Landing a Tech Job Abroad: 7 Simple Tips

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Want to move your tech career abroad? We have 7 simple tips that will help you land your dream job faster, so let’s just dive in.


1. Your resume should be stunning

On average, you have 5 to 15 seconds from a recruiter or a hiring manager to catch their eye. Invest your time in the resume that you can be proud of. 

Do NOT use old-fashioned resume templates. Do NOT create an extra-long resume. Some people turn in resumes that are 7 pages long. You need to condense down to a 1-2 page resume at most. Only include your most relevant experiences and skills. The rest is fluff. Bullet points should also be clear and concise, with keywords/achievements in bold, as they are going to skim.

A stunning resume is whats going to help you land a job!


2. Prepare well for the interview

There is a lot of information out there about preparing for both HR and technical interviews on the internet. You will be surprised how similar the questions are that you will be asked during interviews. Preparing ahead of time will enable you to stand out from other candidates.


3. One more chance to be heard is a cover letter

Make sure to keep your cover letter focused and short. You should generally be crafting a new cover letter for each position. A lot of it will transfer from one to the other, but when a company reads your cover letter, the idea is that they get the sense that you are truly perfect for the specific position at hand.

Recycling your cover letter is possible, but that generally means it is too vague if it can apply to every single company/position you are applying for. Each company and position are unique, so you should edit your cover letter a bit to be perfectly suited to each.


4. Combine tourism and interviews

You are more likely to get an interview if you are already near the office of your future employer. You can inform them that you live abroad but that you will be in the area between date and date to encourage them to call you in.

Go ahead and explore the area you are hoping to relocate too, it can give you a huge headstart in the relocation process by helping you pick a neighborhood and what not.


5. References work

Use LinkedIn to find your old friends and connections around the area you are looking to relocate to and ask if its possible that you can be referred to their company.

Instead of saying “I’m looking for a job abroad,” you can say: “I might be a good fit for your open positions X and Y that I’ve seen on your website. Can you consider me as your reference?”


6. Stop using “I’m looking for a job with visa sponsorship”

Employers are always looking for talented people, so demonstrate your skills first, not the fact that you are in need of a sponsor. This should be mentioned but why are you going to waste valuable word count and space at the top of the page to say it? It can be placed elsewhere.

Remember, you only have 15 seconds at best to grab the recruiter’s attention. Chances are, they are going to read the first couple sentences very briefly and then skim your bullet points and other bold print. They want to quickly get a sense that you’re the right candidate. You can give them that sense by focusing on your skills.


7. Fish in the right pond

Use specialized platforms/job boards where companies are looking for new employees internationally in the first place. Don’t go looking for opportunities where they scarcely are found. is a great place to look for your next job because all the companies here are ready to sponsor you and bring you into a brand new place. Our team also created a Telegram channel where we regularly share the hottest tech job offerings with relocation assistance. Everyone is welcome to join!

Bonus tip: If you really want to move to any location, you can try to change your LinkedIn location to your desired place of residence. It might help you to get more attention from recruiters in this area or, who knows, start the process of visualizing your goal of moving to the new country ;) 

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