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When coming to an Apple office for the first time, every employee receives a postcard with an eloquent message, saying

People don't come here to play it safe. They come here to swim in the deep end.

These two sentences are probably the best way to describe what working at Apple is like. The company is known for its secretive working policy — in most cases, Apple employees are not allowed to discuss their work, even with their families! However, the generous compensations, friendly atmosphere, and ability to contribute to something world-famous justify the necessity to follow the strict security rules. Moreover, all these perks make Apple the perfect destination for anyone looking for a life-changing tech job opportunity.

If you are a passionate Software Developer, Hardware Engineer, or Machine Learning Expert who lives and breathes innovation, some of the Apple tech jobs in Europe presented in this article might undoubtedly catch your eye. Spend a few minutes browsing them all — maybe your next career challenge is just around the corner!


Apple Tech Jobs in Ireland

Cities: Cork
Teams: Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Business Analytics, AI/ML, EMEA Test Engineering, Apple Manufacturing
Average software engineer salary in Ireland: €48,000 per annum

Apple's European HQs could hardly be placed in any country other than Ireland. More than 40 years ago, when Apple was just on its scaling stage, Steve Jobs chose Cork as the center for all the company's European operations. The importance of the Irish facility hasn't diminished since then. Nowadays, Apple's Cork office employs 6,000 people in both tech and non-tech departments. As the main European office, Apple Ireland offers plenty of tech jobs for software developers and other techies. The knowledge of PHP (Symfony, Codeigniter), JavaScript (Angular, NodeJS, Express), and Python is highly valued at the Cork office since this tech stack is used for the development of internal tools used by Apple for shop floor control and business analytics. 

To ensure that the end product is flawless, Apple Ireland also actively recruits skillful QA Engineers in its Irish office (the knowledge of scripting languages such as Perl or Python will be an advantage if you decide to apply for one of the QA positions). Lastly, if you're a Hardware Engineer with a knowledge of C, C++, or C#, you can become a member of the Apple Manufacturing team at the Cork office and maybe even design a part of the newest version of the iPhone or MacBook!

A quick tip: As one of the greenest and richest European countries, Ireland became home to a decent number of tech giants and mid-scale companies. So, if you are a software developer who looks forward to relocation, it might be a worthy destination to consider. Learn more about relocation to Ireland here, and check if this country could become your new home!


Apple Tech Jobs in Germany

Cities: Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Aachen, Heidelberg
Teams:  Hardware, Computer Vision, WebKit Developer Tools
Average software engineer salary in Germany: €55,000 per annum

Most renowned tech giants have a strong presence in Germany, and Apple is not an exception. The company's biggest German office found home in Munich — a majestic Bavarian city, which is one of Tim Cook's favorites. Initially, the Munich team was gathered to assist engineers at Cupertino (Apple's global HQs) in improving Apple's power management solutions. So, it's no wonder that most of the jobs there are related to the Hardware team. 

Apple's Munich team is constantly looking for Digital Design Engineers, Signal Processing Experts, Circuit Designers, CAD Design Engineers, and Wireless Platform Architects, among others. Some of these positions are devoted to the development of cameras on Apple devices, which is more than exciting since any camera improvements are much valued by end-users! Moreover, some of the hardware-related positions can also be found in Stuttgart; so, if you're a Hardware Expert who wants to join Apple, you can freely choose among these two cities.

Needless to say, there are plenty of software engineer jobs at Apple Germany as well. If you're an expert in JavaScript and/or C++, you can contribute to the development of WebKit Web Inspector and Safari WebDriver in Apple's Berlin office. The Berlin team is also actively looking for Computer Vision experts who have extensive knowledge of C++, Python, or MATLAB. Additionally, Apple's offices in Aachen and Heidelberg constantly welcome AI/ML engineers as well as backend developers (Python, JavaScript, Go) to design and maintain large-scale systems for Machine Learning. 

A quick tip: It's unlikely that the number of Apple tech jobs in Germany will decrease anytime soon since the company is looking to expand its Munich office and secure even more jobs for techies in 2021. Moreover, the number of IT jobs in other German companies is also growing dramatically. By the way, feel free to browse all the job offerings from German IT companies here — chances are big that you will find something as attractive as Apple vacancies and relocate faster.


Apple Tech Jobs in the UK

Cities: London, Cambridge, Saint Albans, Swindon
Teams: Text-To-Speech Production Studio (Siri), Cassandra Storage, Carrier Technology Management, Apple Pay, Apple Cloud Machine Learning, Software Build & Integration, GPU Software, Wallet
Average software engineer salary in the UK: €49,000 per annum

Like the majority of Apple's offices, the UK facilities keep their operations secret. Unsurprisingly, if you ask a passer-by in Cambridge or Swindon about the location of an Apple campus, they are unlikely to know the answer. Such secrecy can be easily explained by the fact that Apple's UK employees are working on projects that are vital to Apple, from microchips to Siri. Thanks to such a wide variety of projects, it is quite easy for techies to find suitable job opportunities for themselves in Apple's UK offices.

Most of the software engineer jobs at Apple UK are for the London office, where Java, Scala, Kotlin, Go, and Python engineers are constantly sought after to build the next generations of Apple Pay, as well as Apple Music and other media apps offered by the company. The London office also welcomes iOS engineers, Machine Learning & Big Data experts, DevOps, and GPU Frameworks engineers to work on multiple projects, including the very core of macOS and iOS.

The Cambridge office offers plenty of job openings, which are related to Siri (the knowledge of Java, Python, C++, and Objective-C/Swift is desired to apply), as well as GPU Engineering and Platform Architecture. In contrast, the vacancies at Apple's Saint Albans office are mostly hardware-related — the team in this small city is working on the creation of cutting-edge GPUs. The situation is similar in the Swindon office, which is also full of hardware professionals and is constantly recruiting new talent.

A quick tip: Even if no jobs at Apple UK caught your eye, keep in mind that this country is very expat-friendly, and there is a constant abundance of software engineering jobs in London, Cambridge, Bristol, and other UK cities. Browse them all here, as well as some relevant tips for those moving to the United Kingdom.


Apple Tech Jobs in Spain

Cities: Madrid, Barcelona
Teams: Text-To-Speech Production Studio (Siri), Apple Media Products Engineering, Instrument Engineering
Average software engineer salary in Spain: €33,000 per annum

Most of the Apple tech jobs in sunny Spain are related to the development of Siri, so proficiency in Java, Python, or C++, and the knowledge of advanced NLP techniques are among the most highly valued skills in Apple's Barcelona and Madrid offices. In addition to that, Spanish offices offer plenty of vacancies in the Apple Media Product team for Python, Java, C++, PHP, and Golang experts. If you're a hardware professional with a Signal Processing background, you will likely find a suitable job at the Apple Madrid office, too.

A quick tip: A relaxed work culture, high level of healthcare and education, and mild climate are just a few things that make Spain a dream spot for everyone. Check out some tech jobs from other Spanish companies here — the more jobs you apply to, the closer to relocation you are!


Apple Tech Jobs in Austria

Cities: Linz
Teams: RF Systems Engineering, Hardware
Average software engineer salary in Austria: €49,000 per annum

The Austrian office is fully dedicated to Apple's hardware-related projects, so if you have extensive knowledge in the fields of Digital Signal Processing, Systems on a Chip, or just Hardware Engineering, pay attention to the jobs posted there. However, if you are more on the software side of things and have a strong knowledge of Java and Rust/C++/Python, you can also join Apple's Linz team and work on configuration tools for Apple's cellular radio frequency products.

A quick tip: If you want to relocate to a country with a high level of well-being, affordable education, and a top-notch healthcare system, look no further than Austria. However, it might still be a great idea to calculate your approximate net pay before putting Austria on the top of your list of desired relo destinations. Comparing your expected net pay with the cost of living will help you make sure that your relocation process will be smooth.


Apple Tech Jobs in France

Cities: Paris, Grenoble
Teams: iCloud, Siri, Hardware Security, Core Sensing Devices
Average software engineer salary in France: €40,000 per annum

Just like the majority of big tech companies, Apple did not miss an opportunity to leverage France's expanded network of tech universities and vast IT talent pool. The company is actively looking for software engineers in Paris and also has some IT jobs posted in Grenoble. Apple jobs in Paris will suit those who are proficient in NLP techniques and/or have extensive knowledge of C/C++ and Objective-C; since the main two projects handled by the Paris facility are Siri and iCloud. As for the Grenoble office, the team situated there is mainly looking for hardware experts to join the Camera Engineering group.

A quick tip: If your technology matrix looks different, but you are still interested in relocation to France, browse other tech jobs in this country here — maybe the suitable vacancy is just around the corner!


Apple Tech Jobs in Switzerland

Cities: Zurich
Teams: Information Intelligence (Siri), CoreMotion, System Intelligence
Average software engineer salary in Switzerland: €90,000 per annum

There is little known about Apple's office in Zurich, except the fact that the local team is primarily working on Machine Learning-related projects. Therefore, extensive experience with image processing, computer vision, speech recognition, and NLP is strongly valued there, as well as hands-on experience with Python packages like TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, pandas, etc. 

However, even if hardware engineering is closer to your set of skills, you can still join Apple's Zurich team by contributing to CoreMotion (a framework for processing data about the motion and movement on the iDevices). To apply to one of the vacancies in the CoreMotion team, you will need to be proficient in Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and/or Robotics.

A quick tip: Being a safe and wealthy country with a high level of life quality, Switzerland attracts IT expats from all over the world. If this country is on your list of desired relocation destinations, browse other jobs at Swiss companies here to increase your chances to relocate.


Apple Tech Jobs in Denmark

Cities: Copenhagen
Teams: Apple TV, Apple Media Products
Average software engineer salary in Denmark: €71,000 per annum

There are plenty of software engineering jobs at the Danish Apple office since this facility is responsible for software-related projects like Apple TV and Apple Media Products. So, if you have a profound knowledge of TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, C/C++, and/or Objective-C, vacancies at Apple's Copenhagen office might be a perfect fit for you. In addition to software development positions, Apple is constantly recruiting UI Designers, QA Engineers, and Program Managers, so all the IT specialists will find some relevant opportunities at Apple Denmark.

A quick tip: Planning relocation to Denmark? Calculate your approximate net pay first to be fully prepared for moving there!


Apple Tech Jobs in Other Locations

There are also other Apple offices in Europe that cannot be included in the main list due to the small number of IT jobs they offer. However, those vacancies are not less noteworthy. For example, the Prague office is constantly looking for skillful C/C++ engineers to contribute to the development of Apple's core OS, whereas the Stockholm office is recruiting software enthusiasts to improve the user experience of the App Store, as well as 3D visualization experts and other IT specialists. 


Just like Apple's projects and office locations, the company's relocation package is under the hood. Like in other big tech companies, it strongly depends on the country you're heading to, as well as the level of the position and, of course, your negotiation skills. The relocation assistance package at Apple usually consists of a generous lump sum payment + some moving assistance, flight coverage, etc.

If you feel like working at Apple is something you should pursue despite all difficulties, we wish you the best of luck with your application process and hope that this article was useful for you. However, even if no jobs at Apple suit your skillset right now, you can still be employed by other FAANG companies. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are also actively recruiting IT talent in their European offices, so the chances of getting your desired job offer are now higher than ever!

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