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Victor Julio Suniaga Martin 4 years JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, VueJS vjsuniagam@gmail.com Chile Poland, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Switzerland and others.
Bob Lu 6 years JavaScript, MySQL, SQL, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Vue.js maydaybob20000@gmail.com Taiwan The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Japan, The United Kingdom, United States and others.
Kave Nasrollahi 9 years Java, Oracle, MongoDB, Hibernate, Spring, Kafka kaveh.nasrollahi@gmail.com Iran Belgium, Norway, Austria, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands and others.
Gustavo Bueno 7 years JavaScript, Node.js, Ember.js, TypeScript, Redux, React gustavo.bueno89@gmail.com Spain Ireland, Australia, The Netherlands, Canada
Virginia GarcΓ­a 7 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, WordPress, Git, HTML, React, Angular ve.garcia.ortiz@gmail.com Chile South Korea, Japan, Belgium, The Netherlands, Estonia, Finland, The United Kingdom and others.
Ledio Fejzaj 9 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Laravel, SCSS, ReactJS, REST API ledifej@gmail.com β€” Albania Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany
Alberto Manuel Rojas Mendez 4 years JavaScript, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, DevOps, Golang, Grafana, GCP, Prometheus albertorojasm95@gmail.com Mexico Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Spain
Caroline Law 2 years Java, Android, iOS, CSS, Swift, Xcode, HTML, Objective-C, Kotlin, IntelliJ carolinealaw@gmail.com United States The United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark, Canada
Usman Shahid 3 years Java, C#, Python, SQL, Eclipse, Git, Bash, MongoDB, Microsoft Visual Studio, PostgreSQL, REST, Maven, PowerShell, Spring, GitHub, IntelliJ IDEA, Docker, JUnit, Spring Security, Spring Boot, NoSQL, Spring Data, Mockito, Ansible, Bitbucket, Jira, Mesos, Restful, Grafana u.manshahid@gmail.com Pakistan Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Finland, United States and others.
Zayneb Hjiri 2 years Java, Android, XML, React, Scrum, Agile, Android SDK, MVP, Kotlin zayneb.hjiri@gmail.com Tunisia Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Poland and others.
Ivo Iturrieta 10 years JavaScript, C#, HTML, Redux, React, RxJS i.iturrieta10@gmail.com Portugal Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, The United Kingdom and others.
Onkar Nene 5 years Java, Android, Dart, AWS, Figma, Kotlin, Serverless, Flutter, Cognito, Android Jetpack omkarn.92@gmail.com India Cyprus, Ireland, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, Norway, Spain and others.
Mohamed Ashour 2 years JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Bootstrap mohamedashour1511@gmail.com Egypt Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, Denmark, Hungary and others.
Yousef Al Absi 3 years Python, Maven, Jenkins, Flask, RabbitMQ, Celery, React yousef.absi@gmail.com Jordan Spain, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Belgium, Norway and others.
Souhaib Felmez 5 years PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, OOP, GitHub, Vue.js felmez@gmx.de Turkey Germany
Oleksandr Bezruk 2 years Java, Hibernate, Spring Boot, ETL, Distributed Systems, REST API, Relational Databases oleksandr.bezruk@gmail.com Ukraine Norway, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Japan and others.
Ahmad Berahman 11 years PHP, .NET, TDD, NUnit, AWS, Golang, CI/CD, gRPC, REST API, Visual Studio ahmad.berahman@hotmail.com Iran Norway, United States, Italy, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, France, Hungary and others.
Amr Saad 2 years Java, SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, OOP, Apache Spark, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Apache Kafka, Angular, Data Structures, Design Patterns, Apache HBase, REST API Design, Microservices Architecture amrmo7amed01@gmail.com Egypt Japan, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland and others.

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