Relocate / 4 August, 2017

For Techies: Raise The Bar For Your CV

Résumé trends change very fast, especially in tech. In spite of that, there are some elements that remain relevant ...

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Relocate / 20 July, 2017

The Europass CV doesn’t work for European tech companies anymore

You’ve probably all heard of Europass. The Europass CV is not something you necessarily need to use and it can ...

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Relocate / 11 May, 2017

Learning The Difference Between Basic & Advanced Relocation Packages

Relocating to a foreign country is always a cost-intensive process, so, before you start looking for IT jobs abroad ...

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Relocate / 5 April, 2017

For Tech Companies: why ‘Relocation package’ really matters

Nowadays, tech companies are appearing every day with a high growth rate. Relocation of overseas talent has long ...

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Relocate / 4 April, 2017

Say “Hello World” with

The idea behind the creation of Relocate is to provide software developers a job relocation service that removes ...

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