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Venita Burger 3 years Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, Wireframing, User Flows, Usability Testing, Interactive Prototypes, UI/UX Design venita.burger@gmail.com South Africa The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland
Ramiro Estrella 5 years PHP, JavaScript, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, React, Node JS ramiro.estrellac@gmail.com Dominican Republic Cyprus, Austria, Finland, Spain, Ireland, Germany, France and others.
Ege Mert 3 years Java, Hibernate, Ionic Framework, Spring Boot, Angular, RESTful API egemert1203@gmail.com Turkey Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Spain, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Poland and others.
Priyesh Agrawal 5 years Python, SQL, Git, MongoDB, Azure, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Spark SQL, Spark, Agile, Shell Scripting, Apache Hive priyesh.agrawal1992@gmail.com India Thailand, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Poland, Denmark and others.
Threerawat Wonghart 7 years Sketch, UI Design, User Experience, Adobe Creative Suite, Interactive Prototypes, User Journey, Adobe XD threerawat.wh@me.com Thailand Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and others.
Anton Steshko 5 years CSS, PostgreSQL, HTML, React, React Native, GraphQL, Jest, Node JS, Styled Components dsteshko@gmail.com Belarus Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden
Nikolay Ermoshkin 5 years JavaScript, C#, SQL, RabbitMQ, .NET Core, MS SQL Server, SOAP/REST nermoshkinwork@gmail.com Russia Japan, Thailand, Germany, United States, The United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland and others.
Jovanovic Nikola 10 years C#, Python, С++, C, API, .NET, UI Design, IP Networking, Windows Applications m.sc.nikola.jovanovic@gmail.com Serbia Austria, Canada, Belgium, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden and others.
Pavel Kulinovich 8 years PHP, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, Go, AWS, AWS Lambda kulinovi4@gmail.com Belarus New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, United States, Australia, The Netherlands, Norway and others.
Pavel Shchepko 3 years JavaScript, C#, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Knockout.js, Sass, Webpack, React, .NET Core, .NET MVC shchepko@gmail.com Belarus The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, The Netherlands, France, Canada, Germany and others.
Arfat Salman 4 years JavaScript, React, Node JS giney.paradise@gmail.com India Japan, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, The Netherlands, Singapore and others.
Samuel Cornet 3 years JavaScript, CSS, Ruby on Rails, HTML, React, Jest corsam28@gmail.com Haiti Spain, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, France, Canada, Austria, Switzerland and others.
Iván Alburquerque 5 years JavaScript, AWS, GraphQL, ECMA, Node JS, Express.js albur.ivan@outlook.com Dominican Republic The United Kingdom, Canada, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and others.
Benjamin Dale 6 years Java, JavaScript, Scala, Spring, Heroku, TDD, AWS, Application Security ben@ben-dale.co.uk The United Kingdom Germany
Alexandr Muradov 5 years PHP, Laravel, Vue.js ialexmur@gmail.com Russia United States
Nikita Tsymbal 12 years Android, Python, PostgreSQL, Spring, JavaFX, Apache Camel, Eclipse RCP, ActiveMQ, Core Java, Electronics Engineer, Hiberbate nikita.tsym@gmail.com Russia Norway, China, Australia, Estonia, Sweden, Portugal, Singapore and others.
Dipanjan Adhikari 5 years UI Testing, UX Research, UI/UX Design dadhikari912@gmail.com India Thailand, Austria, New Zealand, Canada, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Norway and others.
Andrey Yakovkin 10 years Mobile QA, Team Lead, QA Analyst, Manual QA ayakovkin1@gmail.com Belarus United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus, Thailand, Portugal
Pedro Vargas 12 years Java, Python, PostgreSQL, REST, Spring, SOAP, Jenkins, Docker, Cloud, Kubernetes, AWS, Microservices, DevOps, SOA info@deerme.org Chile Sweden, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Japan, United States, Finland and others.
Betül İrem Sedef 5 years Java, JavaScript, Python, Django, Scala, Spring, Flask, Microservices, Golang, Algorithm Design, REST API betuliremsedef@gmail.com Luxembourg Germany, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg
Robert Tokarz 6 years C#, Entity Framework, .NET, MS SQL Server roberttokarz@yahoo.com Ireland Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway
Lizaveta Sakalova 4 years Python, MySQL, Linux, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, NumPy, Nginx, Jenkins, Docker, Flask, Redis, Scipy, NoSQL, Django REST Framework, Jira, Kafka, AMQP, CI, CDN, Team City, PyTest, Docker Compose lissa.johnas@gmail.com Belarus Canada, Ireland, Finland, France, Norway, Spain, The Netherlands and others.
Hassen Nachar 7 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Node.js, HTML, GitHub, Sass, Ionic, Bitbucket, Angular, Bootstrap, VueJS hnachar@gmail.com Chile United States, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Spain, Australia
Alexander Terekhov 5 years Java, SQL, REST, Maven, Docker, Cassandra, Java Spring, RxJava, Hiberbate alexanderterekhov.by@gmail.com Belarus Estonia, The United Kingdom, Finland, Austria, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland and others.
Raza Shihab Mahbub 5 years JavaScript, Webpack, Redux, React mahbub.razashihab@gmail.com Bangladesh The Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and others.
Shashikant Mane 7 years Java, JavaScript, CSS, Spring, HTML, TypeScript, Microservices, DevOps, Angular, Microsoft Azure, REST API, Azure DevOps shashi11apr@gmail.com The Netherlands Norway, United States, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Australia, Czech Republic and others.
Durgesh Nandan Sinha 3 years React, Angular, Node JS, .NET Web API dnsinha33@gmail.com India Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Germany and others.
JiaPing Hsu 3 years JavaScript, RoR, TDD/BDD jumpping4@gmail.com Japan Luxembourg, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Cyprus and others.
Anthony Agyekum Mensah 7 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, React, Angular, Node JS, UI/UX Design tony.m3nsa@gmail.com Ghana France, Norway, Italy, Singapore, Japan, China, The Netherlands and others.
Neilson José Vilela de Carvalho Filho 10 years Java, Ruby on Rails, CTO me@neil.pro Brazil Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway and others.
Uliana Kucheriava 7 years Java, SQL, Git, Maven, Spring Framework movax10@gmail.com Ukraine Poland, Denmark, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, The United Kingdom and others.
Nino Vujasinović 6 years Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Sketch, Figma, UX, UI, User Flows, User Research, User Testing, Adobe XD, Affinity vujasinovicnino@gmail.com Hungary Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, France and others.
Kerem Çelebi 3 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Git, HTML, Redux, Jira, React, Bootstrap, Agile, .NET MVC, REST API kcelebi94@gmail.com Turkey Denmark, Canada, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Italy, South Korea and others.
Michał Hawełka 6 years Java, JavaScript, Docker, Spring Boot, React, Angular, Kotlin m.hawelka@gmail.com Poland Belgium, Finland, Norway, Canada, The Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and others.
Jeffrey Compton 5 years Python, iOS, Swift, Git, CocoaPods, Objective-C jeffrey.sc.compton@gmail.com United States The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Hungary, Thailand, The United Kingdom and others.
Vlad Vidavsky 12 years JavaScript, Android, iOS, Vue.js, Angular, Node JS vvidavsky@gmail.com Moldova
Md Hasanuzzaman 8 years C#, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core hasanu.zzaman@outlook.com Bangladesh Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, Ireland, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden
Artsiom Piatrenka 3 years C#, MongoDB, Docker, .NET Core tioma18@gmail.com Belarus Germany
Emiliano Morales 14 years JavaScript, Jira, Scrum, QA, JIRA Agile, Automation Testing, Mobile Testing, Manual Testing joemiliano@gmail.com Argentina The Netherlands, Switzerland, Estonia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Belgium, Norway and others.
Semra Yüce 3 years Java, C#, PLSQL, .NET, React.js yucesemra@gmail.com Turkey Germany, The Netherlands
Guilherme Augusto Henschel 12 years PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Node.js, TypeScript, React, GraphQL ghenschel@gmail.com Brazil Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and others.
Juan Manuel Bermudez Cabrera 5 years Java, C#, Python, Django, Hibernate, Spring, Django REST Framework, Angular jbermudezcabrera@gmail.com Cuba Austria, Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and others.
Maja Gligoric 3 years Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Figma, InVision, Adobe XD maja.gligoric92@gmail.com Serbia The Netherlands, Switzerland, The United Kingdom
Raisa Gates 8 years Figma, UI Design, Product Design, User Experience, Usability Testing raisajg8s@gmail.com United States Austria, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, Norway and others.
Remiel Evangelio 5 years Ajax, TypeScript, Sass, Redux, React, Bootstrap, JIRA Agile, GraphQL, Unit Testing, Jest, RxJS, Apollo, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Sentry, Azure DevOps rmlevangelio@gmail.com Philippines Germany, The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, The Netherlands and others.
Sudhanshu Ratna Thakur 7 years Java, Docker, Spring Boot, Cloud, Spring Framework, Hiberbate sudhanshuratna@hotmail.com India Belgium, Portugal, Canada, Poland, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and others.
Atilla Akif Barbak 7 years Java, MongoDB, REST, Jenkins, Spring Boot, Angular barbakakif@gmail.com Turkey Canada, United States
Sudipta Swain 5 years CSS, HTML, Sass, Webpack, React, NodeJS, Angular.js sudismart127@gmail.com India France, Hungary, United States, The United Kingdom, Austria, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates and others.
Orlando Vargas 3 years Java, SQL, Hibernate, REST, Maven, Spring, SOAP, Gradle, IBM MQ, Liquidbase oevm_1992@hotmail.com Argentina Switzerland, United States, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, South Korea and others.
Amos Ezekiel 6 years Node.js, MongoDB, React, Angular, Vue lob@hey.com Nigeria Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg, France, Canada and others.
Mykhailo Matviienko 8 years Java, Bash, Spring, Jenkins, Docker, AWS, Springboot, Hiberbate matv20007@gmail.com Ukraine The United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands and others.
Mehmet Kagan Akpinar 4 years Java, Python, Ruby, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Spring, JPA, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Docker, Amazon S3, JUnit, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, Couchbase, AWS Lambda, TDD/BDD, Hiberbate akpinar.mehmetkagan@gmail.com Turkey Italy, Portugal, The United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic and others.
Christian Eduardo Galdámez Blanco 7 years Java, JavaScript, Android, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, TypeScript, Jenkins, Docker, Firebase, Spring Boot, Ionic, AWS, Golang, Angular, Microsoft SQL Server christiane.gb@hotmail.com Mexico Ireland, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Austria, South Korea, New Zealand, The Netherlands and others.
Róbert Hajdu 3 years JavaScript, C#, Node.js, Angular hajdurobi19@gmail.com Hungary Canada, Austria, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, United States, Germany
Miguel Araújo 6 years Python, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, Redis, Golang miguel.p.f.araujo@gmail.com France The Netherlands, China, United States, Denmark, Germany, Norway, South Korea and others.
Wajahat Kamal 6 years JMeter, Cucumber, Jira, BDD, QA, VSTS, Postman, Agile (Scrum), Automated Software Testing, load testing, API tests wajahat_kamal@hotmail.com Pakistan Australia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Norway and others.
Ahmed Alsayed 7 years MySQL, .NET Framework, Azure alsayedahmed449@gmail.com Kuwait Australia, United States, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand and others.
Dmytro Olifir 5 years Protractor, Jira, QA, Charles, SDLC, Postman, Mobile Testing dmytro.olifir@gmail.com Ukraine Poland, The United Kingdom, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and others.
Ana Jesus 4 years C#, Git, .NET Framework, Jenkins, MSSQL ana.ligeiro.jesus@gmail.com Portugal Germany, United States, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and others.
Joshua Olufemi 2 years Machine Learning, Microsoft Power BI, Data Mining, Data Modelling, Data Analytics, Microsoft Excel, MS SQL Server, Data Science, Data Visualization joshuasmartolufemi@gmail.com Nigeria Thailand, South Korea, Denmark, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Estonia and others.
Dzmitry Patseyuk 5 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Webpack, Redux, Mocha, React, SCSS, Redux.JS, Chai, Lodash dimapateuk@gmail.com Belarus Poland, Canada, Norway

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