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Juanisa McCoy 10 years CSS, HTML, React, Sketch, UX Design, InVision, Prototyping, User Experience, UX, Mobile Design, Visual Design, Adobe Creative Suite, web interfaces, User Flows, Interaction Design, User Research, User Interface Design, User Stories, Node JS nisajaie@gmail.com United States Norway, Luxembourg, Estonia, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Portugal and others.
Jhon James Freitez Parra 11 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Apache, PostgreSQL, SOAP, REST API, Oracle DB, Team Leadership jhon.freitez@gmail.com Colombia The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Canada, The United Kingdom, Spain
Aleksei Fomushkin 6 years JavaScript, TypeScript, Redux, React, React Native aleksefo@gmail.com Finland United States
Alexander Tsetsersky 4 years Java, JavaScript, Back-end sanchezlife@tut.by Belarus Singapore, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Norway, Luxembourg, Sweden and others.
Tomi Toivio 8 years PHP, JavaScript, Python, Linux tomi.toivio@ukuli.fi Finland New Zealand, Canada, Czech Republic, South Korea, Italy, Portugal, Estonia and others.
Shayan Karami 9 years JavaScript, Node.js, Git, Redis, TDD, Vue.js, NSQ, Microservices Architecture shayan.rgb@gmail.com Iran The Netherlands, Germany
Saurabh Goel 13 years Java, Git, Jenkins, Docker, .NET, AWS, React, SOLID, Design Patterns, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Team Leadership saurabh.goel23@gmail.com India Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and others.
Igor Prazheryn 12 years С++, Agile, Microsoft SQL Server igprojerin@gmail.com Belarus Canada, Czech Republic, Poland, United States, The United Kingdom
Kanat Karybekov 8 years JavaScript, C#, .NET, React, .NET Core traceout@mail.ru Kyrgyzstan Portugal, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Canada, United States, Belgium, Italy and others.
Raúl Cabrera Miranda 5 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, ReactJS, Bootstrap raul.cabrera.miranda@gmail.com Brazil Spain, Belgium, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, United Arab Emirates and others.
Mark Trifonov 8 years JavaScript, Python, PostgreSQL, Qt, Elasticsearch, Docker, Redis, RabbitMQ, GitLab, Team Lead air.t.mark@gmail.com Russia Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Switzerland, France, The United Kingdom, Poland and others.
Allan Cassiano 10 years Java, JavaScript, C#, MongoDB, Entity Framework, LINQ, Spring, Spring MVC, Express, ASP.NET Web API, Jenkins, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, Angular, NodeJS, C# Developer, .NET Core, Core Java, MSSQL Server a.cassianoweber@gmail.com The Netherlands Hungary, Estonia, Belgium, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and others.
Victor Sidorov 5 years Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Spring, TypeScript, Webpack, Vue.js, Java Spring, Node JS victor.sidarau@gmail.com Belarus Germany
Denis Stogniy 10 years C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, .NET, MSSQL stogniy.denis@gmail.com Ukraine The Netherlands
Fayçal Ben Larbidelai 7 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, C, Unity, Web Design, Graphic Design, Angular, C++ fay.ben.ld@gmail.com Morocco Germany, Cyprus, Denmark, Belgium, United States, Switzerland, The United Kingdom and others.
Fuad Gafarov 7 years Java, SQL, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Kafka, Spring Framework, Java Server Development fuad.gafarov@gmail.com Belarus Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany and others.
Edgar Chris 8 years PHP, Symfony, Java, JavaScript, Android, Laravel, Kubernetes, GCP, AWS ECS edgarchris4@gmail.com Kenya Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and others.
Blessing Philips 5 years PHP, JavaScript, Team Leadership blessingadesina@gmail.com Nigeria Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary, Spain, United States and others.
Juan Alberto Sulbaran Oropeza 3 years C#, Android, Retrofit, Android SDK, Dagger, Android Developer, RxAndroid, Android OS, Android Jetpack sulbaranja@gmail.com Argentina Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland, Australia, Italy, Hungary, South Korea and others.
Thomas Connors 5 years Java, Python, Docker, AWS, Golang, NodeJS, Distributed Systems, C/C++ connors.thomas.m@gmail.com United States France, Switzerland, Japan, Estonia, South Korea, Germany, Sweden and others.
Hareesh AV 8 years Java, Git, Spring Boot, AWS hareesh.veduraj@gmail.com India The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, France, Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic and others.
Peter De Stasio 4 years Java, JavaScript, C#, Android, jQuery, Knockout.js, .NET, Angular peterdestasio@gmail.com Canada Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom
Dmitry Maleykovich 10 years Android, Python, iOS, Windows, Bash, Qt, Perl, C/C++ maleikovichd@gmail.com Russia Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and others.
Hamdy Khader 5 years Java, Android, Python, OOP, OpenStack, Android Developer hamdy.khader@gmail.com Turkey Cyprus, Norway, The United Kingdom
Tyler Komoroske 3 years JavaScript, Ruby, Git, Ruby on Rails, Jenkins, React, Golang, Angular, Agile, Test Driven Development, Extreme Programming (XP) tyler.komoroske@gmail.com United States Estonia, Thailand, Singapore, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, China and others.
Marjan Ahmadi 3 years CSS, HTML, ReactJS, VueJS, Redux.JS marjaanahmdi.1994@gmail.com Iran Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Canada, South Korea and others.
Laércio Junior 8 years Java, SQL, Agile, System Analysis, Tech Lead laercio.eu@gmail.com Brazil Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, United States, United Arab Emirates, Japan and others.
Alexey Tupov 6 years Java, SQL, Jira, Confluence, Agile Software Development, Agile Coaching, Agile Methodologies alexey.tupov@yandex.com Russia Germany
Kamil Hurajt 6 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, OOP, HTML, Docker, Angular hurajtk@gmail.com Slovakia Canada, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and others.
Walber Zaldivar Herrera 15 years Java, Kotlin, C/C++ walber.zaldivar@gmail.com Uruguay Switzerland, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and others.
Dmytro Ivchenko 5 years JavaScript, React, GraphQL ivchenkodima@gmail.com Ukraine Switzerland, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Austria
Narasimha Hulikal 9 years Android, Kotlin, Core Java narasimha.hulikal@gmail.com India Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, United States, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom
Yaroslav Grigorev 10 years iOS, Linux, Bash, Ubuntu, Active Directory, LAMP, Role Based Access Controls, IP Networking, Windows Server, 2nd Level Support glenryar@hotmail.com Russia United States, France, Spain, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and others.
Vital Naftaly 8 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Git, API, HTML, Less, AWS, Angular, Bootstrap vitalnaftaly@gmail.com Israel Finland, Portugal, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, The United Kingdom and others.
Victor Leung 8 years JavaScript, Node.js, Azure, TypeScript, Cloud, AWS, Angular, Lead victorleungtw@gmail.com Hong Kong Sweden, Singapore, The United Kingdom, Finland, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland and others.
Aleksey Lytvynenko 5 years CSS, Magento, HTML, Manual QA alexlytvynenko3107@gmail.com Ukraine Spain, United States, Germany, Canada, Italy
Kamran Hamid 4 years JavaScript, MySQL, Git, MongoDB, TypeScript, Firebase, AWS, React, Angular, NodeJS, Continuous Integration mkamranhamid@gmail.com Pakistan Germany, Sweden, Finland
Ibrahim Abdulazeez 3 years JavaScript, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, React, Node JS waleibrahim13@gmail.com Nigeria Canada, United Arab Emirates, United States, Singapore, Australia, The United Kingdom, Thailand and others.
Andrey Sitaev 17 years Python, SQL, .NET, requirejs, Vue.js, Python 3, SOA, .NET Core andrey.sitaev@gmail.com Russia United States, Austria, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Norway and others.
Angela Laforge 6 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, jQuery, CSS, WordPress, Drupal, Bootstrap, IoT ang.laforge@hotmail.it Italy Italy
Mihai Tutunaru 2 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, React Native Mihaitutunaru1995@gmail.com Moldova Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Finland
Boy Nurah Mustafa 4 years Java, Android, Git, Firebase, Jira, Kotlin, Fastlane boynurah@gmail.com Malaysia Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and others.
Gerald Pharin 7 years Java, JavaScript, Python, Django, Swift, Jenkins, Docker, AWS, React gerald@pharin.me Ghana Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, The Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg and others.
Wlademyr Mendes 12 years PHP, Node.js, Laravel, AWS, React, React Native wlademyr.mendes@gmail.com Brazil Japan, United States, Luxembourg, Finland, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada and others.
Alexey Prokhorov 10 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Laravel, HTML, React, Golang, Angular aragon2@list.ru Russia France, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Finland, The United Kingdom, Italy and others.
Hasan Diwan 7 years Java, Python, MySQL, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Azure, Java Spring, Java EE hasandiwan@gmail.com United States Portugal, Singapore, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, Switzerland, The Netherlands and others.
Lei Yamin Soe 7 years Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Spring, Bootstrap, RoR, RESTful API leiyaminsoe@gmail.com Japan The Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Canada
Richard Umoffia 5 years Python, Django, Angular, ReactJS, Node JS richyafro@gmail.com Nigeria Luxembourg, Singapore, Switzerland, China, Poland, The Netherlands, Spain and others.
Filip Rastovic 6 years JavaScript, CSS, WordPress, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, UI Design, Graphic Design, Responsive Webdesign, Unbounce, 3D Modelling, Adobe XD, UI/UX Design filiporastovic@gmail.com Serbia The Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Japan, United States, Switzerland
Vlad Fomin 7 years C#, SQL, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Git, Oracle, WinForms, Delphi, NUnit, Azure DevOps phomm@mail.ru Russia Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium
Mina Boktor 13 years .NET Framework, .NET, React, Angular, Team Lead, .NET Web API mina_saif@hotmail.com Egypt Luxembourg, Estonia, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain and others.
Andriy Kupich 6 years iOS, Swift, Azure, Realm, Objective-C, GraphQL, RxSwift a.kupich@gmail.com Ukraine Estonia, Sweden, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Hungary, France and others.
Yader Coca 10 years PHP, C#, jQuery, MySQL, SQL Server, Angular, .NET MVC ylcoca@gmail.com Uruguay Spain, United States, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Canada and others.
Mythili Priya 9 years Jira, Business Analysis, Project Management, SDLC, Trello, Zoho, Redmine mythialways@gmail.com India The Netherlands, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Austria, France, Singapore and others.
Victor Antonov 5 years Java, JSON, Git, Retrofit, Android SDK, Dagger, Kotlin, Android Developer, Android Studio antonovvic44@gmail.com Ukraine Germany, The United Kingdom, Canada, United States
Mikhail Kalashnikov 7 years JavaScript, Python, iOS, Node.js, Express, ReactJS, GraphQL mikkqu@gmail.com Russia United States, Japan, The United Kingdom, Canada
Ray Knight 18 years CSS, TypeScript, Webpack, React, SCSS, Vue, GraphQL, Styled Components array.knight@gmail.com United States Denmark, Austria, Germany, Switzerland
Man Cheng 4 years Java, JavaScript, C#, MySQL, Unity, Game, Unity Developer, Unity C# tommymkc4@gmail.com Hong Kong Germany, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Singapore, The United Kingdom and others.
Jeno Junio 6 years SQL, Oracle, AWS, AlwaysOn, High Availability, MSSQL Server jenojunio02@outlook.com Philippines Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, The Netherlands
Mohammad Al Jaafeel 3 years JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, Git, HTML, Firebase, Sass, Gulp, Angular, VueJS, Express.js, Agile (Scrum, Kanban) mohammad.jaafeel.91@gmail.com Lebanon Luxembourg, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark
Aleksandr Evtushenko 12 years JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Node.js, Git, MongoDB, HTML, TypeScript, NoSQL, Vue.js, AWS, Elastic Search, REST API, CRM, Express.js, Database Architecture, Nuxt.js cheebos2019@yandex.ru Belarus
Mohamed Abd El-Latef 7 years Swift, OOP, MVVM, SOLID, RxSwift, iOS apps, Tech Lead, iOS Development, Agile (Scrum) mohamed.abdelatif.abden@gmail.com Egypt The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany

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