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Lina Milyutina 10 years Git, PostgreSQL, REST, API, .NET, Golang, BI, CI/CD, Microsoft SQL Server, OLAP, PL/SQL, gRPC, Microsoft SQL, Async Networking, SOAP/REST, Power BI [email protected] — Ukraine Portugal, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, China, Luxembourg, Malaysia and others.
Dimitar Kostov 8 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Git, Laravel, React, Bootstrap [email protected] South Africa United States, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Canada, The United Kingdom, New Zealand
Ishan Gunawardhana 7 years CSS, MySQL, TypeScript, Docker, Angular, ReactJS, Bootstrap, PHP Laravel, HubSpot [email protected] United Arab Emirates Italy, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Finland, France, Australia and others.
Pavlo Novytskyi 9 years Product Design, UI/UX Design [email protected] Hungary Luxembourg, Italy, Austria, Hungary, The Netherlands, France, United States and others.
Joe Dawes 4 years TypeScript, AWS Lambda, Node JS, AWS Services, AWS S3, React JS [email protected] The United Kingdom The Netherlands
Eduardo Nakatsuka 5 years PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Laravel, TypeScript, Vue.js, React JS [email protected] Japan Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea
Garik Mikaelian 5 years JavaScript, ReactJS, TypeScript, Node JS [email protected] — Armenia United States, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and others.
Evgenii Fedotov 10 years Android, HTML, Figma, Product Design [email protected] Armenia The United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Luxembourg and others.
Ile Jugovski 10 years Adobe, Figma, Mobile Design, Agile, Graphic Designer, Visual Design, Web & Mobile Design, UI/UX Design, Product Designer, Design Thinking, Design System [email protected] North Macedonia New Zealand, Estonia, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Norway and others.
John Mark Olesco 9 years Entity Framework, Lambda, .NET, Redux, Microsoft Azure, Azure SQL, React JS, Blob Storage [email protected] Philippines New Zealand, The Netherlands, Finland, Singapore, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway and others.

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