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Rufat Mammadli 6 years JavaScript, Android, iOS, CSS, Git, MongoDB, HTML, WebSocket, NoSQL, Redux, Mocha, JWT, AWS, React, Microservices, NodeJS, React Native rufatmdl@gmail.com Azerbaijan Norway, Estonia, United States, Italy, Denmark, Luxembourg, France and others.
Fredy Treboux 12 years C#, Oracle, Azure, TypeScript, NHibernate, .NET, Angular, MS SQL Server liquidsnk@gmail.com Argentina Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain
Maksim Ivanov 15 years Salesforce, Analytics, ETL, Team Lead, DWH, Tableau, MS SQL, Business Intelligence, Project Manager i.max@live.ru Russia Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, United States and others.
Charith Suriyakula 6 years C#, jQuery, .NET, Angular, .NET Core, .NET MVC, .NET Web API, Flutter charith.suriyakula@gmail.com Sri Lanka Germany, France, Singapore, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, The Netherlands and others.
Dmitriy Kaminskiy 9 years PHP, JavaScript, Python, Redux, React, Angular, Unit Testing, Node JS dmitriy.kaminskiy.dev@gmail.com Ukraine
Shoham Levy 24 years Android, NoSQL, AWS, Storage, Team Lead, Software Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, C++, Cloud Services shohamlevy@gmail.com Israel Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands
Abhinav Sharma 4 years Python, MySQL, NumPy, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, Tableau, Data Science abhinav.sharma023@gmail.com India Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, France, Germany, United States and others.
Valery Tolstov 3 years Java, Python, SQL, Scala, Docker, Akka me@vtolstov.org Russia Japan, Ireland, France, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, Estonia and others.
Farhad Shakiba 6 years Java, Android, Python, SQL Server, Django, PostgreSQL, Docker, Spring Boot, TDD, DDD, REST API, Hiberbate farhadshakiba@yahoo.com Iran Finland, Spain, Cyprus, China, Estonia, Austria, Japan and others.
Pouya Jabbarisani 3 years JavaScript, CSS, MongoDB, HTML, TDD, Redux, React, ES6/Next, NodeJS, GraphQL, Jest, REST API pouyajabbarisani@gmail.com Turkey The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Canada and others.
Carlo Lombardi 20 years Java, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Spring, JPA, HTML, React, Angular, CTO ing.clombardi@gmail.com Italy Belgium, The United Kingdom, Austria, Sweden, Spain, The Netherlands, France and others.
Mike Chernikov 2 years Java, Swift, Git, REST, Spring, Realm, MVC, iOS Development exoberfox@gamil.com Russia Canada, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Luxembourg, Estonia, Belgium and others.
Fabricio Soto 6 years Python, Git, Analytics, Product Owner, System Analysis, Lean, Tableau, Microsoft SQL, ITIL, PowerBI, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Scrum Master juanfab2010@gmail.com Costa Rica Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Poland and others.
Andrii Sushko 10 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, Spring, OOP, Selenium, JPA, Kotlin, Core Java, Hiberbate stafilokoks@gmail.com Ukraine Germany
Cemsu Kağan Koç 5 years Java, C#, Android, Testing, QA, Unit Testing, Functional Testing, UI Testing, Test Management, Integration Testing cemsukagan@hotmail.com Turkey United States, Luxembourg, Norway, Ireland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal and others.
Hani Fakhry 5 years Python, MATLAB, OpenCV, Image Processing, TensorFlow, Simulation, Simulink, Raspberry, Solidworks, Robotics, Catia V5, 3D Modelling, C/C++ hani.f.mech@gmail.com Taiwan Poland, Estonia, Austria, Canada, United States, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom and others.
KrishnaVeni V 4 years Java, SQL, MongoDB, Spring, Spring Boot, NoSQL, AWS, Microservices, Angular, Postgres veni.vankam@gmail.com India Singapore, Australia, Germany
David Chaverri 15 years JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Team Lead, SDLC, Microsoft SQL dchaverricr@gmail.com Costa Rica Hungary, Ireland, Cyprus, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Switzerland and others.
Aanuoluwapo Otitoola 3 years Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, JPA, SOAP, Angular, RESTful Web Services aanuoluwa.otitoola@gmail.com Nigeria France, Germany, Ireland, United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands
Vitaliy Cherniyenko 3 years Java, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, MongoDB, Hibernate, Maven, Quartz Scheduler, Spring Framework vitaliy.cherniyenko@gmail.com Ukraine Germany, United States, The United Kingdom, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Italy and others.
Pratuat Amatya 5 years Ruby on Rails, Selenium, RSpec, Machine Learning, Statistics, TDD, TeamCity, Ember, Deep Learning, Data Science pratuat@gmail.com Italy Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Australia, Denmark and others.
Maxim Gritchin 12 years C#, Python, .NET Framework, Go, Jira, MSSQL, T-SQL, Visual Studio max.gritchin@gmail.com United Arab Emirates Malaysia, Italy, Singapore, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, United Arab Emirates and others.
Ricardo Jorge Baraldi 30 years C#, С++, Docker, Cryptography, NoSQL, Computer Vision, Salesforce, Containers, SAP, Kubernetes, AWS, COBOL, Java Spring, BI, CTO, CD, Big Data, IoT, Distributed Systems, RESTful JSON APIs, Casandra, Google Cloud, GoF, Clustering, Deep Learning, Load Balancers, Information Architecture, Java EE, Change Management, Cloud architect, CRM, TOGAF, Enterprise Architect rbaraldi@hotmail.com Brazil Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, South Korea, Singapore, Portugal, United States and others.
Luis Matamoros 7 years JavaScript, C#, CSS, .NET Framework, Entity Framework, Azure, HTML, TypeScript, .NET, Jira, AWS, Angular, Team Lead, .NET Core, Core Java, VSTS, Node JS lalvaro90@gmail.com Costa Rica The United Kingdom, Canada, United States, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and others.
Valentin Mishinov 14 years Python, MongoDB, Azure, SSIS, SSAS, Reporting, AWS, ETL, Data Engineer, SSRS, Data Lake, Team Lead, Microsoft SQL Server, Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, AWS Data Pipelines, Data Architecture, Data Visualization, Power BI vale.mishin@gmail.com Canada The United Kingdom
Henrique Marcondes 11 years SQL, Project Management, SaaS, IT Project, Scrum Master, Agile Methodologies hcmarcs@hotmail.com Brazil Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
Muhammad Waleed Sarwar 4 years Java, Android, MySQL, JUnit, React Native, Kotlin, Android Studio, REST API, Android Jetpack waleed_sarwar@hotmail.com Pakistan France, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Portugal, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Finland and others.
Zach Rachedi 3 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Node.js, HTML, TypeScript, CI/CD, Express.js zotch77@gmail.com Algeria Canada, Italy, United States, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands and others.
Andrew Grishchenko 10 years C#, Git, PostgreSQL, C# Developer, Team Lead, .NET Core, .NET MVC, MS SQL, .NET Web API grishchenko.andrei@gmail.com Russia Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Portugal, Cyprus, Czech Republic, United States and others.
Naveed Ahmad 6 years Java, Android, iOS, Swift, Kotlin sr.naveed99@gmail.com Pakistan Denmark, Japan, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Poland, South Korea and others.
Mohammad Fathizadeh 6 years Java, SQL, Spring Boot, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Spring Framework, Design Patterns, Java EE, REST API, Hiberbate mohammad.fathizadeh@gmail.com Iran Czech Republic, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Singapore, France, Hungary, Italy and others.
Naga Chaitanya Konada 10 years JavaScript, CSS, Azure, TypeScript, Gulp, Flexbox, Redux, React, Angular, Redux.JS, CSS-in-JS, Node JS, CSS Preprocessors, CSS Animations, Next.js, CSS Layouts knc@outlook.in India Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, United States, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and others.
Mani Duraisamy 6 years JavaScript, C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, Docker, Kubernetes, React, Angular, REST APIs, Team Lead, Microsoft Azure kanags.in@gmail.com India France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, United States, Denmark and others.
Joseph Chendrawi 5 years Java, JavaScript, C#, C, .NET, ReactJS, React Native, Scrum Master joseph.chendrawi@gmail.com Indonesia Portugal, Sweden, Germany, United States, Norway, Belgium, United Arab Emirates and others.
Serdar Sayın 2 years JavaScript, HTML, Ionic, Vue.js, React, Angular, SCSS, ES6, Node JS, Express.js srdrsayin@gmail.com Turkey Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium
Ayoola Moore (Onaolapo) 9 years JavaScript, Node.js, Linux, MongoDB, TypeScript, Redux, AWS, React, DevOps onaolapo.ayo@gmail.com Nigeria The Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand and others.
Rahul Joshi 6 years Java, Git, Maven, Spring MVC, Jenkins, Docker, Spring Boot, OAuth, Cassandra, AWS, CI/CD, RESTful API rahul.joshi027@gmail.com India Germany, The Netherlands, France, Austria, The United Kingdom, Portugal, Ireland and others.
Panagiotis Mavridis 4 years Java, C#, Python, MySQL, Git, Pandas, NumPy, SVN, Elasticsearch, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, NLP, Logstash, Regression, .NET Core, Kibana, Unity 3d, C/C++ panagis.mavridis@gmail.com The Netherlands Belgium, United States, France, The Netherlands, Australia, The United Kingdom, Japan and others.
Mohammad Iktelat 6 years Java, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, C, Maven, HTML, Selenium WebDriver, Karma, Angular, NodeJS, ES6, ReactJS, GraphQL, Jest Ikteelatm@yahoo.com Israel Sweden, Thailand, Norway, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, United States, France and others.
Damilare Durojaye 6 years PHP, Node.js, Laravel, Docker, Yii, Neo4j, Redis, PHPUnit, PhpStorm, Kubernetes, Golang, GraphQL damilare.durojaye@gmail.com Germany The United Kingdom, Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand, Japan, China, France and others.
Cesar Sulbaran 6 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, RabbitMQ csulbaran318@gmail.com Argentina Luxembourg, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic and others.
Olotin Temitope 5 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Node.js, Laravel, Express, Selenium WebDriver, PHPUnit, Vue.js, AWS, Angular, Symfony Framework olotintemitope@gmail.com Nigeria The Netherlands, Norway, United States, Canada, Singapore, Finland, United Arab Emirates and others.
Jescor Alvarado 12 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, XML, Laravel, JPA, ASP.NET, Spring Boot, MSSQL Server guerrerojescor@gmail.com Venezuela Spain, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany
Vladimir Dashukevich 7 years JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, HTML, TypeScript, Docker, Redis, Less, Redux, React, Angular dashukevichvova@gmail.com Belarus Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and others.
Mackiel Ramos 5 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, WebSocket, NoSQL, Redux, React, ES6, React Native mackiel.ramos@gmail.com Philippines Hungary, United States, Norway, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg and others.
Alexandra Sfartz 3 years JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, Git, Laravel, Sass, Flexbox, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, UX Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Bootstrap, UI Design (Web/Mobile) sfartz.alexandra@yahoo.com Romania Ireland, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and others.
Ruslan Gustomiasov 6 years Solaris, Python, С++, Linux, Ubuntu, Docker, Ansible, GitLab, Kubernetes, AWS, DevOps, Golang, Red Hat, Google Cloud rusik@4ege.ru Czechia Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Cyprus and others.
Kateryna Lohvynenko 6 years Jira, QA Engineer, QA Analyst, Software QA ekaterina.chelyadina@gmail.com Ukraine United States, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Canada, The Netherlands and others.
Arkadii Fishkind 4 years Java, Spring, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, Docker, JUnit, TestNG, Jira, QA, Kotlin, REST Assured arkadii.fishkind@gmail.com Turkey Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, United States, The Netherlands, Germany
Alexander Hernández Reyes 9 years CSS, Linux, Bash, Apache, PostgreSQL, HTML, nginx, Drupal, DevOps, VMWare, Linux System Administrator, Windows Servers, GitLab CI alxsenen@gmail.com Cuba Japan, Canada, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, New Zealand, China, United Arab Emirates and others.
Roman Jimenez 5 years JavaScript, C#, Ruby on Rails, TypeScript, TDD, Redux, React, Angular, GraphQL romanjimeneze@gmail.com United States Portugal, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Canada, Spain, France, Czech Republic and others.
Shmuel Treiger 2 years Java, C#, Python, SQL, Django, PyTest shmueltreiger@gmail.com United States New Zealand, Norway, Luxembourg, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, Sweden and others.
Khubaib Qaiser 5 years JavaScript, CSS, Git, Cordova, HTML, GitHub, MVVM, Firebase, Redux, Bitbucket, React, Code Reviews, Android SDK, JIRA Agile, ES6+, Kotlin, Fastlane, PhoneGap, Google Material UI, Android Development, Agile (Scrum), Cross-Platform Mobile Development khubaib.dev@gmail.com Pakistan Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, United States, France, South Korea and others.
Anil Bektas 6 years Python, Node.js, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, AWS, Angular anilcodingninja@gmail.com Turkey Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Estonia, Sweden and others.
Pavel Puchkov 10 years CSS, Animation, HTML, Responsive Web Design, Adaptive Web Design, Sketch, Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Principle, UI/UX Design silnews@gmail.com Russia Czech Republic, Germany, France, Austria, Canada, The Netherlands, Spain and others.
Toyosi Azuh 2 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sass, React, Bootstrap toyosiazuh.at@gmail.com Nigeria Canada, Spain, Estonia
Ivan Shinkarenko 4 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Redux, React, SCSS, Flow ivan.shunkarenko@gmail.com Ukraine Belgium, Sweden, Poland, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and others.
Gabriel Kelly Navarro 2 years PHP, Python, Docker, Puppet, AWS, Terraform, Jenkins CI, Prometheus gabrnavarro@gmail.com Philippines Germany, Australia, Canada, Norway, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Japan and others.
Juan Pablo Gonzalez 5 years MySQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Jenkins, Docker, RSpec, Chef, Team Lead gonjuanp@gmail.com United States Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, The Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and others.
Taras Tymchyshyn 6 years Java, Python, Linux, Qt, Maven, JUnit, Automation, QA, Mobile QA taras.tymchyshyn@gmail.com Ukraine Spain, Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Germany
Manuela Leu 4 years C#, Python, SQL, ASP.NET MVC, xUnit, .NET, NoSQL, NUnit, Agile Software Development emma.leu28@gmail.com Romania The Netherlands
Milad Mattar 3 years Java, Maven, Jenkins, TDD, BDD, CI, Agile, CD, SAFe milad.cm182@gmail.com Lebanon Austria, Norway, United States, Cyprus, Japan, Australia, Czech Republic and others.
Yiğit Kürşad Ersoy 5 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, CSS, MySQL, Node.js, ASP.NET MVC, Laravel, HTML, ASP.NET, .NET, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, ES6, T-SQL, MS SQL yigitk.ersoy@gmail.com Turkey The United Kingdom, China, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland and others.
Douglas Antonio 6 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, Node.js, Laravel, HTML, Elasticsearch, Redis, Sass, React douglas.costa.antonio@gmail.com Brazil Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, Japan, Norway and others.
Ilya Bublik 4 years Java, JavaScript, Android, CSS, SQL, XML, Swift, Maven, HTML, JUnit, Kotlin, Team Lead jamesvanhallen@gmail.com Russia Austria, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Luxembourg, France, Sweden and others.
Irina Timkina 8 years Java, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Maven, Spring, OOP, TypeScript, Mockito, Angular, Algorithms forumf@yandex.ru Russia United States, Canada, Australia
Amanda Pearson 3 years CSS, HTML, Illustrator, Photoshop, Usability Testing, UX Research, UI/UX Design amandapearson757@gmail.com United States Spain, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Estonia, Singapore, Germany, The Netherlands and others.
Ievgen Pervushyn 12 years PHP, Java, Hibernate, REST, Spring, Golang, Team Lead ilyk@ilyk.im Ukraine Spain, Japan, Finland, Australia, Ireland, Norway, South Korea and others.
Matthew Bateup 8 years Java, jQuery, JSON, Git, Oracle, Maven, Spring, Spring MVC, Jenkins, Gradle, Docker, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Jersey, Mockito, Dropwizard, REST API, JSON Web Token, TDD/BDD, Selenium IDE matthew.bateup@gmail.com The United Kingdom The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany
Sinini Ncube 8 years Java, JavaScript, Python, CSS, MySQL, HTML, C# Developer sns.ncube@gmail.com South Africa Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, United Arab Emirates and others.
Alan Ferreira 6 years JavaScript, C#, jQuery, CSS, Ajax, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, WinForms, Entity Framework, WCF, HTML, ASP.NET Web API, .NET, Bootstrap alanferreiradasilva@gmail.com Brazil Portugal, Spain
Govardhan Reddy Gosangi 7 years Android, Jenkins, MVVM, Retrofit, Agile, Kotlin, Unit Testing vardhan.rdd@gmail.com India Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium, Thailand, Poland and others.
Martin Mwangi 4 years JavaScript, CSS, SQL, HTML, TypeScript, AWS, React, GraphQL n8emar10@gmail.com Kenya Canada, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland, United States
Shailesh Shekhawat 7 years JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Azure, TypeScript, Docker, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, ReactJS shekhawat642@gmail.com Singapore Thailand, Canada, Poland, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Estonia and others.
German Quinteros 6 years JavaScript, CSS, Git, HTML, .NET, Flexbox, Jira, Karma, Angular, NodeJS, RxJS, Express.js, Agile (Scrum, Kanban) german.quinteros.1993@gmail.com Uruguay Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal and others.
Chris Vargas 4 years CSS, UI Design, UX Design, UX Research chzerox@gmail.com Dominican Republic Sweden, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Ireland and others.
Fernando Rosenblit Gonzalez 2 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, MongoDB, HTML, TypeScript, React, NodeJS fernandorosenblit@gmail.com Argentina Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Ireland, Canada
Nikita Golovko 12 years PHP, Python, PostgreSQL, Machine Learning, RabbitMQ, CTO, NodeJS, AI, Development Executive, C++, Application Architecture nik.glvk@gmail.com Russia Canada, Denmark, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Germany and others.

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