning

Vacancies: Data Scientist, Node.js Backend Engineer, Platform Engineer, Python Backend Engineer, Frontend Team Lead, Head of Messaging

Tessian prevents its customers from one of the most embarrassing situations — sending highly-sensitive e-mails to the wrong addresses. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Tessian solutions also thwart phishing attacks and data losses. In general, Tessian is a team of passionate engineers, data scientists, and mathematics with scientific interests. To join them in London (New York also possible), tap here.




Cities: London

Field of activity: Payments, Financial Services

Vacancies: DevOps Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, PHP Developer, Senior QA Engineer, SQL Database Administrator, Software Engineer, and more (10+ jobs in total)

Checkout.com works on a payment processing solution, which is currently used by Samsung, Adidas, Virgin, and TransferWise. The API supports 150+ currencies, therefore helping businesses to reduce expenses on foreign exchange. By the way, Checkout hires tech specialists not only in its headquarters in London but also in offices in Berlin and Mauritius. Check the offers here.




Cities: London

Field of activity: 3D Printing

Vacancies: Software Engineer, Lead Engineer (Web)

Foundry offers compelling solutions for 3D modeling, compositing, shot editing, and even for creating stereo effects or VR content. Among the company’s customers are Google, Pixar, Sony Pictures, and Mercedes-Benz. Surely, working on such a level is challenging. But, if you’re ready for it, feel free to look for the corresponding vacancies here.


The UK (and London in particular) is a place where you can go to an IT conference and accidentally meet a professional from Facebook or Google. So, if you’re really into the IT industry, you will like living there with no doubt. For more tech jobs in the UK with relocation assistance, click here.


United States






Cities: San Francisco, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Bellevue, Seattle

Field of activity: Travel

Vacancies: Software Development Engineer, Security Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Engineering Manager, and more (100+ jobs in total)

First and foremost, Expedia is a travel website, where you can book a hotel, rent a car, or buy an event ticket. However, it's also a huge group of travel services, including the likes of Hotels.com, CarRentals.com, and Trivago. The company has 22,000+ employees across more than 30 countries and earns about $11 billion annually. As the company is headquartered in the US, we recommend you to pay attention to these vacancies first.




Cities: Fremont

Field of activity: Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence

Vacancies: Android Developer, Software Engineer, Hardware System Engineer, and more (20+ jobs in total)

Actually, this company doesn't have anything to do with ponies. Pony.ai is a Silicon Valley startup, developing self-driving technology. In 2017, the company tested its autonomous cars in California, and in 2018 made them available to the public in China. So, if the collocation 'artificial intelligence' makes your heart beat faster, this company is for you. Check for the openings here.




Cities: Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle

Field of activity: Advertising

Vacancies: Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Systems Engineer, and more (20+ jobs in total)

While publishers empower the Internet, Quantcast aims to empower the publishers. The company's AI-driven solutions help marketers to measure several metrics, work with detailed insights, and target the right audience. The Q, Quantcast's core platform, processes 20 petabytes of data a day, and its developers don't want to stop there. If you already have some ideas on improving Quantcast, apply for a job here.


Didn't find yourself in the companies above, but still obsessed with the American dream? Check out more IT jobs in the US with visa sponsorship and/or relocation assistance here.








Cities: Sydney

Field of activity: Developer Tools, Enterprise Software

Vacancies: Data Engineer, Java Developer, Node.js Developer, Software Developer, Quality Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Product Manager, and more (30+ jobs in total)

What began as a startup, created by two college friends, resulted in JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence, and Trello. That's what Atlassian now is — one of the world's greatest providers of software for teamwork. Today, about 2500 people work for Atlassian in 9 offices across 6 countries. However, Sydney is the company's birthplace, so we recommend you to search for the hot Atlassian IT jobs in Australia first.




Cities: Melbourne

Field of activity: Education, Web Development

Vacancies: Apprentice Developer, C# Developer, Data Engineer, Ruby Developer

Envato is a set of platforms for buying and selling creative assets such as photos, videos, websites, and so on. Among Envato's products are the marketplace of creative content, the freelance marketplace, website constructor, and an education platform. The company is based in Melbourne but has also several remote positions for those who aren't ready to move. Explore all the offers here.




Cities: Sydney

Field of activity: Design, Graphics Editing, SaaS

Vacancies: Software Engineer, QA Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Frontend/Backend Web Engineer, Fullstack Engineer, Java Developer

Canva is a simple drag-and-drop graphics web editor with a huge library of stock images, effects, templates, and fonts. Nowadays, this app substitutes Photoshop for more than 11 million users worldwide. The working process at Canva may seem a little unusual to you, as every department there resembles a real startup team. However, if you're open to challenges, the company's vacancies will suit you completely.


As Australia is an English-spoken country, it is a perfect match for employees from the UK or the USA. However, it’s not obligatory to be an English native speaker to work there. So, if you’re willing to move to the land of the kangaroos, take a look at the full list of software engineering jobs in Australia here.








Cities: Barcelona, Madrid

Field of activity: Ride Sharing

Vacancies: Android Engineer, iOS Engineer, Ruby Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Product Manager, Elixir Software Engineer, Golang Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer

Think of Cabify as a Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese Uber. The company operates in 11 countries and concentrates on safe rides for both drivers and customers. As Cabify is headquartered in Madrid, most of the job offers are now open there. However, working for Cabify in Latin America is also possible.




Cities: Barcelona

Field of activity: Travel, SaaS

Vacancies: Principal Software Engineer, Back-end Developer

TravelPerk is an online platform for business trips arrangement. With its help, you can book flights, trains, cars, and accommodations, and then pay for it all with a single invoice. What is more important for a customer — the service can be accessed for free. As an employer, TravelPerk is proud of its multi-national team (professionals from 30+ countries are working for the company in Barcelona). To join them, tap here.




Cities: Barcelona

Field of activity: Delivery

Vacancies: Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Android Engineer, Backend Engineer, iOS Developer, Java Backend Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Security Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Product Manager, and more (25+ jobs in total)

Glovo is an independent personal courier on your fingertips. Order restaurant food, medicine, or gifts, and the nearest Glover will deliver it to your door in less than an hour. The company itself constantly delivers hot vacancies to tech specialists in Central America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. But if you want to work in the company’s headquarters, the Barcelona office is what you need.


It’s impossible for a tech specialist not to find a job in Spain. This warm and hostile country has both startups and the world’s top companies, so there are vacancies for nearly everybody. To see for yourself, check this list.








Cities: Helsinki

Field of activity: Advertising, Analytics

Vacancies: Backend/Frontend/Fullstack Developer, Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer, Product Manager, Software Developer

Smarly.io helps marketers to spend their online advertising budgets really smartly. The platform allows to launch advertising campaigns, measure their effectiveness, and build personalized creatives for marketing purposes. By the way, Smartly is developed and supported by a really multi-national team — people of 37 nationalities, working on 5 continents. If you feel like joining the professionals in Helsinki (or somewhere else), tap here.




Cities: Helsinki, Oulu

Field of activity: Cyber Security

Vacancies: Systems Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Data Scientist, Back End Developer, and more (15+ jobs in total)

If you’re keen on cybersecurity, machine learning, and cryptography, working in F-Secure is for you. The company has been offering security solutions for both corporate and consumer clients since 1988. F-Secure is especially proud of that fact that its experts frequently help to investigate the huge cybercrimes. So, if you feel like you’re the next cybersecurity Superman, check the openings here.




Cities: Helsinki, Turku

Field of activity: Developer Platform, Enterprise Software

Vacancies: Java Developer, QA Lead

Vaadin is a set of compelling tools for developing web applications in Java. The company works on a lightweight UI framework for Java developers, a library of ready-to-use UI components, a drag-and-drop UI constructor, and a testing app for catching regressions. So, passionate Java geeks (and not only them!) will gladly join Vaadin’s 150 employees. For a full list of offers, go here.


Finland is not just magnificent nature, but also security, high salaries, and lots of career opportunities. So, if you haven’t found yourself in any of the three above-mentioned companies, pay attention to these IT vacancies.








Field of activity: IT Consulting, Open Source

Vacancies: Software Developer, QA Consultant

These guys launched the first publicly available Continuous Integration server in 2001, and have been innovators since then. Nowadays, ThoughtWorks creates digital strategies for businesses, implements Agile, works on security, and so on. The company also has 2 open-source products — a continuous delivery server and a framework for automatic testing. As you see, in ThoughtWorks you won’t lack interesting and challenging tasks, so feel free to apply for a job here.




Field of activity: Delivery

Vacancies: DevOps Engineer, QA Engineer, Front-End Engineer, Software Engineer

Honestbee delivers groceries and goods for people in 8 Southeast Asian countries. Almost 20,000 Honestbee workers are ready to bring restaurant food, groceries from your favorite shop or even laundry right to your door. The service is now sustained by employees from 15 countries, so relocation is a common practice for the company. Search for offers here.




Field of activity: Sales Automation

Vacancies: JavaScript/Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer

LeadIQ is an application, helping sales reps to detect prospective leads faster and with no extra effort. The software empowers you to create detailed lists of prospects and keep your database up-to-date and clean. Such services as Gmail, Google Drive, and Salesforce are among LeadIQ’s integration partners. If you’re willing to work in such an environment, click here.


Singapore is often called a ‘melting pot’ — people from all corners of the world come here to work, study and live. So, if your dream is to work in a multinational environment and tropical climate, tap here for more tech job offers.








Cities: Tallinn

Field of activity: Payments, FinTech

Vacancies: Database Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Java Developer, Android Developer, iOS Developer, Product Manager

TransferWise helps its customers to send money abroad without hidden charges. The company operates in 71 countries and is really popular (take a peek on all these 56k reviews on Trustpilot.com!). Of 11 TransferWise offices, the Tallinn office is the biggest one, and the best job offers are usually given there. Search for the vacancies here.


Bolt (formerly Taxify)


Cities: Tallinn, Tartu

Field of activity: Ride Sharing

Vacancies: Backend Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Android Developer, Data Engineer, Full Stack Developer, QA Engineer, iOS Engineer, Frontend Developer, Data Scientist

Taxify is a ridesharing app, connecting 10 million passengers with 500 thousand drivers in more than 25 countries. Low commissions for drivers, the user-friendly interface, and an opportunity to switch between personal and work rides make Bolt different from dozens of similar services. Surely, not only drivers are welcomed by the company. Experienced software engineers can also benefit from joining Bolt.




Cities: Tallinn, Tartu

Field of activity: Sales Automation, SaaS

Vacancies: Data Warehouse Developer, DevOps Engineer, Data Platform Engineer, Android Developer, iOS Developer, Full Stack Developer, Front End Developer, Back End Developer

Pipedrive is a convenient CRM for 'making salespeople unstoppable'. Created by sales and for sales, Pipedrive is now used by over 80000 companies for sales tracking, reporting, and forecasting. Since 2016, the company has been regularly named The Best Employer in Estonia, and if you take a look at their Instagram page, you'll understand why. If you've fallen in love with the Pipedrive office at a first glance (like we did), explore their open positions.


Estonia is a very expat-welcoming European country with low living expenses and a developed IT industry. So, if you haven't found something for yourself in the above companies, feel free to browse more available developer jobs in Estonia here.


Which of the countries from the article did you choose? Or, maybe, you have already found an IT job abroad? Don’t be shy, tell us your story in the comments below :)

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