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Alexandr Kozhevnikov 5 years PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux, Swift, Git, PostgreSQL, Nginx, Docker, Yii, Redis, Sass, PHPUnit, RabbitMQ, ES6, VueJS, iOS SDK, CI/CD, Microservice Architecture, REST API, Agile (Scrum) onmotion1@gmail.com Russia France, Austria, United States, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden and others.
Anne Oliveira 3 years React Native, Flutter, Cross-Platform Mobile Development anne.oliveira.ti@gmail.com Brazil Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, , The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and others.
Ardavan Dejpanah 12 years Entity Framework, .NET, .NET Core, .NET MVC, Microsoft SQL dejpanah@gmail.com Iran Luxembourg, Belgium, Singapore, Estonia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Hungary and others.
Yesica Danderfer 10 years Sketch, UI Design (Web/Mobile), UX Research, UX/UI yesica.danderfer@gmail.com Argentina Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands and others.
Alexander Komm 8 years PHP, JavaScript, Drupal, React, Symfony Framework akommv@gmail.com Russia Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, The Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, United States and others.
Matias Seguel 5 years JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Docker, Kubernetes, React, Microservices Architecture mseguelestay@gmail.com Thailand Switzerland, Estonia, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Austria and others.
Timur Dautov 7 years JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, NodeJS tmdautov@gmail.com Kazakhstan Germany, United States, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Switzerland
Aleksei Kolmakov 9 years Java, Kafka, ETL alxkolm@gmail.com Cyprus Austria, Germany
Arshad Shaikh 3 years JavaScript, Git, TypeScript, Ionic, Jira, Angular Material, React, Angular, NodeJS, Agile, CI/CD, Google Cloud arshadshaikh827@gmail.com Malaysia South Korea, Ireland, France, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, United States and others.
Doaa Fadally 5 years CSS, Animation, HTML, UIKit, Sketch, UX Design, InVision, Bootstrap, UX, Photoshop, After Effects, Axure, Design Patterns, Adobe XD doaafadally@gmail.com Egypt The Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, United Arab Emirates and others.
Pavlo Vasheniuk 6 years PHP, Magento pavlo.vasheniuk@gmail.com Ukraine Poland
Firdaws Farukh 5 years Java, JavaScript, Android, CSS, Git, Qt, HTML, Firebase, Angular, RDBMS firdaws.farukh@gmail.com Turkey The Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and others.
Ahror Kayumov 6 years .NET, ASP.NET Core, React Native, .NET Core, Cross-Platform Mobile Development kayumov.ahror@gmail.com Tajikistan Italy, The Netherlands, Canada, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and others.
Roman Yatsenko 5 years Dart, Flutter yatsenko.developer@gmail.com Ukraine Switzerland, Cyprus, Australia, Singapore, Canada, United States, Ireland and others.
Rostislav Dublin 24 years Java, MySQL, Hibernate, Jenkins, Docker, Spring Boot, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, MSSQL, Spring Framework crm_guru@mail.ru Russia Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Finland, Portugal, Australia and others.
Alexander Omelchenko 12 years Java, Automated Testing aaomelchenko@icloud.com Russia Ireland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria and others.
Michael Baynov 5 years Swift, Objective-C, iOS Development m.baynov@gmail.com Russia The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Switzerland, Japan, United States, China and others.
Salar Azad Ali Ehsan 5 years Embedded C, Prototyping, Product Design, PCB Electronics Design salar.yunnis@gmail.com Spain Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, Norway and others.
Harshal Patil 7 years Java, JavaScript, Hibernate, Maven, Spring, Spring MVC, Jenkins, Spring Boot, AWS, Angular, NodeJS, Google SDKs, Cloud Services patilharshal4@gmail.com India Singapore, United States, Switzerland, Finland, Cyprus, Denmark, Portugal and others.
Oleksandr Kompanets 19 years Firebase, Google Analytics, Google Play, App Store, Jira, Team Management, Producer, Game Development, Product Management, App Store Optimization (ASO) kompanets@gmail.com Ukraine Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Germany
Carlos Peña 5 years Django, MongoDB, Django REST Framework, React, NodeJS, Postgres, Flutter pmcarlosdev@gmail.com Mexico Australia, Ireland, Portugal, United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and others.
Jorge Eduardo Soria Cordova 3 years Software Testing, Manual QA jor_g123@hotmaill.com Bolivia Belgium, Germany, United States, The Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland and others.
Marcus Silva 10 years JavaScript, Hibernate, SOAP, Spring Boot, React, Spring Framework, Core Java, Java EE, REST API marcusvcsilva@gmail.com Brazil The Netherlands, United States, Germany, Canada
Vladyslav Semerenko 15 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, C#, MySQL, Linux, Git, PostgreSQL, Zend Framework, Docker, MariaDB, CI/CD, Atlassian Bamboo vladyslav.semerenko@gmail.com Ukraine Portugal, United States, Germany, Canada, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and others.
Thomas Okonkwo 2 years Java, Apache Spark, Java Spring, Big Data thomasokonkwo91@gmail.com Nigeria France, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, United States, The Netherlands and others.
Michał Lach 5 years JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, React kontakt@michal-lach.pl Poland Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Sweden and others.
Linh Nguyen 4 years Software QA, Agile (Scrum), Manual Testing nguyenngoctolinh@gmail.com Vietnam Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand
Mahsa Golchian 7 years Python, Django, Redis, Nagios, Zabbix, SDN mahsa.gol89@gmail.com Iran Japan, Spain, New Zealand, Belgium, South Korea, Switzerland, France and others.
Viacheslav Borisenko 8 years Java, Android, Scala, Akka, Elixir, Spring Framework, WebSockets, Game Development, C++ jcoder39@gmail.com Russia Finland, Switzerland, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and others.
Ali Saadat 5 years Python, SQL, Apache Spark, R, Big Data, Data Science ali.saadat81@gmail.com Turkey Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Sweden, Germany and others.
Liaan Booysen 10 years .NET, MSSQL, .NET Core, Agile (Scrum), TDD/BDD liaanbooysen@gmail.com South Africa Norway, The Netherlands, South Korea, France, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and others.
Kevin Schaap García 3 years PHP, Java, C#, Laravel, .NET, .NET Core kschaap1994@gmail.com The Netherlands The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Belgium, The United States and others.
Ilya Kaloshin 7 years JavaScript, React, Angular, NodeJS, SCSS, Relational Databases ilya.kaloshin@gmail.com Russia Germany, Ireland, The United Kingdom
Naor Yehudaey 12 years JavaScript, NodeJS naorye@gmail.com Israel Estonia, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus and others.
Juan Fabrizio Migotto 5 years JavaScript, C#, Azure, .NET migottojf@gmail.com Argentina The United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, France, Denmark, Canada, Sweden and others.
Armine Manukyan 7 years Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Application Design, Adobe XD, UI/UX Design armine_manukyan@hotmail.com Armenia United States, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and others.
Mauricio Godoy 3 years Java, Hibernate, API, Java Spring godoy.hmauricio@gmail.com Argentina The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Spain and others.
Andrey Vlasov 6 years C#, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Framework, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Project Management, Game Design, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), App Store Optimization (ASO) andreyforhh@gmail.com Russia Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, The United Kingdom, Cyprus, Norway, Hungary and others.
Pau Teruel Soldevila 4 years JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, React 93.pau.teruel@gmail.com Spain France, United States, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, China, Canada and others.
Pangeran Bottor 3 years Python, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Engineering pangeranbhp@gmail.com Indonesia Hungary, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway and others.
Parsa Rasouli Tehrani 9 years C#, Unity, Unity3d, Shader, Game Development, Unity C# ParsaRt.Work@gmail.com Iran Belgium, United States, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Canada, Italy and others.
Mohamadreza Mirali 9 years Java, Git, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Spring Boot, DB2, Angular, Spring Framework, IntelliJ, OOD, Web Services, Java EE, REST API, Agile (Scrum) smrm1363@gmail.com Sweden Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Canada and others.
Miguel Gil 10 years JavaScript, Python, SQL, Docker, Machine Learning, NoSQL, TensorFlow, Kubernetes, AWS, Deep Learning, PyTorch migilgil21@gmail.com Chile Denmark, Canada, Italy, Norway, Spain, Thailand, South Korea and others.
German Syroezhkin 8 years JavaScript, C#, Python, Qt, OpenCV, NumPy, Image Processing, Computer Vision, .NET MVC, Leadership, Agile (Scrum), C++ laocooler@gmail.com Russia The United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Australia, The Netherlands
Vivek Madhav 8 years JavaScript, C#, jQuery, Oracle, Entity Framework, LINQ, ASP.NET, TypeScript, Data Structures, OOD, Core Java, Algorithms, Microsoft SQL vivek828@gmail.com India Luxembourg, Japan, Cyprus, Norway, Austria, The Netherlands, China and others.
Mark Karamyar 7 years PHP, JavaScript, C#, Node.js, Git, Elasticsearch, Redis, memcached, React, Golang, Angular mark.karamyar@gmail.com Iran Spain, The Netherlands, Canada, Denmark
Antonio Jose Vasquez Gimenez 5 years Java, JavaScript, SQL, Git, Hibernate, Maven, JPA, Solr, Angular, Spring Framework, REST API, Apache Ant aj.vasquez000@gmail.com Colombia France, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, The Netherlands, Spain and others.
Agustina Bazzano 10 years JIRA Agile, Business Analysis, Team Lead, Product Management, Agile Software Development, Agile Coaching, Agile (Scrum, Kanban) agusbazzano@gmail.com Argentina Australia, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Portugal
Jorge Sarabia 4 years Ionic Framework, Flutter jorge@sarabiajor.ge Argentina Canada, United States
Anton Kiselev-Minaev 9 years Node.js, Vue.js, React, Angular, Express.js hope.anton@gmail.com Finland The United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, United States
Martín Cortés 11 years .NET Framework, .NET, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, Angular mgcortesi@gmail.com Argentina United States, Thailand, Italy, Canada, Singapore, Sweden, Czech Republic and others.
Anastasiia Melekhina 9 years PHP, MySQL, Git, PostgreSQL, Laravel, Docker, PHPUnit, Postman, REST API stacy-woods@rambler.ru Russia Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Austria, United States, Sweden, Belgium and others.
Danil Sorokin 4 years JavaScript, React, NodeJS danil.sorokin1995@gmail.com Germany Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Ireland and others.
Julian Ezequiel Slonim 6 years JavaScript, C#, CSS, Selenium, HTML, Machine Learning, .NET, Angular, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core, MS SQL, .NET Web API, Agile (Scrum) slonim.julian@gmail.com Argentina Norway, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Sweden, Canada and others.
Aung Naing Oo 3 years C#, Python, MySQL, .NET, Microsoft SQL au.naingoo@gmail.com Singapore Luxembourg, Estonia, Switzerland, Sweden, Cyprus, Norway, Finland and others.
Gor Rostomyan 5 years Python, Swift, OOP, Core Java, Bash Scripting, C/C++ gorrostomyan@icloud.com Armenia Singapore, Germany, Sweden, Finland, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Portugal and others.
Ahmed Soliman 8 years PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, WordPress, Git, Laravel, React ahmedsliman@gmail.com Egypt United States, Belgium, Japan, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Canada, The Netherlands and others.
Eliecer Hernández Garbey 10 years Java, JavaScript, Python, Azure, SOAP, Flask, Swagger, JWT, PHP APIs, REST API’s, Google Cloud eliecerhdz@gmail.com Ecuador Poland, Germany, France, Norway, Canada, Finland, Ireland and others.
Leina Benedicto 9 years QA, Functional Testing, Software Testing, Mobile Testing, Manual Testing, Integration Testing lmbenedicto@gmail.com Philippines United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Australia, Luxembourg, Singapore, The United Kingdom, Switzerland and others.
Alexander Kamornikov 7 years Java, Spring Boot, Apache Kafka akamornikov@gmail.com Belarus Singapore, Spain, Australia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and others.
Arda Öztürk 4 years Product Manager, Product Owner aozturk57@gmail.com Turkey Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Italy and others.
Stefan Bogdanović 8 years Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Graphic Design, Art Lead stefanbogdanovic@gmail.com Serbia
Abhisek Yadav 5 years Java, Hibernate, Apache Spark, Docker, Spring Boot, Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Swagger, Microservices, Agile, Spring Framework, GraphQL, CI/CD, J2EE, Microservices Architecture abhi.yadav1092@gmail.com India Denmark, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore and others.
Yury Vinogradov 6 years Qt, QML, C/C++ vinogradov-yurii@mail.ru Russia Belgium, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Switzerland
Gabriel Boiero 15 years PHP, Java, Python, MySQL, Ruby, Selenium, Mobile, Selenium WebDriver, Machine Learning, NoSQL, Backend, AI, Deep Learning, Robotics, Microservice Architecture, Cypress, Automated Software Testing gabriel.boiero@gmail.com Argentina
Raphael Juwe 5 years Linux, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, DevOps, OpenStack raphaeljuwe@gmail.com Nigeria
Anatoly Koustov 16 years BI, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics anatoly.koustov@gmail.com Spain Germany, The Netherlands, Spain
Stephen Brewer 20 years Android SDK, Kotlin, Android Development, Android Jetpack cv@stephenbrewer.org Russia New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Spain and others.
Umid Mahmudov 5 years Java, JavaScript, Spring Boot, NodeJS, Spring Framework, Oracle DB umid.ma@gmail.com Azerbaijan
Ravi Ranjan 10 years JavaScript, jQuery, Hibernate, Java Spring, Core Java ravi2519@gmail.com India Switzerland, Japan, United States, The Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Germany and others.
Esteban Ariel Bellegarde 4 years JavaScript, Node.js, React, Angular esteban.bellegarde@gmail.com Argentina Spain, United States, Ireland, Canada, Austria, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and others.
Adil Kuanyshbay 6 years UX Design, UI Design (Web/Mobile), UX Research moonspirit.d@gmail.com Cyprus Ireland, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, United States, Japan
Sebastian Casillas 3 years PHP, JavaScript, Python, Laravel, Django REST Framework, Vue.js sebastian.casillas@outlook.com China Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and others.
Kseniya Buraya 4 years PHP, Python, Hadoop, Docker, Machine Learning, Spark, Data Analysis, API Design ks.buraya@gmail.com Russia Germany
Viacheslav Skydanchuk 7 years PHP, Java, React, React Native, Vue nimfus@gmail.com Poland The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, United States and others.
Semyon Zadorozhniy 3 years JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Webpack, Redux, React, Emotion semen.zadorozhnyy@gmail.com Russia France, The Netherlands, Austria, Malaysia, Sweden, Singapore, Belgium and others.
Darko Milovanovic 15 years Java Spring, Java EE, Agile (Scrum) milovanovic_darko@yahoo. com Serbia Austria, Norway, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands and others.
Aleksandr Danilov 12 years Web Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Figma, UX Design, Graphic Design, Mobile Design, After Effects, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe CC alex@asdg.com.ua Ukraine Portugal, Cyprus, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Italy, The Netherlands and others.
Elvis Esteban Aragon Castaño 4 years Java, C#, API, Selenium, Jenkins, Selenium WebDriver, .NET, Cucumber, CI/CD, Software QA, Manual Testing, Automated Web Testing esteban.aragon.c@gmail.com Colombia Norway, Portugal, The Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Germany, France and others.
Damon Hung Tran 4 years PHP, Symfony, Magento damon.hung.tran@gmail.com Vietnam Ireland, The Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, United States and others.
Anatoliy Severin 9 years Android, WPF, SQLite, .NET, Python 3 severin.a.u@gmail.com Russia New Zealand, Ireland, Czech Republic, Spain, Denmark, South Korea, Singapore and others.
Muhammad Umer Mirza 14 years Python, SQL, Machine Learning, R, ETL, Data Mining, PL/SQL, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, OBIEE, Agile (Scrum), Data Science, Data Visualization umermirzapk@gmail.com Bahrain Singapore, Malaysia, United States, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan, Belgium and others.
Ewere Diagboya 4 years Python, AWS, DevOps, NodeJS, Docker Orchestration, AWS Lambda ewere.diagboya@gmail.com Nigeria New Zealand, United States, Luxembourg, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada and others.
Johan Javier Pizarro Martinez 8 years Python, Selenium WebDriver, JMeter, SoapUI, Java EE, Manual QA, QA Automation, Agile (Scrum), Selenium IDE javier0218@gmail.com Argentina Poland, Spain, Canada, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria and others.
Pedro Lucas Farinha 8 years SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Docker, WebLogic, Ansible, Shell Scripting, Linux System Administration, Database Administration, Oracle DB plfarinha@gmail.com Portugal Canada, United States
Ilya Feoktistov 8 years Java, Python, SQL, Linux, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, Microservices, Terraform, VMWare, Golang, CI/CD, Rancher, REST API, Bash Scripting ilia.a.feoktistov@gmail.com Cyprus The Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, Japan, Thailand, Portugal and others.
Nikita Dmitriev 5 years JavaScript, C#, .NET, .NET Core, MS SQL nikitadmitry@gmail.com Belarus Sweden, Australia, Luxembourg, Italy, United States, Denmark, Norway and others.
Vaniel Silva 8 years Ruby, Node.js, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Kotlin vanielfs@hotmail.com.br Brazil Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Finland and others.
Reid Larson 5 years JavaScript, C#, CSS, JSON, ASP.NET MVC, Git, OOP, HTML, TDD, Vue.js, Agile, REST APIs, Unit Testing, .NET Core, Postman, Visual Studio, MS SQL Server, Integration Testing reid.d.larson@gmail.com United States Australia, Spain, Finland, Denmark, United States, Japan, New Zealand and others.
Justeen Carl Mendoza 8 years Unity, Unity3d, Game Development, Unity C# jeeyohmendoza@gmail.com Philippines United Arab Emirates, Norway, Czech Republic, Canada, Italy, Germany, Finland and others.
Mikhail Iuluev 4 years DevOps, SRE iuluev.mikhail@gmail.com Russia Sweden, Germany, Ireland, United States, Canada, The Netherlands, Finland and others.
Ujwal Dhakal 4 years PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Linux, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Magento kevin.ujwal@gmail.com Nepal Estonia, Thailand, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, Cyprus, South Korea and others.
Juan Cerrutti 3 years JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, HTML, TypeScript, Sass, Jasmine, Less, Redux, React, Angular, Mongo jicerrutti@gmail.com Argentina New Zealand, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Australia, Finland, Germany and others.

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