A Practical Guide to Finding a Tech Job with Relocation to Europe

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Landing a job with a company that offers relocation support is the best outcome jobseekers can hope for. Who wouldn’t want their employer to pay for their international move? Not only are you saving money, but you’re also being supported by professionals who have (probably) relocated dozens of people – and can handle any problems thrown your way. 

But relocation support isn’t something that accompanies most tech jobs in Europe. Unfortunately, smaller firms and thrifty startups don’t have the budget to relocate you to Europe. So, then, where do you find the companies that can pay for your relocation?

Keep reading to discover 20+ sites where you can find relocation jobs in Europe. 


Tech Job Boards and Niche Websites

Let’s start with niche job boards that are only focused on IT jobs in Europe. Some of these sites are more general and cover multiple countries in Western Europe, while others cater exclusively to local jobseekers. 



If you are searching for an IT job in Europe from a company that offers visa/relocation assistance, Relocate.me is the best place for you to start your search. While there might not seem like a ton of job ads, what you’ll find here are high-quality posts from companies that are serious about hiring internationally. 

You’ll find jobs in all the main IT specialisations, including front end, back end, full stack, mobile, QA, DevOps/SRE, and Data Science. In terms of locations, the platform currently has job postings in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, and other popular European countries, and the list is constantly changing.

On most job postings on this site you’ll get a breakdown of what type of relocation package the company offers (basic or advanced) and what services those include (housing, visa services, relocation bonus, etc.). You can preview the job board here →



Wellfound (formerly AngelList) is a popular website for people looking for tech jobs at startups. For jobs in Western Europe, you can check out this page, and then filter your search by role. The problem is that you can’t filter by visa sponsorship, so you’ll have to manually go through and check if the company supports it by reading each ad. Alternatively, you can head to the jobs tab and filter by “Sponsors visas.” 




Glassdoor – the site where employees can “anonymously” review their employers – also has a job board. And it’s not bad – it partners quite well with the review side of things. From the looks of it, there’s a healthy number of jobs being posted on this job board. Since there’s no filter for visa sponsored jobs, the best way to single these roles out is by typing “relocation” in front of the job title you are searching for (i.e. relocation developer). This search will produce all the job listings with the “relocation” keyword. Make sure you always double-check the job description before applying, though.

Pro tip: Using different keywords yields different search results. Apart from “relocation,” play around with “visa” and “visa sponsorship.” UK companies, for example, typically mention “visa sponsorship” rather than “relocation” in their job postings.






Landing.Jobs is another niche tech job platform in Europe. Since they are based in Portugal, you’ll find many job ads from companies based in Lisbon and Porto. There are also job opportunities in Germany, the Netherlands and some other Western European countries. Thankfully, this job board has a visa & work permit filter so you can easily find those roles that support relocation.



Tech jobs at startups are very desirable, and Startup.Jobs is specifically dedicated to helping people find jobs at startups. The list of jobs on the site has startup positions available around the world. Some of the positions are also remote positions.

You can filter down the search list significantly by using the keywords filter. Keywords such as “relocation” or “visa” are good places to start. Make sure to also set the location.  


Work in Estonia

If Estonia is where you want to work, then head over to this site. The website lists job opportunities for both tech and non-tech professionals. Most of these jobs are targeted towards expats, but you’ll still have to double-check relocation, as some of the ads don’t mention any type of support. Here's a link to all the IT jobs that are currently available.


Berlin Startup Jobs

Berlin Startup Jobs is a local job board for startup jobs in Berlin. Like many of these job boards, there’s no relocation filter. What you can do is search “relocation” in the search bar and then select the IT / Software Development category on the right panel. 



GermaTechJobs – the name describes it perfectly. There is also a Swiss, UK and Netherlands version of this job board. To find jobs with relocation on this site, click the filter and select Visa sponsorship, or simply follow this link. One really nice feature of this site is that all job posts must disclose a salary range. You won’t find a single job on this site that doesn’t disclose salary information. 



This is the counterpart to GermanTechJobs, which I mentioned in the previous section. SwissDevJobs is for those tech professionals interested in Switzerland. To find relocation jobs, follow the same steps as the site above. One potential issue to point out is that jobs are not dated, which means it’s going to be difficult to tell if companies are still considering applicants for the position. 



StartupJobs was created to help people find job postings at startups in Prague, Czech Republic. All of the jobs listed on the website can be found under the offers tab. There is no filter for relocation but using the word “relocation” in the search bar does a fantastic job at filtering search results. Here you can see those of the jobs that offer relocation.



DOU is a Ukrainian job search site. You can find jobs around Ukraine but also in the surrounding parts of the European Union. The link we provided above takes you directly to the section for those looking for relocation. Much of the website is in Ukrainian, so this resource is best for those who have some experience with Ukrainian.



F6S is a website dedicated to helping startup founders. One of the big things that the website does is to host positions available at startups. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of old job posts that haven’t been filtered out, make sure you sort by newest and double-check the date posted. Search “relocation” in the search bar to quickly find companies and job openings that offer relocation assistance. 


The Hub

The Hub is also a website for finding startup jobs. There is a Denmark version (the main version) of the website along with ones for Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Northern Ireland. Like with some of the other sites, there is no filter for relocation, so you’ll have to use the search bar to filter out results.


Europe Language Jobs

The website offers a slew of job opportunities abroad for multilingual tech and non-tech professionals. To narrow the list down to relevant job listings, use the search bar with location and language filters.


Relocate with us 

Relocate with us is a basic job board with a basic purpose. The site only displays jobs with Visa Sponsorship & Relocation Assistance. By the looks of it, most jobs advertised are based in Berlin, Amsterdam and London. There are a lot of old job postings that have most likely expired, so either check in regularly for new posts or sign up to their mailing list to get those alerts.  



Arbeitnow is a niche job site for jobs in Germany. (Arbeit means “work” in German). On this site you can find tech jobs across Germany’s major hubs. There are English-speaking opportunities and more importantly, jobs that offer visa sponsorship


Hacker News

Not only is Hacker News a place to discuss the latest in tech and startups with other tech professionals, but you can also find jobs on the forum. There is a monthly thread that discusses all the open tech roles. Hiring managers and CEOs usually post their job descriptions on this thread, they will also include if visa sponsorship is available. To find the related threads search, “Ask HN: Who is hiring? 2024.”


Recruitment Agencies

The process of sourcing and hiring tech talent can be very arduous, especially if a company is scaling, and that’s why tech companies often outsource to recruitment agencies. So if you’re a jobseeker it’s going to benefit you to get in touch with these agencies and get your CV in their database. Not only will they suggest positions for you, but most of the time they will actively put your name forward. You’ll get to skip the initial application process and head right into the interview process, saving you a bunch of time.

With international recruiters, they can also help with all the relocation information. Here are some of the popular international recruiters in Europe:


Telegram Channels

Telegram is a powerful messaging app that is very flexible in its uses (there is a desktop version as well). One of the things that it is used for is to communicate new job postings, website updates, or news. Several Telegram channels exist specifically for jobs that offer relocation. Here are links to the two most popular: RelocateMe and Jobs abroad

You can preview each channel without joining them by clicking the link. Once the page loads, click Preview Channel. You will not be required to log in or download anything to view the content.

Job Search Engines and Job Aggregators

Almost all companies have job listings on job search engines. These are job posting sites that you have probably heard of before. Turning to these sites to find a tech job with relocation in Europe can be a great idea. Because these sites aggregate jobs from around the internet, you can find a huge variety of listings on them.

Take a look at three great options in the job search engine area.



Indeed is one of the big names in job searches. To find jobs on this site, you want to start by selecting the country that you want to find employment in. Once you have chosen the country, search for “relocation developer” or “relocation” and another job title that you are interested in.

Here are a few links to help you get started:  

Indeed also offers the ability to get job alerts for your searches. 



Karriere.at is Austria’s largest job search website. In the search box, you will look for terms such as relocation support or visa sponsorship. If you get too many results that are not in the tech industry, try adding the job title you are interested in. Keep in mind that about half of these results will be in German and targeted towards developers in the DACH region. 


Career Pages

A number of tech companies around the European Union are continually recruiting international talent to add to their teams. Among them are the following:

Check these and other career pages regularly for open positions. If you don’t know the local market well, a good way to find up-and-coming companies is with Dealroom’s startup maps. Pick the cities that you are interested in and then filter by whatever metric makes sense for you. Funding is a great way to tell if a company is hiring or has potential (startups usually hire en masse after funding rounds). Or you can just see what companies are turning the most revenue in the city – they are likely the biggest employers in the scene. 


Expat Communities and Websites

Expats around the world love to communicate with each other. Many websites and communities have popped up to help facilitate communication. Often a company interested in hiring international talent will post to one of these sites or someone will make the position known.

Some expat websites will have a section on the site specifically for finding jobs. Try one of these sites too:


Facebook Groups

Some Facebook groups have also been created to help tech workers discover job opportunities. Among them are Berlin Tech Jobs and Relocation. Both FB groups regularly post jobs that have relocation as a benefit.

Note: The Relocation group is aimed at IT professionals from CIS countries. 


Other Options



VanHack was created specifically to help connect software developers with job openings that include relocation. Their primary market is Canada, but you can also find a few postings from other countries, such as Germany, and fully remote positions.


Tech Jobs Fair

Tech Jobs Fair is one of the largest virtual hiring events for tech and digital professionals! It's a great opportunity to grow your network, build relationships with potential employers, and get valuable tips from recruiters. They also have a job board called Germany Startup Jobs

To get a free ticket to the TJF events:

  1. Register as a participant. 
  2. Click on your profile icon in the upper right and select "Attend Events" from the dropdown menu. 

TJF is organising virtual events in 10+ countries around the world, mostly in Europe.


Find a Tech Job with Relocation to Europe

Hopefully, you’ve found this list helpful and have found some roles that match your preferences. One of the first steps in the job search process is choosing a country in Europe that most appeals to you. We’ve put together a few helpful resources to get you started. If your main concern is the visa, you can read about the countries that offer the easiest pathways. If it’s affordability, read this blog post. 

Or do your own research on a site like Numbeo. Here, you can compare rent prices and the cost of living between European cities and countries. Realistically, the best locations to relocate (even if it’s just a stepping stone) are Berlin, Amsterdam, Munich, London, and Manchester. From here, expand your search to the smaller cities and English-speaking pockets throughout. Good luck! 

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