Toronto, as a provincial capital of Ontario, is the most populous city in Canada. This city is well known for music, theater, motion picture and television production. As a global city, Toronto is an international business and commercial center. Furthermore, this city is remarkably safe. Generally, the crime rate in Canada is much lower than in the United States. Besides, there are two official languages in Canada (English and French), but French is the 12th most spoken language in this city. Moreover, 50% of the population of Toronto was born outside of Canada.

More about Toronto

Interesting facts about Toronto

2 731 571

Summer  25°C (77°F)

Winter  -15°C (5°F)

Cost of living (approximate prices)

Property prices
  • Apartment rent (small) in City Centre C$ 1,603 
  • Apartment (small) Outside of Centre C$ 1,170 
  • Apartment (big) in City Centre C$ 2,753 
  • Apartment (big) Outside of Centre C$ 1,933
Utilities (monthy)
  • Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for big apartment C$ 123
  • Internet C$ 57 
  • One-way Ticket (Local Transport) C$ 3.3
  • Monthly Pass (Regular Price) C$ 142 
  • Taxi 1km ride C$ 2 
  • Gasoline (1 liter) C$ 1 
Food & Restaraunts
  • The average food basket C$ 57                                                                                                                                                                                       milk (1 liter), 1 bread (500g), eggs (12), local cheese (1kg), chicken breasts (1kg), apples (1kg), potato (1kg), water (1,5 liter), a bottle of wine, domestic beer (0,5l bottle)
  • Lunch C$ 15
  • Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course C$ 70
  • Beer C$ 7
  • Cappuccino (regular) C$ 4 
  • Coke/Pepsi (0,33 liter bottle) C$ 1.8
Sports and leisure
  • Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult C$ 54 
  • Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat C$ 13 

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