How to Decide Whether to Relocate for a Job

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When it comes to moving for a job, the stakes are high. It's not all about you. Your family, friends, and partner are all part of the equation. Moving to a new place might mean diving into unfamiliar territories like new languages and cultures. It's a lot of work, and figuring out if it's the right move for you is essential.

As there isn't a definite answer to this, there are three areas we'll be focusing on in this blog.

When thinking about these areas correctly, you can uncover whether moving for a job is the right choice. So, let's get into it.


1. Lifestyle

When we dive into the reasons behind relocating for a job, it's clear that lifestyle takes the front seat. It's not all about the money, the perks, or the fancy titles. The real question is: does your lifestyle fit or even get a boost in the new location? If there's a mismatch, the consequences can be far-reaching.


Partner, Family, & Friends

Deciding to relocate for a job is rarely a decision you make alone. Particularly for those over 35, life often involves a partner or a family making the decision to move to a collective one.

This is reflected by theย Zippia statistics showing the willingness to move for work across different age groups below:

If your life includes a partner or kids, or you're close with your local community, bringing them into the conversation is crucial. Are they on board with the move? How will this change affect them?


Identity Choice

Then there's the question of identity. Will the new location resonate with who you are, or are you prepared to adapt to "fit in"? Cultural norms vary widely, from what's celebrated to what's frowned upon. It's these nuances, alongside broader cultural shifts, that need real consideration.


Personal Satisfaction

Beyond the logistics and practicalities, think about your happiness. Sure, a job by the beach with a better paycheck sounds great. But what about the people you leave behind?

The truth is, building a new circle of trusted friends isn't instantโ€”it takes time. And if the local culture, language, or lifestyle doesn't live with you, that dream job might lose its lustre.

When looking at the sentiment towards moving, the outlook is generally positive. As shown by Zippia's research:

However, like anything, it depends on the person. It's about how this move fits into your life as a whole. You may love it or hate it, and that's something you need to find out yourself.


2. Employer

Alongside the above, another area you need to consider when relocating for a job is your future employer. After all, they're the reason you're moving. Ideally, they should be your partner in this transition, so if they help you move, offer career growth opportunities, and are a stable company, it's a good sign they're an employer that values your move.


Relocation Help

First, do they offer relocation help? Understandably, most employers will give you some type of help. If not, you should reconsider relocating for them.

The top areas where employers typically offer help include:

According to ARC Relocation, most companies will give you money to relocate. For example:

Though money shouldn't control your decision, it's a good idea to move for a company that shows their appreciation for your move through help (both physically and financially).


3. Personal Development

Relocating for work involves more than simply changing office views; it affects all aspects of life outside the 9-5 grind as well. For this reason, you need to think about how it'll affect you on a personal level.


Current Situation

You might be in love with your job, but it's bound to take a toll if the daily commute is a nightmare or you're miles away from loved ones. It's key to reflect on whether relocating for work will enrich your life beyond work hours.

Could a new city offer a smoother commute, closer proximity to family and friends, or even just a climate that suits you better, along with healthier living options? When weighing up a move, these personal quality-of-life factors deserve your attention.

And if you're moving with family, consider their impact. How will the move change their lives, for better or worse? Their well-being is just as important in this decision-making process.


Salary & Cost of Living

It's no secret: the financial aspect is a big deal. Is the new position offering you a significant salary increase, or is it the same? A good salary can make you feel valued and respected. However, higher wages don't always translate to more money in your pockets, especially if living costs in the new country are higher.

For instance, Zurich, one of the world'sย most expensive cities, may seem appealing with an annual paycheck of $100,000. But here, the monthly family costs are estimated atย $6,968, not to mention their 40.5% marginal tax rate. From a financial standpoint, even with $100,000 a year, you probably can't support your family.

Your ideal country should provide an appropriate cost of living when compared to your salary while also focusing on the quality of life - you don't want to move somewhere with an impressive salary but poor healthcare systems.


Career Progression

Sometimes, a move is the only way up for those with their eyes on the career ladder. Research thoroughly about the new role and the city. Is it a step up for your career? Is the city a hub for your industry, offering networking opportunities and chances for professional development? While being a big fish in a small pond has its perks, it can be isolating professionally. Think ahead, not only about the job you're moving for but about future opportunities.


Should I Move for a Job?

Deciding to pack up and move for work shouldn't be taken as an either/or decision; rather, it should depend on what works for you, your career, and your family members.

While moving might offer new cities or better employment highs - which might tempt us at first - we should stop and consider all aspects of life impact caused by such radical transformation.

Consider these points before taking the leap:

Remember that your decision to move is unique to you; carefully weigh all available options, consider their impact and select what's right for your journey.


Want to Relocate for a Job?

If you're thinking of making the step to relocate for work, especially in the tech field, we've got you covered. Dive into our job board for a curated selection of positions that support relocating for a job. It might just be the career boost you've been searching for.

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