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Name In the industry (Tech) skills Email Social Current location Possible destinations
Hossein Abbasi 10 years Java, Firebase, Retrofit, Material Design, Dagger, RxJava, Kotlin dr.jacky.2005@gmail.com Spain Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, United States and others.
David K. Lee 16 years Java, Android, iOS, Swift, JUnit, Embedded, Retrofit, Objective-C, React Native, Dagger, RxJava prelude618@gmail.com South Korea Poland, Austria, Cyprus, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Czech Republic and others.
Vladimir Spirin 12 years JavaScript, Clojure, Functional Programming, Elixir, Algorithm Design spirin.vladimir@gmail.com Cyprus Portugal, The Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom.
Alexander Melnychuk 6 years Python, Django, Pandas, NumPy, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, Celery, AWS, Pytest l3ctr050ul@gmail.com Ukraine United States, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway.
Bogdan Osinnyi 4 years Python, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Docker, Redis, Django REST Framework, Ansible, Golang, ReactJS kaldownb@gmail.com Russia Ireland, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia.
Raffaello Baluyot 4 years Python, SQL, Linux, Docker, Machine Learning, AWS, Neural Networks baluyotraf@outlook.com Philippines Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Germany and others.
Mujtaba Ahmed 5 years Python, С++, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, Golang muji_u@hotmail.com Japan Finland, Belgium, France, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada and others.
Chimit Batudaev 12 years PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Laravel, Zend Framework, Redis, AWS, DevOps, NodeJS, VueJS, WebSockets, CI/CD, Unit Testing, REST API, MQTT chimit@gmail.com Taiwan Switzerland, The Netherlands, Austria, Singapore, United States, Portugal, Spain and others.
Ilia Ilin 3 years Java, SQL, Hibernate, Spring ilya-ilin-777@mail.ru Czechia Germany, United States, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom.
Shikhar Pandey 5 years Python, SQL, Hadoop, D3.js, Machine Learning, TensorFlow, Postgres, Big Data, Tableau, Neural Networks, Keras, R shikhar12apr@gmail.com India Thailand, Poland, Finland, Norway, Singapore, Hungary, New Zealand and others.
Ahmed Alshair 15 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, UX Design, InVision, Prototyping, Wireframing, Adobe Creative Suite, Interaction Design, UI Design (Web/Mobile), UX Research, Motion Design & Animation ahmed.alshair@outlook.com Malaysia Switzerland, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, The Netherlands.
Celal Yıldırım 4 years C#, ASP.NET MVC, .NET, .NET Core cll.yldrm@hotmail.com Turkey Portugal, The United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Australia, Spain, Switzerland and others.
Ali Aziz 5 years Sketch, UI Design, InVision, User Experience, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Azure, Principle, User Flows, User Research, User Stories ali_aziz265703@hotmail.com Pakistan Norway, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Singapore, Finland and others.
Andrei Nasonov 4 years CSS, HTML, Adaptive Web Design, Sketch, UI Design, UX Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite mail@andreynasonov.ru Germany Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Australia, South Korea, United States and others.
Oleg Agapov 8 years JavaScript, TypeScript, Redux, React.js aquila.oleg@gmail.com Russia
Mohammad Yusuf 11 years CSS, Azure, HTML, Web Design, Sketch, UX Design, InVision, Product Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Visual Design yusuf@mohammadyusuf.com Pakistan Austria, Luxembourg, Finland, Belgium, Singapore, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and others.
Sergey Anisimov 10 years JavaScript, HTML5, Ruby, Git, PostgreSQL, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Docker, RSpec, Redis, Sass, RabbitMQ, AWS, NodeJS, VueJS pearce89@gmail.com Russia France, Portugal, Spain.
Pavel Shirvanov 13 years C#, Entity Framework, .NET, Scrum, Microsoft SQL Server shirvanoff@mail.ru Cyprus United States, Austria, Canada, Germany.
Mark Kenneth Ortiz 7 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, webpack, Polymer, Redux, Agile, ES6+, React.js markkennethortiz@gmail.com Philippines Australia, Luxembourg, Finland, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, The Netherlands and others.
Beka Gelashvili 6 years JavaScript, C#, CSS, AJAX, Entity Framework, LINQ, Razor, .NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET Core, TDD, ASP.NET Identity, Angular, SOLID, Observer, T-SQL, .NET MVC, MS SQL, .NET Web API bekagelashvili@gmail.com Georgia Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, South Korea, France and others.
Ermesom Lourenco 5 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Delphi, Ember.js, Vue.js, React, ES6, PWA, REST API, Express.js ermesoml.ufg@gmail.com Brazil Germany, The Netherlands, France, United States, Luxembourg, Canada, Norway and others.
Serhii Mariiekha 8 years Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, DevOps, Golang, gRPC, Google Cloud Platform heartwilltell@gmail.com Ukraine Canada, United States, Australia, Belgium, Portugal, China, Italy and others.
Saeid Babaei 10 years OOP, .NET, ASP.NET Core, TDD, ASP.NET Core MVC, BDD, Agile, DDD, OOD, .NET Core, Object oriented analysis, .NET MVC, Clean Architecture, .NET Web API saeid.babaei@outlook.com Turkey Norway, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Hungary, Luxembourg, Estonia and others.
Denis Timonin 8 years Python, Pandas, NumPy, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, Computer Vision, TensorFlow, Deep Learning, Caffe, Computer Vision Algorithms, PyTorch, Keras dentimonin@gmail.com Russia
Hasan Arslantürk 5 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, MySQL, Git, Laravel, HTML, Vue.js harslantrk@yahoo.com Turkey Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, Norway, Czech Republic and others.
Diego Coronado 10 years Google Analytics, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Wireframing, Product Design, UX, UI, Principle, Information Architecture, Balsamiq, Web & Mobile Design, Adobe Creative Cloud diegoartman@gmail.com Colombia The United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Canada, United States, Italy, Norway and others.
Julio Ferracini 12 years Sketch, UI Design, UX Design, InVision, Product Design, A/B Testing, User Research, Usability Testing jferracini@yahoo.com.br Brazil United States, The Netherlands, Estonia, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and others.
Max Monastyrev 7 years CSS, Animation, HTML, Sketch, UI Design, InVision, Wireframing, UX, Adobe Creative Suite, User Stories max.monastyrev@gmail.com New Zealand Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates and others.
Ivan Zviahin 6 years Accessibility, Web Design, Sketch, Figma, UI Design, UX Design, Product Design, Mobile Design, Agile, User Stories, Research ivanzviahin@gmail.com Belarus Norway, Switzerland, United States, Canada, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Finland and others.
Sean McCalgan 4 years Android, iOS, SQL, Swift, Xamarin, Firebase, Dart, Angular, CI/CD, .NET Core, Flutter, Hybrid/Cross-Platform Mobile Development sean.mccalgan@gmail.com South Africa Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark.
Ildar Iskakov 4 years Java, Android SDK, Dagger, RxJava, Kotlin ildar.iskakov@outlook.com Russia The Netherlands, France, The United Kingdom, Portugal, United States, Denmark, Germany and others.
Sultan Sagi 7 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Python, CSS, MySQL, Linux, Laravel, OOP sulasagi@gmail.com Kazakhstan Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Austria, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands.
Zimuzo Ejinkeonye 5 years JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, API, TypeScript, Docker, Firebase, Sass, Jasmine, Protractor, Angular Material, Karma, SCSS, ES6+, Unit Testing, Google Cloud Platform zim_ejin@outlook.com Nigeria Sweden, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, United States, Germany, Malaysia and others.
Daniel Saifulin 5 years Ruby, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, Docker, RSpec, ReactJS, VueJS, CircleCI, PostGIS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk saifulindaniel@gmail.com Kyrgyzstan Australia, Ireland, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Estonia, Denmark and others.
Ali Rizvi 4 years JavaScript, C#, Scala, TypeScript, .NET, ASP.NET Core MVC, Angular, NodeJS, ReactJS, .NET Core alirizvi2008@gmail.com Thailand Thailand, United States, The Netherlands, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand and others.
Anna Hejazi 4 years Swift, Xcode, Git, Objective-C a_hej1989@yahoo.com Iran Sweden, The Netherlands, Singapore, Canada, Norway, Austria, Malaysia and others.
Ibrohimkhon Buzurukov 4 years PHP, JavaScript, C#, jQuery, Python, AJAX, Linux, Git, Laravel, nginx, Docker, Yii, .NET, TDD, UML, Vue.js, Bootstrap, WebSockets, Unit Testing, REST APIs, REST API Design ibuzurukov@gmail.com Switzerland Hungary, Canada, Spain, Belgium, China, The Netherlands, Denmark and others.
Ahmed Mohamed 4 years JavaScript, CSS, MongoDB, HTML, Docker, Jasmine, Karma, Angular, NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native, Express.js ahmedossamasaied@gmail.com Egypt Austria, Cyprus, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, The United Kingdom and others.
Ygor Castor Santana 7 years JavaScript, Docker, Angular, NodeJS, Spring Framework, Core Java ygorcastor@gmail.com Brazil Estonia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal, Belgium and others.
Dmitry Shendryk 7 years Java, JavaScript, Python, С++, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, boost, Docker, Machine Learning, Embedded, Computer Vision, TensorFlow, Kubernetes, Angular, Distributed Systems, Caffe, Java EE, PyTorch dmitryshendryk@gmail.com China United States, Czech Republic, Germany, Malaysia, France, Thailand, Switzerland and others.
Sergey Alhazov 11 years Java, JavaScript, Node.js sergeyalh1@gmail.com Israel Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Czech Republic, Australia and others.
Andrii Makakhov 7 years JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Gulp, webpack, React, Angular, ES6, Unit Testing a.makahov@gmail.com China Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, New Zealand, France, United States, Australia and others.
Juan Emanuel 8 years Java, C#, HTML5, С++, CSS, WPF, OOP, .NET, RabbitMQ, TDD, NUnit, Agile, Continuous Delivery, Microsoft SQL Server, Continuous Integration, .NET MVC, Oracle 11g juan.emanuel@outlook.com Brazil The United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Australia and others.
Neville Aaron Alcantara 8 years Java, C#, Selenium, SoapUI, Automated Testing, Software QA alcantaranevilleaaron@yahoo.com Philippines France, The Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, United States, Germany.
Davit Tigranyan 5 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sketch, Figma, UX Design, InVision, Product Design, Axure, Adobe Creative Suite, Balsamiq davit.tigranyan@gmail.com Armenia The Netherlands, United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway and others.
Ali Baizhanov 5 years Python, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SOAP, Oracle SQL Developer, Spring Framework, Core Java, Java Server Development, PL/SQL, REST API alibaizhanovbcc@gmail.com Kazakhstan The Netherlands.
George Helidze 8 years Java, Selenium WebDriver, SoapUI, Mobile QA, REST API, Software QA helidze@gmail.com Ukraine Italy, Portugal, Australia, United States, Canada, Hungary, Cyprus and others.
Vina Grace Sadia 4 years PHP, Python, MySQL, WordPress, Git, Bash, Jenkins, Docker, Redis, AWS, Terraform, RESTful API vinasadia@gmail.com Philippines Sweden, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Singapore and others.
Alan Bittencourt 13 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, UI Design, UX Design, Prototyping, Wireframing, Adobe Creative Suite, User Research, Usability Testing, Motion Design alancourt.rs@gmail.com Brazil Norway, The Netherlands, Finland, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Germany and others.
Tzu-Chuan Huang 9 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, UI Design, UX Design, Prototyping, Product Design, A/B Testing, Data Analysis bluetch@gmail.com Singapore Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium and others.
Vladimir Elkin 10 years Python, С++, Linux, Unix Shell, Core Java, Concurrent Programming, Software Design, Software Testing elkin.v.n@gmail.com Russia Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Canada, Norway, Singapore, The United Kingdom and others.
Ulaş Göde 6 years JavaScript, .NET, T-SQL, MS SQL ulasgode@gmail.com Turkey New Zealand, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Canada, United States, Sweden, Germany and others.
Sanjeewa Abeydeera 8 years jQuery, CSS, HTML, Web Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, UI Design, UX Design, InVision, SCSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Moqups napsanjeewa@gmail.com Sri Lanka Poland, Estonia, Ireland, Switzerland, Thailand, Sweden, The United Kingdom and others.
Shushan Ohanyan 3 years C#, SQL, Entity Framework, WCF, .NET shushanohanyan1994@gmail.com Armenia Finland, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Hungary and others.
Aref Ahmadi Araghi 5 years Jira, Sketch, Figma, UI Design, UX Design, InVision, Prototyping, Wireframing, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Visual Design, Usability Testing aref.araghi@gmail.com Iran Austria, Germany, Ireland, Norway, The United Kingdom, Finland, Canada and others.
Reza A. Ahmadi 10 years Java, Git, Jenkins, Gradle, JUnit, Retrofit, Scrum, Agile, Espresso, Dagger, RxJava, Kotlin, Unit Test, CI/CD a.ahmadi.dev@gmail.com Iran The United Kingdom.
Burak Tiftik 3 years Java, SQL, Git, Oracle, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, JUnit, Spring Framework, PL/SQL, REST API buraktiftik@gmail.com Czechia The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, The United Kingdom, Norway, Germany and others.
Max Caluva 4 years JavaScript, Docker, Redux, NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native maximilianocaluva@gmail.com Argentina The United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, United States, New Zealand.
Sérgio Junior 4 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, MySQL, WordPress, Git, MongoDB, HTML, GitHub, NoSQL, webpack, TDD, Redux, React, NodeJS, Bootstrap, GraphQL, Responsive Design, Jest, Express.js sergioamjr91@gmail.com Ireland The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Canada.
Konstantin Sharypov 9 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Spring, nginx, Jenkins, Groovy, Java EE shariktlt@gmail.com Russia Canada, United States.
Premraj Sahu 6 years JavaScript, Python, Django, Hibernate, ReactJS, Spring Framework, Java EE sahupremraj2@gmail.com India Italy, Australia, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and others.
Vadym Marekha 11 years С++, Linux, Windows, Multithreading, Git, Visual C++, Embedded, ODBC, Qt5, Scrum, ARM, QNX mopger@gmail.com Ukraine Finland, Germany, France, United States, Norway, Luxembourg, Austria and others.
Caetano Almeida 12 years JavaScript, C#, С++, C, Qt, Visual C++, C++/CLI, Scrum, Agile, Unit Testing, Multi-Threaded Programming, Visual Studio caetano.cna@gmail.com United States Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Malaysia, Denmark, Singapore.
Andrea Toth 14 years Figma, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Web/Print Design macaomocca@gmail.com Hungary Australia, Canada, Germany, United States, New Zealand.
Botlhale Mosoane 3 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, NodeJS bmosoane@gmail.com South Africa Germany, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, France.
Roberto Corrales 8 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Python, CSS, MySQL, Django, Git, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, HTML, NodeJS, VueJS rcorralesn@gmail.com Mexico Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, United States, Germany, The United Kingdom.
Mckein Tayag 9 years Java, Android, iOS, Swift, Firebase, Salesforce, Cross-Platform, Objective-C, Fabric, fastlane, Marvel App jmktayag@gmail.com Philippines The Netherlands, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden.
Gabriel Márquez 5 years Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sass, React, Angular gaabmarquez@gmail.com Uruguay The United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Spain, United States, New Zealand, Australia and others.
Samantha Rose Cruz 5 years CSS, HTML, UI Design, UX Design, Product Design, Interaction Design, CSS Preprocessors, CSS Animations samrosecruz@gmail.com Philippines Estonia, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and others.
Jose Mejia Brito 8 years JavaScript, C#, MongoDB, .NET, Angular, .NET Core, Microsoft Azure, Microservice Architecture, Microsoft SQL, .NET Web API jrmejiasoft@gmail.com Dominican Republic Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Estonia, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium and others.
Alexander Štimac 8 years PHP, Java, MySQL, XML, Git, Gradle, Drupal, Android SDK, Kotlin, RESTful Web Services alexander.stimac@gmail.com Croatia
Ekin Alcar 5 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, SQL, CSS3, React, RESTful APIs, React Native ekinalcar@gmail.com Turkey Sweden, The United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, The Netherlands, France and others.
Leyla Yiğit 4 years Python, Tableau, Data Analysis, Data Modelling, PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, ETL Development, OBIEE leylayigit88@gmail.com Turkey Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium and others.
Milad Safarzadeh 7 years Google Analytics, Web Design, Sketch, UI Design, UX Design, Bootstrap, Photoshop, HCD, IxD milad68@gmail.com Iran Denmark, The Netherlands, Austria, Malaysia, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Italy and others.
Max Josino Novo 6 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sketch, Figma, Product Design, UI Design (Web/Mobile) max.josino@gmail.com Luxembourg Denmark, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and others.
Ian Araujo 10 years HTML5, CSS3, Web Design, Sketch, UI Design, UX Design, InVision, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD ianaraujo.huz@gmail.com Brazil Sweden, The Netherlands, Thailand, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Australia and others.
Scintilla Lima 10 years Scrum, UX Design, Product Design, Product Owner, Product Management, UI Design (Web/Mobile) scintilla.lima@gmail.com Brazil Poland, Finland, The Netherlands, United States, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Ireland and others.
Saeed Garmsiri 5 years PHP, Symfony, C#, Python, SQL, JSON, MongoDB, MATLAB, NumPy, Machine Learning, Scipy, NoSQL, scikit-learn, NLP, TensorFlow, Big Data, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Keras saeed.garmsiri@gmail.com Iran United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Hungary, Australia, Belgium and others.
Alex Pereira 4 years C#, SQL Server, Xamarin, .NET, Xamarin.Forms alex.vitoriano@gmail.com Brazil Spain, Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands, United States, Germany, Belgium and others.
Ayush Chaubey 6 years Multithreading, Maven, Kafka, Spring Framework, Data Structures, Core Java, Algorithms, REST API achaubey0503@gmail.com India The Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France and others.
Rufat A. Abdullayev 17 years PHP, C#, SQL, ASP.NET MVC, Swift, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, Xamarin.iOS, Objective-C mail2rufat@yahoo.com Azerbaijan United States, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Austria, The United Kingdom, Sweden and others.
Renjith Ravindran 6 years Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, UI Design, UX Design, Bootstrap, Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Web & Mobile Design renjith3987@gmail.com India Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway and others.
Irakli Chalagashvili 6 years MongoDB, Firebase, React, NodeJS, React Native, GraphQL, Express.js chalagashvili5@gmail.com Georgia Czech Republic, Finland, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, Austria, Norway and others.
Jacob Ebey 6 years JavaScript, React, NodeJS, .NET Core jacob.ebey@live.com United States United States, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands.
Edin Music 5 years JavaScript, C#, CSS, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, Microsoft Azure me@edinmusic.com Bosnia and Herzegovina Sweden, The Netherlands, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Belgium.
Konstantin Andreevsky 5 years Python, Networking, Docker, Microsoft SQL Server, Manual QA, Automated QA, bash scripting cybermax2001@mail.ru Russia The United Kingdom, United States.
Lorenzo Bartoli 11 years Java, С++, Eclipse, Git, Kotlin, Android Studio bartoli.lorenzo@gmail.com Italy
Marten Terblanche 8 years JavaScript, HTML5, Git, CSS3, Knockout.js, npm, webpack, Scrum, Angular, Agile, REST API martenterblanche@gmail.com South Africa
Roger Marin 14 years Java, Python, SQL, Scala, Hadoop, Apache Spark, HBase, Apache Hive roger@rogersmarin.com Australia France, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Thailand, United States, South Korea, Canada and others.
Mehdi Zarrin 6 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Laravel, Backbone.js, Vue.js mehdi.zarrin@gmail.com Iran Norway, United Arab Emirates, Poland, New Zealand, Malaysia, The United Kingdom, Thailand and others.
Petrus Prinsloo 15 years JavaScript, C#, Python, SQL, ASP.NET MVC, IIS, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server pjdprinsloo@gmail.com South Africa The Netherlands, Belgium.
Jose Mari Ramos 4 years PHP, Laravel, Golang, Unit Testing ramosjosemari@gmail.com Philippines Denmark, Germany, Canada, France, Portugal, Ireland, Poland and others.
Ruben Renzema 5 years Java, JavaScript, Android, Node.js, Kotlin ruben.renzema@gmail.com France China, United States, Germany, The United Kingdom, Australia, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and others.
Zakaria Boualaid 5 years JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Docker, Puppet, Kubernetes, React, Terraform, Golang, ELK, Grafana, Jenkins CI, Prometheus boulaidzac@gmail.com Morocco Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Japan, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada and others.
Saif Addin Ellafi 5 years Java, Python, SQL, Django, Bash, Scala, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Machine Learning, NoSQL, Akka, AWS S3 saif1988@gmail.com Argentina Australia, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States, Spain, Portugal, Canada and others.
Luis Contreras 7 years JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, webpack, TDD, Redux, React, ES6+, Jest, Enzyme one.tmac@gmail.com Dominican Republic Portugal, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, United States, Finland, The United Kingdom and others.
Ilshat Garifullin 6 years JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Docker, ASP.NET Core, RabbitMQ, TDD, TeamCity, Kubernetes, BDD, Angular, .NET Core, Octopus Deploy, MS SQL Server, Agile (Scrum) garifullin.ilshat@gmail.com Russia The United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands.
Alexey Rodionov 10 years Java, Firebase, Mockito, Retrofit, Dagger, RxJava, Kotlin, Android Development, Robolectric dartlexx@gmail.com Russia The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, United States, Austria, Spain, Finland and others.
Zhanibek Zekeshov 5 years CSS, Node.js, Express, HTML, Meteor, TypeScript, Sass, Redux, ES6/Next, SCSS, Agile, React.js zhanikzekeshov@gmail.com Kazakhstan Portugal, Germany, United States, Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Australia and others.
Yuriy Tsemashko 8 years Ruby, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Docker, TDD, Microservices, BDD y.tsemashko@gmail.com Ukraine Germany.
Volodymyr Isai 11 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux, WordPress, Laravel, Docker, Vue.js, React uhhunet@gmail.com Slovakia New Zealand, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Australia, United States.

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