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Edilbek Slanov 12 years .NET edilbeks@hotmail.com Kazakhstan Spain, Sweden, Canada, Czech Republic, Austria, New Zealand, Denmark and others.
David Quiñones 5 years JavaScript, Python, Node.js, React, Express.js hi@daquinons.com Spain Italy, Poland, China, The Netherlands, Portugal, Cyprus, Finland and others.
Nazar Barabash 11 years Java, Python, Scala, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Hive, Spring Framework, CI/CD, Big Data barabash.nazar@gmail.com United States United States, The Netherlands, Canada
Adam Przywarty 3 years JavaScript, Python, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, React, React Native, MobX przywarty.it@gmail.com Poland Denmark
Pavle Lucic 6 years CSS, Git, HTML, Sass, Gulp, Bower, Adaptive Web Design, Web Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design, Mobile Design, JIRA Agile, Adobe Creative Suite, UI/UX Design pavlito1988@gmail.com Serbia Estonia, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, Germany and others.
Onur Şuyalçınkaya 4 years JavaScript, React, NodeJS suyalcinkaya@live.com Turkey Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and others.
Biswaranjan Rout 8 years Node.js, MongoDB, HTML, Sass, Redux, AWS, React, Express.js biswaranjan.rout1989@gmail.com Singapore Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Sweden, Estonia, Singapore, Germany and others.
Asiel Leal Celdeiro 5 years Java, JavaScript, Spring Boot, Angular lealceldeiro@gmail.com Bulgaria United States, Canada
Thiago Augusto Sivirino 5 years iOS, Swift, Xcode, Objective-C sivthiago@hotmail.com Brazil Austria, The Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Switzerland and others.
Oluwasayo Oyedepo 4 years MySQL, NodeJS, Kotlin, PHP Laravel, AWS ECS oluwasayo12@gmail.com Nigeria Cyprus, France, Italy, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Australia, The United Kingdom and others.
Daniel Ruiz Pastor 6 years Azure, Docker, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, AWS, Angular, Spring Framework, Vue, Core Java daniel.ruiz.pastor@gmail.com Spain Finland, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, Portugal and others.
Sasha Karamyshev 6 years Java, Realm, Android SDK, Dagger, RxJava, Kotlin, Android Development 270263651@mail.ru Russia United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany
Kunho Kim 7 years Java, C#, Spring Boot, Redis, RabbitMQ, MSSQL, ReactJS, VueJS, .NET Core, C/C++ syaokun2744@gmail.com South Korea Australia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland and others.
Paulo Cardoso 9 years JavaScript, HTML5, Ajax, Apache, API, Spring Boot, WebSphere, Angular Material, Angular, Bootstrap, RESTful Web Services, Core Java, Web Services, Java EE, Spring Frameworks, Web Development prcardoso22@gmail.com South Africa Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark
Mark Luigie Tolentino 4 years Web Design, Mobile Design, User Flows, Adobe Creative Cloud, UI/UX Design luigie.yambao@gmail.com Philippines Singapore, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United States, The United Kingdom
Nattawat Choojirawong 8 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, CSS, MySQL, Ruby, Git, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Docker, Flask, Doctrine, Vagrant, Twig, AWS, NodeJS, RESTful APIs, Bootstrap, GraphQL, Web Services min.nattawat@gmail.com Thailand Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, Spain, Canada, Germany and others.
Mark Joseph Santos 9 years Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Hibernate, Spring, JPA, TypeScript, Spring Boot, TDD, Vue.js, AWS, Nuxt.js marksantosph@gmail.com Philippines The United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Germany
Ilia Kniazev 2 years JavaScript, HTML5, Git, CSS3, TypeScript, npm, Sass, webpack, Redux, Jade, React, Yarn, SCSS, PostCSS, CSS-in-JS, Jest, Enzyme, Styled Components ilia.kniazev1@gmail.com Russia Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Finland
Muhammad Fawwaz Orabi 4 years JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, AWS, React, React Native, AWS RDS, CloudFront, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, AWS S3, Express.js, AWS Elastic Beanstalk mfawwaz93@gmail.com Saudi Arabia Austria, Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Sweden and others.
Yashdeep Srivastava 5 years Java, Heroku, Elasticsearch, Docker, Apache Kafka, Kotlin, Java EE, RxKotlin yashdeep_srivastava@yahoo.com India Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, United States and others.
Rustem Makhanov 6 years .NET mahanovr@gmail.com Kazakhstan Portugal, Cyprus, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Germany and others.
Marat Shigapov 5 years Agile (Scrum), Project Manager, Scrum Master mm.shigapov@gmail.com Russia Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hungary, Italy, Cyprus and others.
Monique Dingding 6 years PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Laravel, AWS, React, Angular, Vue, JavaScript Testing, Agile Software Development monique.dingding@gmail.com Philippines United States, Spain, Japan, France, Australia, Norway, New Zealand and others.
Ahmet Türk 8 years Java, C#, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OOP, Machine Learning, UML, Artificial Intelligence, OOD, Design Patterns, Deep Learning, C/C++ turk.ahmert@gmail.com Turkey Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, The United Kingdom
Nikolai Novikov 4 years JavaScript, React, React Native nikolaynovikov@hotmail.com Russia Austria, Norway, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, China, Czech Republic and others.
Mauricio Grejanin 4 years PHP, JavaScript, OOP, Ionic Framework, Angular junior310595@gmail.com Brazil Portugal, Spain, United States, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada and others.
Đam Lê Đình 4 years PHP, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, React, Angular, NodeJS damledinh93.cs@gmail.com Vietnam France, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Canada
Abhradeep Ghosh 8 years Git, Bitbucket, Jira, Kotlin, RxAndroid, Core Java, Atlassian Bamboo, Android Development, Android Jetpack, Agile (Scrum, Kanban) deep_abhra000@yahoo.co.in India Poland, Denmark, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France and others.
Akeem Oduola 4 years JavaScript, Ruby, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, React oduola.akeem@gmail.com Nigeria Canada, Germany
Krzysztof Bursztynowicz 6 years Java, Selenium, Docker, Golang, API tests kbursztynowicz@protonmail.com Spain Germany, Singapore
Jorge Niedbalski 12 years Kubernetes, AWS, Golang, OpenStack, GCP, Jenkins CI, Prometheus jnr@metaklass.org Chile The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and others.
Albert Gadjaev 2 years JavaScript, C#, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, TypeScript, React, .NET Core gadjaev.albert@gmail.com Moldova Singapore, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark, France and others.
Ajish Balakrishnan 7 years JavaScript, Python, MySQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Kubernetes, AWS, React, Helm balakrishnan.ajish@gmail.com India The United Kingdom, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, United States, Spain and others.
Umut Destan 18 years Firewall, Cybersecurity, TCP/IP Networking, Core Networking, Load Balancers, PCI DSS, Information Security udestan@gmail.com Turkey Germany, France, United States, Japan, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland and others.
Sergey Lobanov 10 years Linux, Mac OS, Windows Servers, System Administration n7emerald@yandex.ru Russia Ireland
Amol Patil 3 years Java, JavaScript, Python, Angular computer.warriors2020@gmail.com India Norway, Belgium, Singapore, Portugal, Austria, New Zealand, Ireland and others.
Umed Yohanan 8 years Java, Python, Linux, Git, Jenkins, Docker, AWS, Jenkins CI umed.yohanan@gmail.com Israel Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, The United Kingdom
Moses Peter 5 years JavaScript, NodeJS mohemos@live.com Nigeria Germany, Canada, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Norway and others.
Ehsan Fazeli 5 years PHP, Python, Docker, Golang, Swarm fa.ehsan@gmail.com Iran The Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and others.
Oscar Calderón 5 years Java, Android, Kotlin oscarcalderon2011@gmail.com Argentina Estonia, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Czech Republic and others.
Hasan Abdel Jalil 6 years .NET, .NET Core, Microsoft SQL hasan.abdeljalil10@gmail.com Thailand Spain, Australia, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy, The United Kingdom, Germany and others.
Vladimir Erdman 4 years Project Manager pm@vladimirerdman.com Russia Austria, Germany
Oleg Moskalenko 14 years JavaScript, C#, .NET, NoSQL, React, Microservices, .NET Core, Relational Databases ol.i.moskalenko@gmail.com Ukraine The United Kingdom, Germany
Coşkun Postacı 10 years Solaris, Linux, Maven, Jira, GitLab, Confluence, GitLab CI, Oracle 11g, Artifactory coskunpostaci@gmail.com Turkey The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Ireland and others.
Daniel Cabello 5 years Python, Kubernetes, AWS, React, React Native danyel.cabello@gmail.com Mexico Canada, Germany, Cyprus, Japan, Austria, Luxembourg, Norway and others.
Masoud Mirzaei 6 years JavaScript, jQuery, Git, MongoDB, TypeScript, Redis, Sass, Gulp, Redux, Jira, Vue.js, React, Scrum, Angular, NodeJS, JIRA Agile, CI/CD, Jest, Stylus mamos98@gmail.com Malaysia Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Australia and others.
Daniel Osypenko 4 years Automated QA, Automated Software Testing, Manual Testing daniel.osypenko.il@gmail.com Israel United States, Sweden, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand and others.
Fernando Abrevaya 12 years Azure, Docker, Redis, Kubernetes, AWS, Kafka, Docker Orchestration, Apache Mesos, DCOS, Bash Scripting fernando.abrevaya@hotmail.com Argentina Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and others.
Kassem Itani 6 years Java, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, Android Development, iOS Development kassem.itani@gmail.com Kuwait Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Cyprus, Finland, France, Poland and others.
Vinay Malankad 11 years JavaScript, React, React Native rmdort@gmail.com Singapore Portugal, Ireland, Canada, United States, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia
Hasan Tabatabaie 5 years Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Unit Testing, Android Development, Cross-Platform Development, Agile (Scrum) hasan_tabatabaie@live.com Iran United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Estonia, Singapore and others.
Abisoye Atolagbe 4 years JavaScript, React, NodeJS, React Native atolagbeabisoye@gmail.com Nigeria France, Canada, Ireland, United States, Germany, The United Kingdom
Vinicius Fernandes 8 years JavaScript, React, NodeJS, React Native vinicius.sabadim@gmail.com Brazil The Netherlands, Ireland
Jeison Campos 9 years Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Data-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development, REST API, QA Automation jsncam07@gmail.com Costa Rica Poland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Denmark and others.
Princess Cuabo 6 years PHP, JavaScript, Python, GraphQL, React.js, REST API gon.cuabo@gmail.com Philippines The Netherlands, Singapore, Norway, Austria, China, Estonia, The United Kingdom and others.
Mehmet Cuneyit Kiris 5 years Python, C/C++ cuneyitkiris@gmail.com Italy Ireland, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, The Netherlands
Pavlo Khudolieiev 12 years Python, Django, Kubernetes pavel.hoodoleev@gmail.com Ukraine Finland, Estonia, Sweden
Denis Kuzin 6 years Python, SQL, Linux, Bash, Scala, Hadoop, Machine Learning, TensorFlow, Spark, Deep Learning, PyTorch, Keras, C++ denkuzin@gmail.com France United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Switzerland
Ruslan Namazov 7 years Golang, Microservice Architecture, Engineering Manager thegreatestdreamer@gmail.com Russia Singapore, United States, Australia, Germany, Portugal, New Zealand, Canada and others.
Arash Zand Jahangiri 9 years Swift, Objective-C, iOS Development arashzjahangiri@gmail.com Iran Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Singapore, Finland, Denmark, Germany and others.
Ira Selezneva 3 years SQL, Tableau, Data Analysis tsarok94@gmail.com Belarus Japan, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Portugal and others.
Waddy Montero 8 years Python, Excel, VBA, Pandas, SSRS, Microsoft SQL Server, Data Analysis, Data Management waddy.montero@gmail.com Dominican Republic Canada, New Zealand, France, South Korea, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden and others.
Stanislav Kolbasin 14 years .NET, .NET Core, MS SQL, Oracle DB stas.kolbasin@gmail.com Ukraine Germany, Sweden

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