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Name In the industry (Tech) skills Email Social Current location Possible destinations
Mark Denysenko 4 years JavaScript, SQL, AngularJS, MongoDB, .NET, Redis, Azure DevOps [email protected] Ukraine Portugal, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway and others.
Vladyslav Podoliaka 3 years JavaScript, React, Angular, VanillaJS [email protected] United States United Arab Emirates, Germany, United States
Arun Verma 7 years Python, Django, Database, Docker, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Kotlin [email protected] Japan
Ivan Chepurin 4 years Java, SQL, Spring [email protected] Poland New Zealand, United States, Canada, Australia
Karen Martikyan 5 years C#, ASP.NET, .NET [email protected] Armenia Italy, Luxembourg, United States, Cyprus, Belgium, Japan, Australia and others.
Daniel Zhang 9 years Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, React [email protected] China The Netherlands, Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, Cyprus, Japan, Norway and others.
Joël Brice Voumo Tiogo 3 years JavaScript, Python, React, .NET Core, .NET MVC [email protected] South Africa Australia, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, United States and others.
Andriy Garkin 10 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, MySQL, WordPress, Git, HTML, SVN, Drupal, MVC Frameworks [email protected] Ukraine The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Cyprus, Belgium and others.
Felipe Menelau 6 years Python, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Go [email protected] Brazil New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain and others.
Dwi Nanto 6 years Java, JavaScript, Spring, Kafka [email protected] Indonesia Germany, Australia, France, New Zealand, Finland, United States, Austria and others.
Dmitry Spravko 5 years Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Digital Designer [email protected] Ukraine New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States, Denmark, Germany, The United Kingdom and others.
Rene Garcia 5 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Sass, React, React Native [email protected] Mexico The Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Germany, Ireland
Firass Mraihi 4 years JavaScript, Redux, React Native [email protected] Tunisia Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany
León Luna 3 years JavaScript, Python, GitHub, Jenkins, RabbitMQ, AWS, Node, VueJS, Restify [email protected] Brazil Germany, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium
Pourya Adibfar 5 years ASP.NET Core, TDD, CQRS, .NET Core, Microservices Architecture [email protected] Hungary The Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Austria, The United Kingdom and others.
Josué Daniel Flores Morales 5 years JavaScript, MongoDB, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Node JS [email protected] Mexico Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Ireland and others.
Teksen Karabayır 4 years Java, C#, Linux, Git, MongoDB, cURL, Jenkins, Docker, Spring Boot, Vagrant, Bitbucket, Jira, Swagger, Microsoft SQL, Oracle 11g, C/C++ [email protected] Turkey Estonia, Italy, Canada, The United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland and others.
Khoa Le 8 years JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Node JS, Elastic Search, React JS, Puppeteer, EFS [email protected] Vietnam The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Germany, New Zealand, Australia
Renato Mateus Milagres 10 years C#, Sharepoint, .NET [email protected] New Zealand Spain, Estonia, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, Poland, Switzerland and others.
Junaid Amin 4 years iOS, Swift, Firebase, Fastlane, RxSwift, CoreData [email protected] Pakistan Estonia, Hungary, United States, New Zealand, Portugal, The Netherlands, China and others.
Valeria Micolta 5 years Adaptive Web Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Prototyping, Wireframing, After Effects, User Flows, User Stories, Product Management, Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightning Design System, AdobeXD [email protected] Colombia Belgium, Poland, The United Kingdom, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and others.
You Ming Low 3 years Java, PostgreSQL, Spring, Docker, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Angular, Grafana, Prometheus, React JS [email protected] Malaysia Singapore, The Netherlands
Heitor Cunha 7 years Python, SQL, AWS, Apache Airflow [email protected] Brazil Australia, Norway, Switzerland, United States, The United Kingdom, Estonia, The Netherlands and others.
Asmit Rajbhandari 6 years JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React JS [email protected] Nepal Germany, United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, France, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and others.
Aishwerya Singh 4 years JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, Sass, SCSS, VueJS, Agile (Scrum), Vuex [email protected] United Arab Emirates Belgium, United States, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Canada, The Netherlands and others.

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