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Eugene Borovikov 12 years Ansible, Asterisk, DevOps, Golang, Team Lead, VoIP borovikov.ea@gmail.com Russia The Netherlands, Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, Finland and others.
Mohsen Barati 12 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Redux, SSAS, React muhsenbarati@gmail.com Iran Canada, Poland, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Estonia, Ireland and others.
José Rafael Hernandez Tadeo 5 years PHP, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, Laravel joraheta@gmail.com Mexico The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland and others.
Gianluca Silvestri 6 years PHP, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, Django, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, TypeScript, Flask, Ionic, Geospatial, Angular, IntelliJ, PostGIS silvestrigianluca1993@gmail.com Italy Australia, The Netherlands, Finland, Spain, New Zealand
Martin Kraina 3 years Redux, React, NodeJS, React Native, Flow, RxJS kraina.martin@gmail.com Czech Republic Japan, Finland, Estonia, Austria, Norway, Italy, The Netherlands and others.
Alistair Mersereau 4 years Java, Python, Elasticsearch, NodeJS, REST API alistairyves@gmail.com Canada Germany, United States, The Netherlands
Konstantyn Lapshyn 7 years Business Analysis, Project Management, Product Management k.lapshyn@gmail.com Belarus Belgium, United States, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and others.
Kevin Gerard Candole 6 years Linux, Jenkins, Docker, Automation, Ansible, Jira, AWS, Terraform, DevOps, NodeJS, Confluence, REST API, Jenkinsfile, Bash Scripting kevin.candole@gmail.com Philippines Portugal, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Singapore, The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and others.
Yavuz Aksoy 5 years Unity, Unity3d, .NET, .NET Core, .NET MVC, .NET Web API, Unity C#, .NET Web Services aksoyavuz@gmail.com Turkey Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Canada and others.
Jagdeep Singh 8 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Redux, React, Responsive Web Design, Angular, ES6 cheemajagdeep42@gmail.com Australia Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands
Ahmad Igbariya 12 years Java, JavaScript, CSS, Hibernate, HTML, JEE, Angular, ReactJS ahmad.igbaryia@gmail.com Israel Canada, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, United States, Switzerland
Vasilina Bezuglaya 11 years C#, Ruby, Linux, .NET Framework, Docker, Cryptography marfachaiko@gmail.com Russia Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Austria and others.
Giorgi Khvedeliani 6 years JavaScript, C#, jQuery, CSS, MySQL, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, PostgreSQL, LINQ, Azure, HTML, ADO.NET, ASP.NET Core, AWS, Bootstrap, Agile, Unit Testing, T-SQL george.khvedeliani@outlook.com Georgia Singapore, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Malaysia, Ireland, United States and others.
Kirill Orlov 15 years C#, С++, ASP.NET, .NET orlov.kirill@gmail.com Russia Cyprus, Germany, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Australia, Spain and others.
Rodrigo Vasconcelos de Barros 4 years JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React, React Native rodrigopk@gmail.com Germany The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand
Bruno Marques 5 years Project Management, Agile (Scrum) bruno.marks0609@gmail.com Italy Spain, Finland, Italy, Norway, The United Kingdom, Germany, France and others.
Daniel Tadros 4 years Java, Swift, Laravel, Realm, Alamofire, Objective-C, ReactJS, React Native, iOS SDK, Kotlin danielraoufwadea@gmail.com Egypt Germany, New Zealand, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia and others.
Idekel Santana 6 years PHP, Java, MySQL, Git, Laravel, Express, TypeScript, Jasmine, Dart, PHPUnit, React, Angular, NodeJS, Jest, Android Development idekel.santana@gmail.com Dominican Republic Australia, The Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Germany, United States and others.
Matt Fiss 6 years JavaScript, React mattjfiss@gmail.com United States The United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada
Alexander Shevchenko 6 years PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, TypeScript, Ionic, Angular alexandre.sheva@gmail.com Ukraine Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden and others.
Nahuel Goldy 3 years Java, JavaScript, Salesforce, Ionic, Angular, REST APIs, Data Engineering nahuelsg.64@gmail.com Argentina Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, United States, Belgium and others.
Anton Spirin 14 years C#, Git, Bash, .NET Framework, BI, T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server mail@antonspirin.info Russia The Netherlands, Finland, The United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Sweden, Norway and others.
Gábor Farkas 7 years Product Owner, Project Management gabor.farkas.1986@gmail.com Hungary Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland
Muhammad Abdul Subhan 5 years iOS, Swift, OpenCV, Objective-C subhan.mps@gmail.com Pakistan Estonia, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy and others.
Alexander Thomas 7 years Java, Python, Scala, Apache Spark, Machine Learning, NLP, Text Mining, Apache Hive, Data Science alexander.n.thomas@gmail.com United States Estonia, Spain, Poland, Norway, Czech Republic, The United Kingdom, Finland and others.
Khaled Alam 3 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, OOP, Vue.js, Algorithms, C/C++ khaledalam.net@gmail.com Egypt Portugal, Estonia, Malaysia, Cyprus, Thailand, Czech Republic, Poland and others.
Anatoly Kobin 5 years Sketch, Figma, UX Design, InVision, Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure, Product Management, UI Design (Web/Mobile), Adobe XD anatoly.kobin@gmail.com Russia Poland, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Norway and others.
Pedro Enrique Mugartegui 4 years CSS, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Wireframing, Flinto, User Flows, Adobe XD, User Journeys petemugartegui@gmail.com Mexico Canada, The United Kingdom, Japan, Belgium, Germany, France, Sweden and others.
Eugene Timokhov 4 years JavaScript, Python, С++, Git, Qt, TypeScript, Algorithms timocov@gmail.com Russia The United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, United States, The Netherlands, Ireland, Czech Republic and others.
Filipp Kuzmin 3 years Java, SQL, Git, Hibernate, Maven, Spring MVC, Gradle, Spring Boot, Microservice Architecture, Agile (Scrum) hayrider@yandex.ru Russia Spain
Ievgen Lemeshko 18 years JavaScript, C#, Entity Framework, TypeScript, Docker, Architecture, .NET, Ionic, ASP.NET Identity, Angular, Team Lead, .NET Core, Mongo, Solution Design, MS SQL, Data Architecture, Hybrid/Cross-Platform Mobile Development eugene.lemeshko@gmail.com Ukraine Poland, South Korea, United States, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Singapore and others.
Sebastián Tovar 6 years PHP, Symfony, jQuery, CSS, Drupal, Vue.js, CSS Preprocessors sebastian.tovar@gmail.com Colombia The Netherlands, Spain, The United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Finland and others.
Wilhelm Erasmus 3 years JavaScript, Git, GitHub, TDD, React, CI, NodeJS, React Native, Agile, CD erasmuswill@gmail.com South Africa Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, United States, The United Kingdom, Germany and others.
Luis Alvarez Aguilar 5 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Git, Express, HTML, Redis, Sass, Swagger, Sequelize.js, AWS, NodeJS, ES6+, CI/CD, Jest, REST API, ESLint aguilar.ledu@gmail.com Mexico Belgium, Australia, Finland, United States, Spain, South Korea, Ireland and others.
Sameer Ahmad 4 years JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, React, Angular, NodeJS, Express.js sameer_9291@hotmail.com Pakistan Ireland, Spain, Norway, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Poland, New Zealand and others.
Ana Luiza Morais Nigri 3 years Python, Apache Spark, SSIS, Apache Kafka, SSAS, Analytics, SSRS, Microsoft Azure, Data Analysis, Data Modelling, MS SQL Server, Azure Databricks anamoraisnigri@gmail.com Brazil The United Kingdom
Özerk Usgurlu 8 years PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, OOP, CakePHP, Yii, React, Bootstrap, VueJS ozerkusg@gmail.com Estonia Australia New Zealand, United States, Canada
Vladimir Ghiliov 3 years Manual QA ghiliov@gmail.com Moldova Italy, Australia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and others.
Alex Kalashnikov 6 years Mobile, Web Design, Sketch, Figma, Graphic Design, Product Design, UX, UI, Framer nasnimal@gmail.com Russia United States, The United Kingdom
Justin Ramsey 5 years Java, Python, Docker, Redux, AWS, DevOps, BigQuery, React.js, Serverless ramse139@umn.edu United States Singapore, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Luxembourg and others.
Sharad Purohit 4 years Java, JavaScript, Spring, ExtJS, TypeScript, Angular, Unit Testing sharadpurohit@live.com India Australia, Thailand, The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Denmark and others.
Alberto Carp 3 years IP Networking, Application Security, C/C++ alberto_carp@yahoo.com Romania Canada, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, France, Singapore, United States, Sweden and others.
Andrey Bezrodnov 9 years PHP, MySQL, Laravel, TypeScript, Redux, React, Angular, NodeJS, RxJS bezrodnov@icloud.com Russia France, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, United States, Germany, Cyprus, Australia and others.
Vikram Venkataraman 6 years Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Keynote, InDesign, Adobe XD, UI/UX Design vikru777@hotmail.com Ireland Germany, Canada, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, United States, Belgium and others.
Dima Kornev 9 years JavaScript, SQL, Linux, Git, Unix, VueJS, PHP Laravel dimakornev13@yandex.ru Russia United States, China, Singapore, Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and others.
Mikhail Zuev 7 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, MySQL, Docker, Yii, Vue.js, Golang, Git VCS mike@mszuyev.xyz, mszuyev@yandex.ru Russia Canada, United States, Germany, Australia
Ayat El Shazly 8 years JavaScript, C#, jQuery, CSS, Git, LINQ, XAML, HTML, ASP.NET, .NET, ADO.NET, MVC, Bootstrap, Microsoft Azure, .NET MVC, PL/SQL, Algorithms, .NET Web API, MS SQL Server, Agile Software Development ayat_cse@yahoo.com Egypt United Arab Emirates, Austria, Finland, New Zealand, Belgium, Spain, Germany and others.
Vageesh Hegde 7 years MySQL, Linux, MongoDB, Architecture, Distributed Systems, Data Structures, Core Java, Algorithms, C/C++ hegdevageesh90@gmail.com India Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Australia, Hungary, Germany, Denmark and others.
Marco Túlio Venturelli Nascimento 10 years Java, Spring Boot, RabbitMQ, React, Postgres marcotuliotm@gmail.com Brazil The Netherlands
Dmitry Chebotar 6 years JavaScript, C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Framework, TypeScript, RabbitMQ, TeamCity, DevOps, Angular, Octopus Deploy, Microservice Architecture greybgm@gmail.com Russia Czech Republic, Belgium, Australia, Spain, France, The United Kingdom, New Zealand and others.
Egor Sharoha 3 years JavaScript, Dart, Vue.js, React, React Native, Flutter, Cross-Platform Mobile Development egor.sharoha@gmail.com Russia The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, The United Kingdom
Robson Zacarias 9 years MySQL, SQL Server, Git, Oracle, Hibernate, REST, Maven, Unix, SOAP, Spring Boot, Java EE, PL/SQL, Apache Ant bobimortais@gmail.com Brazil Austria, Japan, United States, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and others.
Octavian Ungureanu 6 years Solaris, Oracle, Hardware, KVM, Linux System Administration ungurumc@yahoo.co.uk Romania Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Finland and others.
Irina Vanak 4 years C#, VB.NET, MS SQL irbis377@gmail.com Russia United States, The Netherlands, Cyprus, The United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, Norway and others.
Ali Doustkani 7 years JavaScript, WPF, Entity Framework, HTML, .NET, Sass, React, MS SQL ali.doostkany@gmail.com Iran Australia, Ireland, Finland, Spain, Austria, New Zealand, France and others.
Andres Carreño 8 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, AWS, React, React Native hello@andrescarreno.co Colombia United Arab Emirates, Belgium, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Spain
Tácio Nery 6 years Python, Ruby, Git, Ruby on Rails, Docker, Kubernetes, Scrum, Docker Orchestration tacionery@gmail.com Brazil Portugal, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Ireland, Germany
Mykhailo Pohoda 7 years SQL, Qt, Shell, CMake, LaTeX, *nix, C++, TDD/BDD, GNU Octave mi.pogoda@gmail.com Ukraine Austria, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Switzerland, Estonia, United States, Canada and others.
Reza Rahnamaye Moghaddam 10 years JavaScript, Python, Node.js, React Native, C++ Reza7rm@outlook.com Cyprus Thailand, Germany, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Denmark, Finland and others.
Ceferino IV Villareal 4 years JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, HTML, Webpack, Redux, Mocha, React, Chai, Jest, Sinon.JS villareal.career@gmail.com Philippines The Netherlands, Canada, United States, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and others.
Mirza Andriamanamisoa Marotsaha 4 years JavaScript, MongoDB, Express, TypeScript, Redux, React, ES6/Next, NodeJS, Vue, Unit Testing, Data Structures, Serverless andriamanamisoa@gmail.com France Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, Thailand, Malaysia, United States, The United Kingdom and others.
Rahul Mujnani 8 years Java, Maven, Spring, TDD, Struts, CI/CD, OOD, J2EE, Microservices Architecture rahulmuj@gmail.com China Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Denmark and others.
Łukasz Mastalerz 7 years CSS, SQL, HTML, UML, Scrum, Product Owner, Business Analysis, Project Management, SDLC, BPMN, UI/UX Design lmastalerz@gmail.com Poland Denmark, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden
Mitali Srivastava 5 years MySQL, Git, MongoDB, Maven, JDBC, Apache Spark, JUnit, Spring Boot, AWS, Core Java, REST API mitali04srivastava@gmail.com India The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden
Vaibhav Shah 7 years JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB, HTML, Apache Spark, Spring Boot, Cassandra, Angular, Core Java, J2EE vshah439@gmail.com India Singapore, The Netherlands, Germany, United Arab Emirates, France, Belgium, Ireland
Sergey Golubev 10 years Salesforce, Software QA yserg1kk@gmail.com Belarus United States, Canada
Ozan Topuz 4 years Java, Android, Kotlin, RESTful API ozantopuz8@gmail.com Turkey Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and others.
Timur Malikin 5 years Java, SQL, PostgreSQL, Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Couchbase timur.malikin@gmail.com Russia Canada, United States
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 4 years Python, Ruby, Node.js, Git, MongoDB, Azure, HTML, NoSQL, ASP.NET Core, Vue.js, AWS, React, DevOps, Angular, React Native, Bootstrap, Unit Testing, .NET Core, .NET Web API, Express.js afzaal.ahmad.zeeshan@hotmail.com Pakistan Austria, Poland, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Singapore and others.
Makoto Furuya 13 years JavaScript, C#, MySQL, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, localization, QA, RESTful API makotonium@gmail.com United States Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Belgium, Sweden, The Netherlands and others.
Diogo Oliveira 4 years JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, Git, GitHub, React Router, React, React Native, GraphQL, Apollo diogo.augustoo@gmail.com Brazil Ireland, United States, Belgium, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore and others.
Anton Rogozin 7 years Linux, DevOps, Windows Servers, System Administration antony.rogozin@gmail.com Russia United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, South Korea, Norway, Malaysia, Ireland, Finland and others.
Aldren Alangcao 5 years Java, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, Linux, Git, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Docker, Redis, TDD, Redux, AWS, React, Microservices, NodeJS, RESTful APIs, React Native, Agile, GraphQL, CI/CD aldren.alangcao@gmail.com Philippines China, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, France and others.
Artur Osmokiesku 5 years ASP.NET MVC, .NET Framework, TypeScript, AWS, Angular, .NET Core, .NET MVC, .NET Web API arthur.osmokiesku@gmail.com Ukraine Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Estonia, Canada and others.
Ketan Khairnar 14 years Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Multithreading, REST APIs, Distributed Systems, Play Framework ketan.khairnar@gmail.com India Denmark, Ireland, Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Finland and others.
Bogdan Agafonov 5 years JavaScript, Ruby, Linux, Ruby on Rails, Docker, Ansible, Elixir, React bogdan.agafonov@gmail.com Russia Belgium, Sweden, Singapore, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Spain and others.
Alex Zeleznikov 7 years Python, Linux, Bash, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Groovy, Terraform, DevOps alex88zel@gmail.com Israel Finland, Portugal, Malaysia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and others.
Farah Hassan 8 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Laravel, Vue.js, Angular farahassan1987@gmail.com Pakistan Switzerland, United States, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Canada, Austria and others.
Frederico Dietz 8 years JavaScript, CSS, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Sass, Webpack, React, Responsive Web Design, Angular, ES6, UX, UI, CSS Animations fredericodietz@gmail.com Brazil New Zealand, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, The United Kingdom and others.
Igor Golopolosov 5 years JavaScript, C#, Node.js, TypeScript, Docker, AWS, React, .NET Core, Team Management, TDD/BDD, Application Architecture igolopolosov@gmail.com The United Kingdom Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
Dulguun Batmunkh 5 years С++, Rust dulguunbatmunkh@gmail.com Singapore Finland, Singapore, Austria, France, New Zealand, China, United Arab Emirates and others.
Angga Putra Sundowo 10 years Sketch, InVision, Google Experiments, Hotjar, Web & Mobile Design, UI/UX Design angga.putra@outlook.com Indonesia United Arab Emirates, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Singapore and others.
Dmitriy Gerasimov 6 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Sass, Webpack, Redux, React, Angular, NodeJS, Responsive Design feelunreal.dg@gmail.com Russia Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Germany and others.
Andrei Zubarev 8 years JavaScript, C#, .NET andrey@zubarev.net Latvia
Vinícius Alonso 6 years PHP, Laravel, RSpec, PHPUnit, Rails vba321@hotmail.com Brazil The Netherlands, South Korea, Portugal, Ireland, Japan, The United Kingdom, Spain and others.
Muhammet Şahin 5 years C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms muhammetzsahin@gmail.com Turkey Canada, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, United States, New Zealand and others.
Noraiman Afiq Mohamad Nor 6 years Salesforce Aiman89manz@yahoo.com Malaysia Australia, Poland, The United Kingdom, Estonia, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic and others.
Rahul D'souza 7 years Python, Django, Vue.js, React, React Native rahulgdsouza@gmail.com India Ireland

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