A Practical Guide to Finding a Tech Job with Relocation to Europe

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Looking for a tech job on its own is easy enough, but when you are trying to find a job that offers relocation, it can be challenging. Surprisingly challenging since more and more European tech companies are turning to talent from around the world.

Let's take a look at some of the ways that you can use job search sites to help you find employment with relocation to Europe.


Tech Job Boards and Niche Websites


It's now one of the go-to websites for people looking for tech jobs at startups. To filter for IT jobs with relocation, check the Location tab for Europe or a specific country and then go to the Compensation tab. You will find a section for “Company Will Sponsor Visa.” Without doing this step you will find any job available that meets the other criteria you select.




Glassdoor is the place to not only get the inside scoop on your future employer but also look for (tech) jobs with relocation. When you go to search for a job, type “relocation developer” or “relocationand the title of another tech job that you are looking to apply to. Fill out the filters for location and other job details to narrow down where you are searching. 



Because Glassdoor doesn’t have a filter specifically for relocation, you will find some jobs that don’t offer relocation or are not quite what you are looking for in the search results. However, overall the website does a good job at filtering them out. 



Why should you have to go to a regular job site when you are looking specifically for jobs that offer relocation? You don’t have to. Relocate.me is a website that specifically focuses on listing IT jobs with relocation offered. All jobs come with relocation benefits, but they vary depending on the position and company. In addition to this, you have access to a wealth of useful information on all things tech job relocation



Dedicated to finding tech jobs in Europe, Landing.jobs is a good place to find employment with relocation. The main country that they feature is Portugal, but you can find jobs in other parts of Europe as well. When searching for jobs on the site, make sure to select the filter for “visa & work permit.” 



Tech jobs at startups are very desirable, and Startup.Jobs is specifically dedicated to helping people find jobs at startups. The list of jobs on the site has startup positions available around the world. Some of the positions are also remote positions.

You can filter down the search list significantly by using the keywords filter. Keywords such as “relocation” or “visa” are good places to start. Make sure to also set the location.  


Work in Estonia

This is one of the first websites you should check if you're looking to move your career to Estonia. The website lists job opportunities for both tech and non-tech professionals. Here's a link to all the IT jobs that are currently available.


Berlin Dev Jobs

The Berlin Dev Jobs is a small website that allows companies to post open dev positions in Berlin. The page is simple both to read and submit too, making it a great place to turn. When you read through the list, you will see “paid relocation” and/or “visa sponsorship” below listings to let you know about the benefit. 



Berlin Startup Jobs

Berlin Startup Jobs is a website that specifically focuses on posting jobs at startups in Berlin. There is no tag specifically for relocation support or relocation assistance, but you can put it in the search box, and it will pull up any job that mentions relocation.


German IT Jobs

The slogan of German IT Jobs is “we get programmers hired in Germany.” Right on the homepage, you can see a variety of tech jobs that are open to foreign applicants and offer relocation support. To view all job opportunities that are currently available, follow this link.


SwissDev Jobs

For those looking to move to Switzerland, SwissDev Jobs is a great place to turn. It allows you to easily locate software developer jobs anywhere in Switzerland. Overall the website has a nice UI and is easy to utilize. In order to filter it to only jobs with relocation, you simply need to check the filter box for “Only with Visa sponsorship.”




Bulldogjob.com is a website for those who are looking for IT jobs in Poland. Since it doesn’t have a feature to filter out jobs with relocation, you will need to look at any posting that you are interested in to see if they offer relocation/work visa sponsorship. To save time, when you open up a listing, hit Command/Ctrl+F to search the page for “relocation,” “visa,” or any other relevant term.




StartupJobs was created to help people find job postings at startups in Prague, Czech Republic. All of the jobs listed on the website can be found under the offers tab. There is no filter for relocation but using the word “relocation” in the search bar does a fantastic job at filtering search results. Here you can see those of the jobs that offer relocation.



DOU is a Ukrainian job search site. You can find jobs around Ukraine but also in the surrounding parts of the European Union. The link we provided above takes you directly to the section for those looking for relocation. Much of the website is in Russian, so this resource is best for those who have some experience with Russian.



F6S is a website dedicated to helping startup founders. One of the big things that the website does is to host positions available at startups. Following this link will take you to the F6S job search page with the relocation already marked. You will be able to find jobs in startups at all stages and employment in all levels from entry-level all the way up to co-founder.


The Hub

The Hub is also a website for finding startup jobs. There is a Denmark version (the main version) of the website along with ones for Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Northern Ireland. Like with some of the other sites, there is no filter for relocation, so you have to use the search bar to filter out results.


Europe Language Jobs

The website offers a slew of job opportunities abroad for multilingual tech and non-tech professionals. To narrow the list down to relevant job listings, use the search bar in conjunction with the filters available.


Europe Language Jobs



One of the easiest sites to start on is LinkedIn. Go to the LinkedIn job search section and you will see thousands of jobs listed from around the world. Large and small companies alike look for new talent on LinkedIn.

Using the keywords tab you can add “relocation” or “visa sponsorship” to your search. Once you have the keywords set up, don’t forget to select the country that you want to look for a job in. Here a few links to help you get started: 

LinkedIn is great because it allows you to set job alerts for positions that you might be interested in. If you want to get alerts about jobs that offer relocation make sure to switch the job alert toggle to on at the top of your search results.


Recruitment Agencies

Tech companies get very busy and they often outsource hiring international talent to recruiting agencies. Going through a recruitment agency can be very beneficial as a job seeker. You will be able to see many jobs from someone who will help you to find the right position for you.

In addition to helping you find the right position, the recruiter is able to fill you in on all of the relevant information on a company. That includes the company’s relocation policy and benefits.

Here are some of the popular international recruiters in Europe:


Telegram Channels

Telegram is a powerful messaging app that is very flexible in its uses. One of the things that it is used for is to communicate new job postings, website updates, or news. Several Russian-English Telegram channels exist specifically for jobs that offer relocation. Here are links to the three most popular: RelocateMeJobs abroad, and Relocats

You can preview each channel without joining them by clicking the link. Once the page loads, click Preview Channel. You will not be required to log in or download anything to view the content.


Job Search Engines and Job Aggregators

Almost all companies have job listings on job search engines. These are job posting sites that you have probably heard of before. Turning to these sites to find a tech job with relocation in Europe can be a great idea. Because these sites aggregate jobs from around the internet, you can find a huge variety of listings on them.

Take a look at three great options in the job search engine area.



Indeed is one of the big names in job searches. To find jobs on this site, you want to start by selecting the country that you want to find employment in. Once you have chosen the country, search for “relocation developer” or “relocationand another job title that you are interested in.



Here a few links to help you get started:  

Indeed also offers the ability to get job alerts for your searches. 



Like Indeed, Monster is a big name in the job search world. The link above will take you to the list of country websites for Monster. Select the country you are looking to relocate to and search for job titles you are interested in with the word “relocation” added to the search.



Because Monster doesn’t have a filter specifically for relocation, you’ll find some jobs that don’t offer relocation or are not quite what you are looking for in the search results. However, overall the website does a pretty good job at filtering them out, especially in countries like Germany and The Netherlands, which are known for being extremely inviting to incoming expats.



Karriere.at is Austria’s largest job search website. In the search box, you will look for terms such as relocation support or visa sponsorship. If you get too many results that are not in the tech industry, try adding the job title you are interested in.


Career Pages

A number of tech companies around the European Union are continually recruiting international talent to add to their teams. Among them are the following:

Check these and other career pages regularly for open positions. Also, don’t forget to sign up for job reminders from the companies.


Expat Communities and Websites

Expats around the world love to communicate with each other. Many websites and communities have popped up to help facilitate communication. Often a company interested in hiring international talent will post to one of these sites or someone will make the position known.

Some expat websites will have a section on the site specifically for finding jobs. Try one of these sites too:


Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups for those in the tech industry to start looking for jobs. Among them are Berlin Tech Jobs and Relocation. Both FB groups regularly post jobs that have relocation as a benefit.

Note: Relocation is a Russian Facebook group, and while some posts are in English, the majority are in Russian. Facebook and Google Chrome both have simplified translation features to help.


Other Options


VanHack was created specifically to help connect software developers with job positions that include relocation. The main country that they feature is Canada, but you can also find a range of postings in European countries like Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, to name but a few.



Techloop is an exciting job search website where you create an anonymous resume on the platform, and then tech companies send you offers, including salaries. By keeping your name and identifiers off your profile, you get offers that are based exclusively on your training, education, and experience. Not all jobs offer relocation but a good number of the jobs on Techloop do because the company is already interested in you as they are reaching out to you.


Tech Jobs Fair

Tech Jobs Fair is one of the largest virtual hiring events for tech and digital professionals! It's a great opportunity to grow your network, build relationships with potential employers, and get valuable tips from recruiters.

To get a free ticket to the TJF events:

  1. Register as a participant.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the upper right and select "Attend Events" from the dropdown menu.

TJF is organizing virtual events in 10+ countries around the world, including Europe.


Tech jobs in the EU can be quite rewarding. Not only do they have competitive pay, but you can work with some of the top professionals. At the same time, salaries and costs of living can vary greatly from location to location, so it might be a good idea to start your job search by picking the country/city where you want to live and work. Moreover, there are websites like Numbeo that you can use to get an idea of the cost of living in a foreign locale.

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