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About us

About us

Our mission is to promote a relocation package as an integral part of any company, hiring from abroad, and the tech industry as a whole. It should be the same standard as a coffee machine or table tennis in every modern IT office.

The idea behind the creation of Relocate.me is to let software developers relocate without stress and tension, as well as help tech companies attract international talent.

Although the provision of relocation perks isn’t a new concept, some tech companies don’t place primary emphasis on this aspect when hiring overseas talent.

Since the inception of the recruitment agency Relocateme.eu in 2012, we've already supported over 150 developers worldwide, from Australia to Sweden, from Brazil to the Netherlands, in their job relocation.

If you’re not sure where to go, start with exploring the countries/cities:

  • Check if you need a Work/Travel Visa;
  • Discover the rental rates and living expenses;
  • Easy to use net Salary Calculators;
  • Health insurance, schools and kindergartens;
  • Requirements for a Work Visa.

Relocate.me enables you to get all of the above information on ANY country (curated and constantly updated by our team) in one place.

After your next foreign destination is chosen, you’ll have an opportunity to look into the verified relocation packages, offered you (as an international applicant) by the company.

The list of relocation perks includes but not limited to:

icon compass
Adaptation tips
icon airplane
Flight ticket home
icon learn
Language courses
icon agent
Real estate agent
icon accommodation
Rental deposit coverage
icon visa
Visa support
icon wallet
Money for moving expenses
icon home
Temporary housing
icon star
Sign up bonus

It’s also worth noting that Relocate.me lists only those tech companies which are ready to provide at least basic relocation support to their future employees.

Why does relocation package matter?

The answer is hidden in one of our articles 😉

Fill in some personal data
that may be helpful to an
employer during the
Fill in your professional
Choose the country you’d
like to relocate to

Upcoming features for software developers

icon globus
More countries/cities, available for your job relocation
icon communications
Constant expansion of companies, ready to support your moving
icon info
A detailed guide to settling in a new country: work visa for a partner, kindergartens, etc.
icon question-answer
Tips on how to catch an eye of the "A" class tech companies

Relocate.me isn’t just a job board, we’re trying to follow best practices of agencies and traditional job board business. There is a built-on pre-selection option, allowing both companies and job seekers to basically filter their prospective applicants/relevant job options. For those companies that have never dealt with employee relocation, we’d be happy to help and take away all of the relo ‘pains’. Thus, the relocation process will be stress-free for your future employees, and you can focus on your core business.

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