How to Write Job Descriptions That Attract Tech Talent

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Due to the rapid growth of demand for software engineers, developers, and tech employees in general, finding tech talent can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. With various IT companies offering incredible job positions to tech talent, attracting capable employees' attention isn't an easy task.

Every segment of the search process needs to be strategized and carefully designed to entice tech professionals. The first impression especially matters. If you don't get the candidates' attention right away, they'll skip your company in a heartbeat.

That's why the job description is so important. It is the initial step that needs to draw in the tech talent. Crafting a great job description can give you an upper hand even when compared to well-known tech companies.

You need to personalize the job description and design it to appeal to job searchers. How to do that is exactly what we'll cover in the following lines.

In this guide:


Pay Attention to the Job Title

If you want your job description to rule the search results, focus on the job title. For your job description to even reach the right candidates, you need an effective job title. Using the main keywords in the job title is just as important as using them in the job description.

Not rarely do techies scan jobs based on technologies used. Therefore, adding the key technologies to the title can be extremely useful.

For example, rather than just writing, complete the title like this: Senior Software Engineer (C++/Java/Python).


Put the Use of Information from Previous Candidates

As a recruiter or HR manager, you must have had a fair share of job interviews in your career. One of the fundamental questions for job candidates is, "Why do you want to work for this company?" Remember the answers of previous job candidates for the job position you are writing about now. Those answers can help you sell this role.

Start the job description with why this IT job is an amazing opportunity. This will help you lock in the candidates' attention and keep them reading further. The previously mentioned candidates' answers can be your source of inspiration for crafting the perfect reason.


Put the Emphasis on New Technologies

Talented professionals are always in pursuit of tech jobs that can improve their skills and knowledge. That is why you should state the newest technologies, best coding practices (DRY, SOLID, CI/CD, etc.), and how you maintain software quality.

Positions that provide an opportunity to learn something new or try out new software are favored. Therefore, consider which tools in your "arsenal" to prioritize in the job descriptions.


Specify the Impact

Skilled technologists want to know what to expect from the job. If your description is too broad or unspecific, they won't waste time inquiring about it. They'll simply move onto the next one that will have more detailed information.

Instead of listing boring daily tasks and responsibilities, describe the concrete ways your new employee will impact a product/project. Focus on the impact itself — the "what” more so than the "how" (although both are important).


Point Out the Perks

What makes your company different from the rest? That's the prevailing argument that can help the tech talent decide in your favor. Openly state why a candidate should choose you. Are you a startup with massive potential? Are you a company with a long tradition? Do you offer a relocation package to foreign hires?

Tech talent will be more attracted to a job with specific benefits. Remember that every company has something unique about it. Think about which aspect of your company you can utilize as a magnet for tech talent.


Allow Them to Meet the Team

Having the ability to work with experienced software engineers or developers will be a huge plus. If your team consists of professionals who've worked on renowned tech projects or they are a part of relevant research in the tech industry, mention that.

Working with other talented tech pros will look like a valuable offer in the eyes of tech talent. If you don't have any well-known professionals in your team, focus on teamwork. Share how your team is supportive and collaborative. Present your company as an establishment that cherishes teamwork.

Feel free to share your company's GitHub account and how your development team contributes to your core and spare products.


Provide a Salary Range

While you don't have to disclose the exact salary, you should consider sharing a salary range. This kind of transparency is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, the salary range will act as a filter. You won't have to go through resumes of people who will, in the end, reject the job because of the salary.

Secondly, the pay range will give you an advantage compared to other job descriptions that don't share that information. You don't need to specify the salary; a simple pay range will do just fine.


Edit the Description Before Publishing

Before sharing the job description with the public, ensure that the text is well-written and comprehensible. Small grammar and spelling mistakes, including incorrect technology spellings like Nginx or Html, can shed a negative light on your company, so don't let that happen.

You can install the GlossaryTech Chrome extension to check your tech keywords before publishing. Moreover, this plugin will vividly show you the number of tech keywords used.


GlossaryTech Chrome extension


Despite the cut-throat competition, your job description can stand out if you invest some effort. The tips mentioned above can serve you as guidelines for directing your writing towards tech talent that will be the right fit for the company.

Take your time to develop a tech job description that will efficiently present your company as an ideal employer. That's how you'll open up the door to the pool of talented candidates.

PS: Before posting your jobs on, our experienced team of tech recruiters will review your job descriptions and offer advice on how to get more and right-fit applicants.

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