30 International Companies Hiring

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Imagine combining the thrill of exploring new cultures with the stability of a well-respected job. Working abroad is a bold career move, giving you a chance to grow both professionally and personally, while offering unique experiences you won't find anywhere else.

Take, for example, companies like Google and Amazon, which are on our list. They're offering opportunities to innovate and excel at the cutting edge of technology. From tech roles in the prestigious City of London to creative positions under the sunny skies of Spain, the opportunities are unlimited.

Benefits? Think broader networks, enhanced adaptability, and a serious boost to your resume. Plus, the personal growth that comes from navigating a new country is invaluable. Are you ready to explore what the world has to offer? 


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Companies that hire internationally

As you read this list, you'll see country flags next to the country name. The flag icon indicates where the company is relocating international employees. For example, Bolt is hiring people to work in Tallinn, Estonia. 

And while these companies might be hiring in multiple departments (as listed), that doesn't mean that all of these roles offer relocation or are open to international applicants. Some departments, such as customer support, operations, or legal, might only be limited to local or regional applicants. So make sure you double-check on the company careers page. In saying that, the companies with vacant Engineering and Software Development roles are open to hiring international applicants. The same goes for some Marketing and Product roles. 

With that being said, let's uncover some of the best international companies to work for.


1. Bolt 🇪🇪 

Cities: Tallinn, Bucharest, Berlin, and Bucharest

Field of activity: Food delivery, car-sharing, micro-mobility

Vacancies: Analytics, Customer Support, Data Science, Legal, Marketing, Micromobility, Operations, Product & Design, Engineering, Ride-Hailing, Mechanics, Fleet Drivers & Warehouse

Bolt is revolutionising urban transportation by offering on-demand services ranging from cars and scooters to e-bikes, aiming to make personal car ownership unnecessary. As a remote-first company, Bolt's opportunities for physical relocation are limited, focusing primarily on remote roles. However, in special cases requiring relocation, juniors or mid-level employees could negotiate for relocation packages exceeding $10,000, with senior roles receiving custom-tailored support.

Check out current vacancies at Bolt Careers 


2. Byborg Enterprises 🇱🇺 

Cities: Luxembourg, Budapest

Field of activity: Streaming and entertainment 

Vacancies: Software Development, PR and Marketing, Finance, Legal

Byborg Enterprises is a key player in the Docler Group and specialises in streaming for adult websites, marking two decades of growth with a membership surpassing 20 million. The company predominantly recruits in Hungary and Luxembourg, particularly within its expansive software development department. Byborg is known for its generous relocation and visa support, making it an attractive option for professionals in the tech industry.

Find open positions at Byborg Enterprises


3. Creative Fabrica 🇳🇱 

Cities: Amsterdam, Remote (Romania)

Field of activity: E-commerce marketplace

Vacancies: Marketing, Engineering, and Operations

Creative Fabrica is an e-commerce marketplace where creators can sell custom digital assets. The team focuses on a variety of projects, including developing a social network, tools for digital asset management, CF Fans for follower engagement, and CF Classes for online learning from experienced designers. Based in Amsterdam, the company offers visa services and relocation bonuses, accommodating both local and remote team members.

Discover job openings at Creative Fabrica Careers


4. enmacc 🇩🇪 

Cities: Munich

Field of activity: Energy trading platform

Vacancies: Roles in Engineering, Marketing and Revenue

Enmacc is Europe's top platform for trading energy and environmental commodities, making trading simpler and more efficient. It connects over 500 companies and 2,000 members to trade things like electricity, gas, and other key environmental commodities, improving market access. The platform serves a broad user base, from energy suppliers to utility companies, all working towards a better energy future. Launched in 2016, enmacc has built a team of 80 people across Europe, driven by a love for energy and tech. They're committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace and are always looking for new team members. The latest funding round was Sep 28, 2022 (series B). For several positions, full relocation assistance and visa sponsorships are guaranteed.

Find job openings at enmacc Careers


5. epilot GmbH 🇩🇪 

Cities: Cologne, Remote (Europe)

Field of activity: Cloud software for energy companies

Vacancies: Engineering, Product, and Sales

Epilot digitises the energy industry with its unique cloud software from the heart of Cologne. As a rapidly growing scale-up, their mission is to revolutionise how market partners within the energy sector collaborate to deliver products and services. They provide a vast network of partners within the cloud world, constantly expanding thanks to the contributions of their community. Product and sales roles are primarily on-site in Cologne and targeted towards German speakers. Remote opportunities are offered to Engineering roles (which are also English-speaking). 

Find your next position at epilot Careers 


6. Eurowings Digital 🇩🇪 

Cities: Cologne, Remote (within Germany)

Field of activity: Travel services

Vacancies: Business Intelligence, Data, Engineering, and Web Development

Eurowings Digital is a travel platform under the Eurowings Group (also owns Ryanair and EasyJet) that offers a range of features to make the booking process hassle-free. Serving over 140 destinations across Europe and operating from 11 international bases, including Mallorca, Eurowings has become one of the continent's leading leisure airlines. For those requiring a move, a relocation package along with tailored assistance for visa or work permit processes is available, depending on the position.

Browse openings at Eurowings Digital 


7. Exness 🇨🇾 

Cities: Limassol (Cyprus), Remote

Field of activity: Online trading platform (Securities)

Vacancies: AML analyst, big data engineer, business system analyst, application security engineer + many more

Exness is a global multi-asset broker with around 1,800 staff, focusing on providing exceptional trading products for experienced traders. The diverse team, hailing from numerous countries and prestigious IT backgrounds, works predominantly from their main development office in Limassol, Cyprus, where they offer comprehensive relocation support.

Search for vacancies at Exness 


8. Freeletics 🇩🇪 

Cities: Munich

Field of activity: Fitness tech

Vacancies: Marketing and Engineering

Freeletics offers AI-powered fitness and mindset coaching to help users improve their health. Most jobs require German and are in Munich, but marketing positions are available internationally. They provide relocation assistance, including visa and agency fees, to make moving easier for new employees.

Browse jobs at Freeletics


9. grape 🇨🇭 

Cities: Zurich

Field of activity: Health insurance

Vacancies: Engineering, Product, HR 

Grape offers customers fully digital employee insurance combined with healthcare services. They are an employee insurer centred around a comprehensive technology platform. German-speaking roles, onsite and hybrid positions in Zurich. 

Find open positions at Grape  


10. HAWK:AI 🇩🇪 

Cities: Munich

Field of activity: Financial services

Vacancies: Engineering, Business Development, Marketing, Product and Solutions

HAWK:AI develops technology to detect financial crimes, using machine learning for real-time global transaction screening. The company, which recently raised $17 million in Series B funding, offers positions that require on-site presence in Munich, focusing on creating impactful solutions to combat money laundering and fraud.

Browse jobs at HAWK:AI 


11. HelloBetter 🇩🇪 

Cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Remote

Field of activity: mental health services

Vacancies: Business Development, Engineering, Product, Therapeutic Services

HelloBetter is on a mission to make effective psychological support accessible to everyone, at no cost and without waiting lists. Founded from university research in 2015, it offers a range of online therapy programs covered by health insurance in Germany. These programs target various mental health issues, providing immediate help. HelloBetter's qualified team supports users through their journey to better mental health and contributes to destigmatising mental illness. As a pioneer in digital health solutions, HelloBetter is making significant strides in making psychological support widely available. English-speaking office. 

Browse jobs at HelloBetter


12. The HonestCompany 🇹🇭

Cities: Bangkok, Jakarta

Field of activity: FinTech

Vacancies: Engineering, Data, Fraud, Product and Design, Marketing

The Honest Company develops financial products aimed at improving people's lives by ensuring fairness and easy understanding. They're hiring for full-time, on-site positions in Bangkok and Jakarta.

Find your next job at The Honest Company  


13. ICEYE 🇫🇮

Cities: Espoo (Finland), Warsaw, Singapore, US, Remote

Field of activity: Aerospace

Vacancies: Engineering, Product, Data 

ICEYE is developing and managing a proprietary constellation of commercial radar imaging satellites, offering SAR data to clients. This enables better decision-making for both government and commercial sectors by providing timely and dependable SAR satellite imagery. ICEYE addresses the pressing need for actionable information with pioneering aerospace technology and a fresh New Space perspective. The company's radar satellite imaging service offers frequent, round-the-clock coverage, aiding in tackling challenges across maritime, disaster management, insurance, and finance sectors. To applicants, the company offers remote, hybrid, and on-site positions, with the majority in Finland. For those relocating, ICEYE ensures full support from a third-party relocation service provider, offering a comprehensive "relocation buddy" system to facilitate the move.

Browse jobs at ICEYE Careers


14. Insify 🇳🇱 

Cities: Amsterdam

Field of activity: Insurance

Vacancies: Finance, Growth, Operations, HR, Product

Insify simplifies insurance for freelancers and entrepreneurs with quick, online services. The majority of their roles are based in their Amsterdam headquarters and in Liege, requiring on-site attendance. They provide visa sponsorship and relocation support for those who need it.

Find open positions at Insify 


15. IO Interactive 🇩🇰 

Cities: Copenhagen, Malmö, Barcelona, Istanbul and Brighton

Field of activity: Computer games

Vacancies: Design, Marketing, Production, Software Development, HR

IO Interactive, with a rich 25-year history, crafts iconic games like HITMAN and is currently developing Project 007 and Project Fantasy, leveraging their Glacier game engine. They focus on engine development and exploring new game mechanics. Offering hybrid remote roles, they provide extensive relocation support, including visa and work permit assistance, apartment hunting, tax office registration, bank setup, and spouse career integration, ensuring a smooth transition for you and your family.

Browse jobs at IO Interactive 


16. limehome 🇩🇪 

Cities: Munich, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Frankfurt am Main, Madrid, Milan

Field of activity: Hospitality, travel accommodations

Vacancies: Accounting and Corporate Finance, Guest Experience, Hospitality Operations, Property Development, Real Estate and Expansion

Limehome is swiftly becoming a top choice in hospitality, blending modern comforts and technology for today's travellers. Guests enjoy private suites with contemporary amenities at great value. With ambitions to be the first choice for travellers worldwide, they currently operate over 200 properties across Europe, signalling a promising expansion. Hybrid office model is available in all locations.

Find your next job at limehome  


17. Money Forward, Inc. 🇯🇵 

Cities: Osaka, Fukuoka

Field of activity: Technology, information, internet

Vacancies: HR, Software Engineering, Security, Design, Marketing

Money Forward revolutionises personal finance management by offering services that make money management easier for everyone. With their 2021 Englishnisation policy, they've minimised Japanese language requirements for Engineering roles, while also offering language training to support international employees. They provide comprehensive relocation support including visa sponsorship, flight tickets, airport pick-up, a temporary furnished apartment with a first month free and corporate discounts for the following months, a relocation bonus, and settling-in assistance such as city office and bank account opening tours, plus info on mobile plans and credit cards.

Browse jobs at Money Forward, Inc.


18. Monzo Bank 🇬🇧 

Cities: London, Cardiff, San Franciso, New York, Remote

Field of activity: FinTech, digital banking

Vacancies: Customer Operations, Data, Software Engineering, Finance, Information Security, Marketing and Community, Product, Risk and Compliance

Monzo, an innovative online banking platform, strives to provide the ultimate current account, acting as a smart hub for users' financial lives through collaborations with diverse providers. Focused on engineering roles, Monzo offers both remote and on-site positions in the UK, with visa sponsorship available for specific roles such as technology, engineering, and product, adhering to Home Office regulations.

Find a job at Monzo 


19. Nimble 🇹🇭 

Cities: Bangkok, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City

Field of activity: Web and mobile app development

Vacancies: Software Developer, Design, Product

Nimble is a collective of designers, software developers, and product owners dedicated to crafting exceptional web and mobile applications for companies of all sizes, ranging from solo startups to Fortune 500 giants. Located in Thailand, Nimble offers both on-site and hybrid work arrangements, with all positions requiring proficiency in the English language. They provide visa and work permit assistance for foreign candidates, along with relocation support to facilitate the move for those living abroad.

Browse jobs at Nimble  


20. Novo Nordisk 🇩🇰 

Cities: Denmark: Bagsværd, Gentofte, and Søborg, Bangalore, Koriyama, Tianjin, Santiago, Grand Rapids, Beijing, Chartres, Warsaw

Field of activity: Pharmaceutical engineering

Vacancies: Research, Sales, Business Development, Manufacturing, Quality, Project Management, Digital and IT, Marketing, Education, Finance

Novo Nordisk, established in 1923 in Denmark, is a leading global healthcare company dedicated to combating serious chronic conditions, particularly diabetes. By pushing the boundaries of medical science, enhancing treatment accessibility, and working on disease prevention and potential cures, they make a significant impact. With approximately 63,400 employees across 80 countries, Novo Nordisk is a substantial entity continually looking to fill hundreds of roles, primarily in manufacturing, quality, and project management, available worldwide. The company offers a relocation package for tech positions to support new hires in making a smooth transition to their new roles and locations.

Look for open positions at Novo Nordisk


21. Odoo 🇧🇪 

Cities: Gandhinagar, Louvain La Neuve, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Berlin, San Francisco, Barcelona

Field of activity: Software development

Vacancies: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Business Services, Web Design, Research and Development

Odoo SA works on Odoo, an open-source set of integrated business apps. It's supported by a community of over 1,500 members who have added more than 4,500 modules to it and so the company continues to grow. Most job openings are in Belgium and India. If you're moving from another country for a job with Odoo in Belgium, they'll pay for your first month's rent and your flight ticket to Belgium.

Browse openings at Odoo


22. Outreach 🇨🇿 

Cities: Atlanta, San Franciso, Seattle, London, Mexico City, Prague, New York, Hyderabad

Field of activity: Technology, sales

Vacancies: Sales, Customer Success, Finance and Legal, IT, Product, Analytics, Marketing, Accounting, Engineering

Outreach develops a top sales execution platform that helps teams streamline activities facing the market, improving their efficiency in generating and closing sales pipelines. The platform is used by over 5,500 companies, including Zoom and Siemens. Outreach frequently hires for various positions, offering hybrid, remote, and on-site work options. Headquartered in Seattle.

Search for jobs at Outreach  


23. Oxa 🇬🇧 

Cities: Oxford, Toronto, Orlando

Field of activity: Computer vision, software development

Vacancies: Engineering, Quality Assurance

Oxa specialises in computer science, AI, robotics, and machine learning, focusing on significant challenges in autonomous vehicle technology. With $225 million in funding from leading investors, including $140 million from a Series C round in January 2023, Oxa is expanding and hiring for various positions. Current openings are primarily in Oxford and Toronto. The company supports new hires with relocation assistance and a fully-funded visa program.

Apply for jobs at Oxa


24. Personio 🇩🇪🇳🇱🇬🇧🇮🇪🇪🇸🇺🇸 

Cities: Munich, Berlin, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, New York

Field of activity: Software development in HR

Vacancies: Product, Customer Experience, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Data

Personio offers software to simplify HR tasks, making it easier for HR teams to handle more than just the basics. They have remote work options available and provide a generous relocation package for those who need to move for their job.

Find a job at Personio 


25. Protolabs 🇳🇱 

Cities: Amsterdam, Chicago

Field of activity: Industrial machinery manufacturing

Vacancies: Engineering, Product, Support, Sales, Logistics, Mechanical Engineering, Quality and Control

Protolabs specialises in digital manufacturing services, such as prototyping and production, offering injection molding, CNC machining, 3D printing, and sheet metal fabrication. They support remote and hybrid work, with many positions based in Amsterdam. For those moving for work, Protolabs offers an advanced relocation package.

Apply for jobs at Protolabs


26. Splash Damage 🇬🇧 

Cities: Bromley, UK

Field of activity: Game development

Vacancies: Programming, Design, Art, Production

Splash Damage, with over 20 years of experience, excels in creating team-based multiplayer games, earning significant recognition such as a "World-Class" accreditation and ranking among the UK's 100 Best Large Companies to Work For. They offer visa support and relocation packages if needed and have a 4-day working week policy.

Browse open positions at Splash Damage 


27. Stockly 🇫🇷 

Cities: Paris

Field of activity: Internet publishing, eCommerce, retail

Vacancies: Software Engineer, HR

Stockly is revolutionising e-commerce by building a global network for shared inventory, enabling online stores to access stock seamlessly. Based in Paris, they require English proficiency and offer a comprehensive relocation package which includes perks like temporary housing, flight tickets, and a relocation bonus to assist new hires in moving.

Browse jobs at Stockly


28. SYBO 🇩🇰 

Cities: Copenhagen

Field of activity: Computer Games

Vacancies: Engineering, Technology, Internships

SYBO Games, the independent studio behind the massively successful Subway Surfers, is known for creating one of the world's most downloaded apps. They offer a generous relocation package, which includes covering moving costs, flight, and visa, among others. They also offer the flexibility to start remotely before all relocation arrangements are finalised.

Find a job at SYBO  


29. TOPIC Embedded Systems 🇳🇱 

Cities: Best (Netherlands)

Field of activity: Software Development

Vacancies: Software Engineering 

TOPIC Embedded Systems specialises in developing embedded systems critical to the products of leading high-tech companies worldwide. Their expertise spans low-level embedded software, application software, user interfaces, web and mobile applications, and FPGAs. Offering consultancy, on-site projects, and in-house development, TOPIC also creates embedded products like Miami, Florida, and Dyplo, often integrating them into client solutions. All positions are on site and in the Netherlands.

Find a job at TOPIC Embedded Systems 


30. Volvo Cars 🇸🇪 

Cities: Pederneiras, Göteborg, Greensboro, Augsburg, Aschheim, Ulm, Lyon, Nlacktown, Beresfield, Berlin, Dublin

Field of activity: Motor vehicle manufacturing

Vacancies: Production, Sales, Engineering, Supply Chain, Real Estate, Technology Engineering, Project Management

Volvo Cars, a well-known car manufacturer, focuses on creating safer and more environmentally friendly cars. With over 40,000 employees worldwide, they provide extensive help if you need to relocate for work. This help includes handling immigration and permits, finding you a place to live, helping you get to know the area, managing your moving expenses, and even offering cultural training.

Browse jobs at Volvo


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