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Name In the industry (Tech) skills Email Social Current location Possible destinations
Terence Ponce 10 years Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, React, Flutter [email protected] Philippines Australia, Canada, United States, The Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, The United Kingdom
Zakia Ferdousi 13 years Java, Python, SQL, Hadoop, Machine Learning, AWS [email protected] Australia United States, Canada, The United Kingdom
Jose Andres Moya Porras 5 years Python, SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Pandas, Docker, Flask, Kubernetes, Keras, Docker Compose, FastAPI [email protected] Costa Rica Austria, Japan, The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Denmark and others.
Nikita Matsapura 12 years PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Docker, Redis, Node JS [email protected] Ukraine The Netherlands
Egor Gordeev 6 years Java, Spring, Integration Development [email protected] Russia Portugal, The Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, United States, Ireland, China and others.
Anton Podolsky 11 years JavaScript, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, React, Angular [email protected] Israel Japan, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic
Fernando Torres 10 years Ruby, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, DevOps [email protected] Germany Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, United States and others.
Ramiz Rzayev 10 years Python, Linux, Oracle, PostgreSQL, ETL, DWH, Business Intelligence, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL [email protected] Azerbaijan Japan, Sweden, Singapore, New Zealand, Austria, Estonia, The United Kingdom and others.
Francisco Anton 12 years Sketch, Figma, UI Design (Web/Mobile), UX Research, UI/UX Design, Product Designer [email protected] Argentina Italy, United States, The Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Sweden
Omar Guillermo 8 years CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, Graphic Design, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML 5, Adobe XD, UI/UX Design, Affinity, Google Suite [email protected] Mexico Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan
Nelson Alexander Gonzalez Castro 5 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Database, Scripting, Automation, Backend, Unit Testing [email protected] Colombia Canada, Spain, Germany, Switzerland
Damitha Kithmal Hewa Marambage 7 years Java, Spring Boot [email protected] Singapore Canada, New Zealand, Australia
Jeries Handal 8 years Java, MySQL, JUnit, Spring Boot, OpenAPI [email protected] Honduras Austria, South Korea, Czech Republic, Germany, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Thailand and others.
Elizaveta Petrova 5 years PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, Vue.js, PHP Libraries [email protected] Russia Czech Republic, Finland, The United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, The Netherlands and others.
Kirill Kamakin 3 years Java, Android, RxJava, Kotlin [email protected] Russia Czech Republic, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Estonia, Germany, Norway and others.
Syambrij Maurya 7 years Java, Python, MySQL, Hibernate, Jenkins, Docker, Spring Boot, NoSQL [email protected] India Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Estonia, Germany, New Zealand
Jorge Romero 5 years Java, OOP, ReactJS, JPA, Spring Boot, AWS, Microservices, GCP, SOAP/REST, Spring AOP [email protected] Chile United States
Mazharul Islam 10 years Java, Maven, HTML, Docker, Spring Boot, Microservices, Angular [email protected] Bangladesh United Arab Emirates, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Poland, Italy, Luxembourg and others.
Kirill Kaiumov 7 years PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Redis, Elixir, AWS, React.js [email protected] Russia Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria and others.
Mohd Aquib 6 years Java, Android SDK, Kotlin [email protected] India Malaysia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, United States, Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium and others.
Emilija Babaleska 6 years Product Owner, MS Outlook, Atlassian Suite, Agile (Scrum), Product Analyst [email protected] North Macedonia Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, United States, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Finland and others.
Afshin Sabeghi 7 years C#, Entity Framework, Azure, .NET, ASP.NET Core, AWS, .NET Core, .NET Web API [email protected] Turkey Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, Austria, Norway, The Netherlands and others.
Roman Gardukevich 10 years iOS, Swift, Shell, Objective-C, Fastlane [email protected] Belarus Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden
Krunal Kapadiya 6 years Java, Android, Python, OpenCV, Flask, Kotlin [email protected] India Germany, New Zealand, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway and others.
Paul Alles 6 years Java, JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, ReactJS, HTML, GitHub, Jenkins, AWS, Vue, RESTful services, Oracle DB [email protected] Sri Lanka France, Austria, Hungary, Poland, The Netherlands, Australia, Luxembourg and others.
Francisco Guevara 8 years JavaScript, CSS, Git, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CoffeeScript, TDD [email protected] United States New Zealand, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, United States
Sabit Hamitovich 4 years JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET MVC, MSSQL [email protected] Kazakhstan Singapore, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Poland, United Arab Emirates and others.
Umar Isa 6 years JavaScript, .NET, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Angular, .NET Core, Elastic Search, .NET Web API, Cypress [email protected] Nigeria New Zealand, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, Thailand, Germany, France
Pavel Gerasimov 10 years JavaScript, ReactJS, Team Lead, C++ [email protected] Russia Austria, Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium
Afrasiyab Haider 5 years PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS3, Laravel, Bootstrap, VueJS, PHP Laravel, HTML 5 [email protected] Pakistan Austria, The United Kingdom, Canada, Hungary, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium and others.
Tevfik Uluer 9 years Java, Spring, Golang [email protected] Turkey Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden
Logan Gabriel 6 years Java, JavaScript, C#, MySQL, Node.js, TypeScript, AWS, React, Angular, GraphQL [email protected] United States Denmark, Portugal, Singapore, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Estonia, Germany and others.
Amaya Madhubhashini Alagiyawanna 4 years Java, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, JMeter, Jira, Postman, MS SQL, Leadership, Agile (Scrum, Kanban) [email protected] Sri Lanka Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Cyprus, Switzerland, United States, South Korea and others.
Sepideh Dalirpour 7 years C#, Angular, .NET Core, .NET MVC, .NET Web API [email protected] Iran Luxembourg, Poland, South Korea, Austria, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia and others.
Janwin Bianson 10 years ETL, Data Management [email protected] Philippines Canada, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland and others.
Mykhailo Los 9 years PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Laravel, CircleCI, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), React JS [email protected] Ukraine The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, Australia and others.
Manojkumar Jeganathan 9 years Terraform, Grafana, Helm, Azure DevOps, Dynatrace [email protected] India United States, New Zealand, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Australia and others.
Shehan Wijesinghe 10 years Linux, Oracle, Ansible, AWS, Datadog, Microsoft SQL [email protected] Sri Lanka The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Finland and others.
Raj Kumar Jayakumar 8 years Python, MySQL, GitHub, Docker, Cassandra, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Continuous Delivery, Grafana, Shell Scripting, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Datadog, Snowflake, GCP, Prometheus, Cloud architect, Infrastructure as Code, Cloud Security [email protected] India Hungary, Japan, Cyprus, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Sweden and others.
Mike Kulichkov 4 years Swift, Xcode, Objective-C, RxSwift [email protected] Russia Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg and others.
Emre Baş 4 years Java, QA, Automated Testing, REST Assured [email protected] Turkey Belgium, Denmark, Finland, The United Kingdom, France, Portugal, United States and others.
Rafaela Santos 4 years Java, JavaScript, C#, CSS, Swift, HTML, Angular, Bootstrap [email protected] Portugal United States, Denmark, Italy, Canada, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, The Netherlands and others.
Michel Alejandro Gutiérrez Pablos 6 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, CSS, Linux, Windows, Git, Bash, HTML, Jenkins, Docker, Groovy, Jira, MVC, Bootstrap, CI/CD, .NET MVC, REST API [email protected] Mexico The United Kingdom, Canada, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway and others.
Jorge Dieguez Perez 10 years Java, JavaScript, Python, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Docker, Ionic Framework, Spring Boot, Angular, Elastic Search, Azure DevOps [email protected] Cuba Estonia, United States, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Spain and others.
Santiago Diaz 8 years Java, Kubernetes, AWS, Golang, gRPC, REST API [email protected] Colombia The United Kingdom
Burak Seyhan 5 years C#, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Docker, Redis, AWS, Golang, .NET Core, .NET MVC, .NET Web API [email protected] Turkey Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Luxembourg and others.
Omotejowho Mentie 5 years CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, InVision, Wireframing, User Experience, Bootstrap, User Interface Design, HTML 5, User Journey [email protected] Nigeria France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Canada, Malaysia, Ireland, Czech Republic and others.
Giga Sagrishvili 5 years JavaScript, TypeScript, Redux, Angular, RxJS [email protected] Georgia Switzerland, Czech Republic, Japan, United States, Germany, Norway, Italy and others.
Brent Singh 11 years Java, Selenium, Cucumber, SoapUI, Jest, Postman, Cypress, RestAssured [email protected] South Africa New Zealand, Canada
Wichawit Nilsawad 5 years AWS, Network, TCP/IP [email protected] Thailand Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States, The United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark and others.
Sina Attarzadeh 15 years Java, Spring, Groovy, Kubernetes, AWS [email protected] The Netherlands United States
Ekaterina Turbaeva 7 years QA, Automated Software Testing, API tests [email protected] Russia The United Kingdom
Juan Pablo Legorburu 5 years C#, Selenium, JMeter, QA, Automation Testing, Postman, REST API, Cypress [email protected] Estonia Canada, Germany, The United Kingdom, United States, Spain
Medine Kovaci 3 years Java, MySQL, SQL, Git, Maven, Selenium, Cucumber, Jira, Functional Testing, Cypress, API tests, UAT [email protected] Albania The United Kingdom
Arthur Abizgeldin 11 years Python, SQL, Apache Spark, Airflow [email protected] Russia South Korea, Luxembourg, Japan, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and others.
Roman Baranov 7 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Laravel, HTML, Redis, Redux, NodeJS, GraphQL, Unit Tests, Next.js, React JS [email protected] Ukraine United States
Evgenii Poshvin 5 years Python, Flask, Golang, REST API [email protected] Russia Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark
Mayur Patil 4 years JavaScript, Python, CSS, MySQL, Django, MongoDB, HTML, Nginx, Elasticsearch, Docker, Redis, RabbitMQ, AWS, Node JS [email protected] India Finland, United States, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and others.
Giovanni Dimeo 3 years Python, Django, Flask, TensorFlow, AWS [email protected] Italy The Netherlands
Ertugrul Gör 5 years Java, MongoDB, Spring, TypeScript, Angular [email protected] Turkey Germany, Sweden, Canada, Austria, Denmark, The United Kingdom, United States and others.
Oladele Ogabi 4 years Java, Spring, Angular [email protected] Nigeria United States, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand and others.
Adrián Pedriza 4 years Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, Golang, Git VCS, GCP, JSONAPI [email protected] Spain United Arab Emirates, United States, Canada
Jahnvi Parmar 8 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, React, Angular [email protected] India The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Poland, United States and others.
Inessa Podnebesnaia 5 years CSS, HTML, TypeScript, React, JS, Node JS [email protected] Russia Czech Republic, The United Kingdom, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark and others.
João Pedro Rubira Crulhas 5 years PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, Laravel, Java Spring, NodeJS, ReactJS, VueJS [email protected] Portugal Germany, The Netherlands

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