Living and Working as a Software Engineer in the Netherlands

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As the world continues to adjust to the unique conditions that the pandemic put into place, many professionals were left with no choice but to work in the comforts of their home. As forced participants in the world’s largest remote working experiment, their current condition provided them with the perfect opportunity to seriously think about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. While some are still hesitant about working entirely remotely, many are convinced that the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks and are therefore hopeful that this working arrangement will persist even after the pandemic.

In fact, 54% of surveyed workers say that they would prefer to continue working remotely full time. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since a multitude of studies out there have already proven that flexible work arrangements can effectively lessen work-related anxiety and stress, improve employee satisfaction and happiness, enhance productivity, and even increase annual income. If you are one of those people who don’t want to go back to suffocating and hectic offices ever again, then looking for remote work opportunities as a software engineer in the Netherlands could be a valid career change. If you are not convinced, then here are some more reasons that will surely change your mind:


In-demand software engineers

As the world continues to move into the digital space at breakneck speed, tech jobs will continue to grow more and more in demand in the coming years. In fact, an article by ZDNet cited that even during these trying times, tech jobs will steadily make up about 35% of all vacancies in major European cities. With the ongoing global health crisis pushing businesses to speed up their adoption of various technologies, developers and software engineers will undoubtedly top the list of the most sought-after tech professionals. Although numerous countries will be needing software engineers, job vacancies with relocation to the Netherlands are worth considering since the country has been reported as the nation with the second-highest need for such professionals.


Abundant tourist destinations

According to Vox's feature about the pros and cons of working from home, one of the greatest perks of working remotely is having a flexible schedule that lets you enjoy your hobbies and your well-deserved breaks. However, regardless of whether you will be working remotely or not, it is still important to check out the places you can see and go to in the country you are relocating to. After all, working in another country will mean living there for long periods of time, so it’s best to pick a country that will make your day-offs and vacation leave fun and exciting. While it may seem like a trivial consideration for working abroad, digital nomad James Gonzales emphasizes the importance of taking time off. He cites how stepping away from work for a few days will not only increase your productivity, focus, and mental clarity but also provide you with a chance to refocus on your goals and look at things from a fresh perspective. Taking the time to look around and go on short trips, will be extremely helpful in maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of engineers who have to apply dizzying concepts of mathematical analysis and principles of computer science to the development of various software. And the good news is that not only does the Netherlands have many places to visit, you also have Europe on your doorstep.


High wages

Although the US continues to be one of the countries that embrace migrant workers and promises higher wages, a recent study cited by CNBC found that young professionals who moved abroad to search for better job opportunities were able to see their salary increase by more than 35% after relocating. If you are a software engineer planning to work in a country such as the Netherlands, which is in great need of tech professionals, there is a good chance your annual income will be higher than your average income in the US. To get a better estimation of how much you could make internationally, it would be best to use a net pay calculator that considers the current exchange rate, as well as your current tax class.


Whether you’ve finally decided on living and working in the Netherlands or any other country, there are two other things you have to do aside from checking out the demand for your profession, the pay, and the places you can visit. To ensure a seamless relocation to the country of choice, make sure to dedicate a copious amount of time looking through local and international tech job boards and niche websites. It would also be a good idea to look through different relocation tips and consider various factors such as the people you want to relocate with and your educational attainment.

A contribution by Mila Walton

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