The Best European Countries for Easy Work Visas

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Are you dreaming of a fresh start in the heart of Europe? Perhaps you're looking for a change, to start a new job offer you've secured, or you're simply interested in immersing yourself in rich cultural history, but for a little longer than a holiday. 

You're not alone. 

Many are discovering the appeal of these glorious countries, either swapping life on another continent or simply crossing borders within Europe for a new beginning.

However, while navigating paperwork, understanding the difference between a student's temporary work permit, residence permit, athletes temporary permit, and temporary residence permit agreement, (and the rest), and all the immigration procedures might seem daunting, we're here to guide you through with this guide - your guide to the most accessible European country to get work visa in, plus many of the other top contenders.

So, let's get into it!


What is the Easiest European Country to Get a Working Holiday Visa Agreement?

Estonia 🇪🇪

Perhaps surprisingly, the easiest European country to get a work visa in 2024 is Estonia, a small coastal country south of Finland. Rapidly evolving as the ultimate digital nomad hotspot, there's a beautiful blend of history, digital innovation, and culture that has turned the heads of many.

What's more, in just a simple two-step dance, your work visa awaits.

Start with a D work visa for short gigs of working abroad or apply for a residence permit for those nomadic plans with staying power. Accompanied by a registered Estonian employer, a valid work contract, and a clean bill of health, you're all set.

And that's all there is to it! See what we mean about it being easy? The stats actually back this up, too, with a staggeringly high approval rate of 87%, signalling a robust welcome to global talent.

Find out more information here on the official website.

Not feeling Estonia? Don't worry; there are plenty more opportunities out there in some pretty great countries.


France 🇫🇷

France is a beloved country for a reason.

Culture. History. Music. Beautiful urban and rural spaces. Connectivity. Opportunity. The list of what makes France such a great country to live in just keeps going, and actually doing just that is easier than you may think.

To start with, if you only plan for your trip to last below 90 days, France rolls out its short-term work visa, complete with flexible exemptions reflecting your work nature.

However, there are working holiday Visa programs that can cover you for up to a year—just look for the 'Travailleur Temporaire' visa. As you'll find with most of these work visa programs, you will need a valid contract of a confirmed job already, and you'll be good to go.

Oh, and another reason why France is so attractive, the real belle of the ball, so to speak.

The inclusive family provisions. France's work visas extend to your family, giving them a residence and work permit to your spouse and kids on the spot.

Find out more information here on the official website.


The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Ranked as the 5th happiest nation globally, it's no surprise that The Netherlands is as magnetic as it is flourishing, attracting job seekers and foreign workers from around the world. And with cities like Amsterdam, access to some of the best schools in the world, and being one of the tech hubs of Europe, there's a lot going for this relatively tiny country.

Thankfully, it's pretty easy to get a work visa to enjoy all this.

If you're in the exceptionally smart crowd—think recent grads from top universities or those who have delved into profound scientific research—the Orientation Year visa is your golden ticket.

It grants you the freedom to work and live in The Netherlands for a year, bypassing the need for separate work or temporary residence permits. It's an open field for the world's brightest to sow their seeds of expertise.

Entrepreneurs, especially from the US, also listen up: The Dutch-American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) is practically a direct invitation to the Dutch market, boasting some interestingly minimal barriers to entry.

You can basically establish and operate a business with more ease than you'd find in a tulip field.

But, if you're looking for something a little less niche, there are TWV and GVVA work permits suited to a range of professions and intended work durations. Whether your plans are brief or as long as a Dutch winter night, there are plenty of easy opportunities to sink your teeth into.

Find out more information here on the official website.


Sweden 🇸🇪

As long as you have a job offer in hand, navigating the Swedish professional arena is akin to a breezy sail across Lake Siljan. That's right, to get a work visa in Sweden is pretty simple on your part, but there are some requirements.

Most importantly, you need a contract, and your future employer needs to have explored local and EU/EEA markets by the country's regulations. However, if this is all fine, what follows is the employer-initiated application with employment and potential employee details—meaning you don't have to worry about the details - it's all taken care of on your behalf.

Post-acceptance, it's relocation time!

As you'd expect, Sweden sweetens the deal with family permits processed simultaneously, which is great for family moves.

Find out more information here on the official website.


Lithuania 🇱🇹

Lithuania, a Baltic gem, is launched by a local job offer and propelled by employer initiative, significantly reducing your workload, handling nearly everything on your behalf. Thus, it's a pretty simple process as long as you can get the job.

The work visa type will depend on the job you get and will break down into one of the following:

Once the permit is granted, you'll need to apply for the permit in your own country. However, if you're from inside the EU or the EEA, you can work in the country for free as long as you register your stay within three months of being there.

Find out more information here on the official website.


Iceland 🇮🇸

Iceland, with its breathtaking vistas and treasured work-life symmetry, is transforming into a hotspot for global highly skilled professionals. But it's more than just the raw natural beauty—what's endearing is the organized, supportive work immigration framework that rolls out the carpet for those with the right skill set.

The sturdy foundation here is a signed employment contract with an Icelandic firm. Get your hands on one of those, and you're all set to apply for a work permit and then to start your work abroad. It's your passport to a career in the Land of Fire and Ice.

Whether you're carrying a briefcase filled with expertise for high-skill occupations or a similar potent skill set, Iceland's door is open.

Work-life harmony, a progressive work culture, unparalleled safety, coupled with incredible landscapes—what we've got here, folks, is a 360° lifestyle experience, truly setting Iceland apart as a work destination.

Find out more information here on the official website.


Latvia 🇱🇻

Latvia's meteoric economic ascent has cultivated a work permit ecosystem that's flexible and caters to myriad professionals—local employers and visiting business mavens alike.

Here, work permits are crafted around individual job role requirements. To live and work in Latvia, you need to secure a Type D visa and a residence permit.

Though the process might involve a few checks, it culminates in a custom work permit for employment and residency. It's Latvia's way of embracing global talent and nurturing a diverse workforce that fortifies the nation's economic backbone.

Find out more information here on the official website.


Slovakia 🇸🇰

Slovakia isn't just your next travel destination—it's becoming the go-to for career explorers globally. Imagine settling in an evolving European economy full of thrilling opportunities, and you'll see why it's grabbing the international limelight.

Search 'Living the Slovakian dream' online, and you'll stumble upon the 'single permit'. Bingo! Well, that's your golden ticket, allowing you to live and work under the backdrop of Slovakia's beautiful vistas, all based on a job prospect. This magic permit does double duty, replacing your old-school separate work and residence permits.

And don't forget about the seasonal work stint. Yes, it's a thing in Slovakia—designed for gigs that don't cross the 180-day mark annually. It's their way of keeping things interesting, offering roles from short flings to long-term commitments.

So, why choose Slovakia? You're part of an exciting economic growth story woven with both work and wanderlust. One day, you're pitching business proposals, and the next, you're hiking in the High Tatras—now, that's living!

Find out more information here on the official website.


Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Sitting atop a high standard of living and a stable economic climate, Luxembourg is a magnet for immigrant workers. But there's more to the story—its work visa process is flexible, efficient, and tailored to suit different job seekers.

Work Visa Options:

Luxembourg also boasts Europe's highest minimum wage, making it a worker's paradise. With a consistently low unemployment rate over four decades, it's hard not to see Luxembourg as a bountiful job market.

So why consider Luxembourg? You're stepping into a world of outstanding work prospects, all within a supportive socio-economic backdrop.

Find out more information here on the official website.


Czechia 🇨🇿

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Czechia's booming economy and strategic spot on the map make it a must-consider work destination. Whether you're a savvy professional seeking new career horizons or a global business exploring expansion, Czechia's irresistible vibe is calling.

Right, work visa wise, you could best describe Czechia's work immigration system as a versatile mesh of permits designed to flex around different professional needs.

You'll find options such as the Employee Card, EU Blue Card, business visa, and the intra-company Employee Transfer Card. That's just Czechia for you.

The Employee Card, an exclusive option for non-EU citizens, is tied to a specific job and employer and doubles up as both a work permit and a residency permit. Mix in the EU Blue Card for those top-tier talents or the ETC as an option for those transferring in, and you've got some pretty simple options.

Find out more information here on the official website.


Wrapping it up: Time to Get a Work Visa

And there we have it - your complete lowdown on some of the easiest countries to get a work visa from. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities out there, and it really depends on the country you want to go to, the value you can provide to said country, and the kind of job you can secure.

Of course, each country has its own working holiday visa website, so you should definitely check that out for the most up-to-date information and your preferred next steps, but aside from that, the world's your oyster!

The absolute best way to move overseas is with a job. Being sponsored by a company provides you with access to work visas and long-term stay. It's even better when the company covers the cost of your move with relocation support. You can find relocation jobs in Europe and the US on our niche job board

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