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Name In the industry (Tech) skills Email Social Current location Possible destinations
Aleksandar Spasic 2 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Node.js, MongoDB, HTML, Less, React, SCSS, Vue aleksandar.spasiccc@gmail.com Serbia United States
Vladimir Vinogradov 8 years Golang vinogradovve@gmail.com Russia Canada, Germany, The United Kingdom
Abilash Kalpana Sivakumar 8 years Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Continuous Integration abilash_222@yahoo.co.in Singapore Czech Republic, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Austria, New Zealand, Denmark and others.
Aliaksei Sukharau 7 years C#, SQL Server, Linux, WPF, PostgreSQL, Azure, Docker, .NET, ASP.NET Core, RabbitMQ, Xamarin.Forms, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Windows Applications, Application Architecture alekseysukharev@outlook.com Belarus Australia, Finland, Estonia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand and others.
Ira Hysaj 5 years Java, CSS, REST, JSP, Spring, HTML, Vue.js, Team Lead hysaj.ira@gmail.com Albania Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands
Nikita Ishkov 10 years Java, MySQL, SQL, Git, Oracle, Spring nekiti@gmail.com Finland United States, Canada, Germany
Kavita Maji 7 years JavaScript, C#, jQuery, CSS, .NET Framework, HTML, SVN, ColdFusion, CMS, REST API, Oracle SQL, Agile (Scrum, Kanban) kavitamaji@yahoo.com United Arab Emirates France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy
Bereket Belete 3 years Java, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Spring Boot, Vue.js, RESTful APIs bereket.belete.bejiga@gmail.com Ethiopia Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Singapore, Austria, United States and others.
Javad Ghane Al Hoseini 7 years Java, Android, XML, Kotlin javadghane18@gmail.com Iran Norway, Finland, Spain, Estonia, Hungary, Cyprus, Poland and others.
Mohamad Omran 2 years TypeScript, Redux, React, Angular, UI, Automated Testing mohamad1_3omran@hotmail.com Lebanon Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Australia and others.
Alin Dumitru 6 years PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Prototyping, ES6, VueJS, CSS Animations, Marvel App, UI/UX Design alin.dfx@gmail.com Romania Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Poland, China and others.
Jerry Poon 8 years Java, Docker, Spring Boot, AWS, Kafka, Microservices, Bootstrap, ZooKeeper jerry81711@gmail.com Hong Kong The Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Germany, The United Kingdom
Sergiu Tugulschi 9 years JavaScript, jQuery, Entity Framework, HTML, .NET, Visual Studio sergiugheorghe@gmail.com Moldova Spain
Florencia Pereira 7 years Java, MongoDB, Scala, Maven, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Storm, Angular, Postgres mflorenciapereira@gmail.com Argentina Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Ireland, United States, Italy, Belgium, Finland and others.
Aleksey Mishankin 7 years Java, Agile, Spring Framework, Kotlin lm231290@gmail.com Russia United States, Canada, The Netherlands
Mohamed Ali Rizk Abd El-Razik 6 years Java, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, SQL, MongoDB, Maven, Spring MVC, SOAP, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Mule, EJB3, REST API’s Mohamed.Ali_Rizk@yahoo.com Egypt Italy, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Sweden and others.
Vladimir Gusev 9 years PHP, MySQL, Vue.js, Angular, SCSS, ReactJS nonameptz@gmail.com Russia Cyprus, Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium and others.
Mostafa Hassan 6 years Java, C#, Android, Xcode, Unity, Kotlin mostafahassan88@gmail.com Egypt Canada, Hungary, New Zealand, Cyprus, Italy, Australia, Norway and others.
Luciano Gonçalves 8 years PHP, Git, MongoDB, Docker, Redis, PHPUnit, RabbitMQ, Unit Tests, Domain Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Symfony Framework luciano@lucianojr.com.br Ireland United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Spain, Portugal, The United Kingdom and others.
Daniel Anthony 3 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, RESTful APIs juwonanthony@gmail.com Nigeria Portugal, Ireland, Sweden, France, Italy, Canada, The United Kingdom and others.
Carlos Arauz 5 years JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Git, HTML, Docker, AWS, React, Angular, Vue, EcmaScript, PHP Laravel, Cloud Architecture carauzs@gmail.com Bolivia France, The United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and others.
Bruno Ledesma 3 years Java, JavaScript, Git, Scala, Spring, TypeScript, Docker, React, Next.js bruno.ledesma96@gmail.com Argentina China, Norway, Thailand, Italy, New Zealand, Estonia, Germany and others.
Pavel Yakimovich 4 years TDD, Redux, React, Scrum, .NET Core, Jest pavel1yakimovich@gmail.com Belarus Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Finland and others.
Shehabul Hossain 5 years JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Docker, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, Golang hello@shehabul.com Bangladesh New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Luxembourg and others.
Andrei Siutkin 10 years Java, C#, Android, С++, MySQL, C, OpenCV, Bluetooth Low Energy SiutkinAN@gmail.com Moldova France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and others.
Lucas Cavalcanti 11 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, Git, HTML, React, Angular, UX hello@lucascavalcanti.com.br Brazil Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Poland and others.
Yurii Turskyi 3 years JavaScript, TypeScript, Functional Programming, React, GraphQL guandjoy@gmail.com Ukraine South Korea, Luxembourg, Estonia, Spain, France, Norway, Australia and others.
Farid Mammadov 4 years Java, JavaScript, Git, PostgreSQL, Spring, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Microservices, Terraform, CircleCI, REST API, Oracle SQL mr.farid.mammadov@gmail.com Azerbaijan Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, The Netherlands, France, Sweden and others.
Chiagoziem Young Nwadike 3 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TDD, Redux, React, SCSS, Agile (Scrum) youngnwadike@gmail.com Nigeria United States, Austria, Singapore, Germany, Hungary, Canada, Switzerland and others.
Ujjavala Singh 6 years Java, C#, Python, Git, .NET, TDD, AWS, Terraform, ReactJS, Angular.js ujjavala12@gmail.com India Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, Austria and others.
Pavel Sukhoveshchenko 7 years Python, MySQL, Linux, TensorFlow, Cloud, AWS, BigQuery psukhoveshchenko@gmail.com Ukraine Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Germany and others.
Sandun Fernando 9 years Sketch, Figma, InVision, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flinto, User Research, User Interface Design, UXPin, Balsamiq, UI/UX Design sandun14@gmail.com Sri Lanka Norway, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and others.
Sasan Ebrahimi 6 years Android, Git, OOP, MVVM, React Native, Android SDK, Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, Agile (Scrum), Android Jetpack sasan.ebrahimi1001@gmail.com Iran Australia, Norway, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, The Netherlands, Singapore and others.
Rithesh Vijaya Kumar 6 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Redux, React, Bootstrap rithesh.mys@gmail.com The United Kingdom France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Norway and others.
Peyman Eskandari 5 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Gulp, React, UI Design, VueJS peyman.eskandari@gmail.com Turkey Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, Australia
Omar Salas 5 years JavaScript, C#, Python, SQL Server, Node.js, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, WCF, TypeScript, Angular o.salas891123@gmail.com Cuba Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Sweden, Australia, China, Estonia and others.
Vinothkumar Swamidhanapal 9 years Java, MongoDB, Spring, Azure, TypeScript, Jenkins, Cloud, Angular, ReactJS, C/C++ svinoth.mailme@gmail.com India Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Ireland, Belgium, Norway and others.
Edward Iga 4 years C#, React, Angular, Bootstrap, .NET Core igakigongo@gmail.com The Netherlands Germany, Canada, France
Roberto Hernandez 5 years JavaScript, C#, SQL, Entity Framework, Razor, .NET, Angular, MVC, Project Management, REST API, Leadership, Agile (Scrum), Web APIs robertohr18@gmail.com Costa Rica Finland, Norway, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Belgium, Canada and others.
Bruno Chagas 8 years JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Redux, React, Angular, Tech Lead, Node JS brunochagasweb@gmail.com Brazil France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Portugal and others.
Fabien Rakotomampiandra 4 years Java, JavaScript, SQL, Ruby, Node.js, MongoDB, HTML, SCSS, Jest fabienrakotomampiandra@gmail.com Madagascar New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Finland and others.
Taqi Mustafa 6 years JavaScript, HTML, TypeScript, TDD, React, GraphQL, Flow, Jest, Enzyme taqi.mustafa@hotmail.com Pakistan Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Norway and others.
Inna Starchenkova 6 years C#, PowerShell, Azure, Unity, .NET, MSSQL innastarchenkova@gmail.com Russia The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, United States, Switzerland, Norway and others.
Mohammad Pourabedini 4 years Java, Git, REST, Maven, Spring, SOAP, Agile m.pourabedini1991@gmail.com Iran Austria, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Denmark, Luxembourg, France and others.
Gem Robinson-Wilson 5 years Python, CSS, Selenium, HTML, Docker, Cucumber, Jira, Kubernetes, QA Engineer, QA Analyst gvrw101@gmail.com The United Kingdom The Netherlands
Mariam Elbashandy 3 years Google Analytics, Sketch, UX Design, InVision, Axure, Principle, Adobe XD, Abstract mariam.elbashandy@gmail.com Egypt The United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland
Gajanana Bhat 7 years JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Docker, Kubernetes, React, Angular, NodeJS ggbhat90@gmail.com India Norway, Australia, Singapore, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, The United Kingdom and others.
Artsiom Markouski 3 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sass, Gulp, Webpack, Vue.js, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, SCSS, Stylus, Vuex amweb@tuta.io Belarus Switzerland, Norway, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, United States, Poland, Germany and others.
Vladimir Sabantsev 7 years JavaScript, TypeScript, Gulp, Webpack, Redux, Vue.js, React vladimir.sabantsev@gmail.com Russia Czech Republic, Italy, Estonia, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, France and others.
Vivek Gour 5 years Java, Git, Hibernate, Spring, JPA, JDBC, Jenkins, JMS, MVC, System Analysis, TOAD vivek.gour5@gmail.com India Portugal, Finland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Italy and others.
Vinay Amaranathan Kolothumkattil 16 years Linux, Apache, Jenkins, Docker, JBoss, SonarQube, Ansible, Jira, AWS, Cloud Architecture, Artifactory vinayamar@gmail.com United States Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Cyprus, Thailand, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and others.
Oleksandr Zharkov 3 years Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Apache, JSP, Spring MVC, Docker, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Data JPA, Kubernetes, React, Flux, Spring Framework, T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PL/SQL, Helm, Hiberbate alexzanderzharkov@gmail.com Ukraine The Netherlands, Sweden, Cyprus, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Japan and others.
Ayobami Adelakun 3 years JavaScript, MongoDB, Mongoose, Redux, Mocha, React, Jest, Node JS purposenigeria@gmail.com Nigeria The United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Germany
Slobodan Milic 7 years Python, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Site Reliability, Linux Engineer slobodann.milic@gmail.com Serbia
Sabrina Elena Fernández Zambrano 3 years Java, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, SQL, Git, MongoDB, HTML, Jenkins, Sass, Webpack, Redux, Vue.js, React, Angular, Node JS, Vuex sabrina.fer.zam@gmail.com Spain Germany
Jorge Ortega 15 years Linux, AWS, VMWare, Shell Scripting jorgeortegap@gmail.com Dominican Republic Australia, Cyprus, Thailand, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Malaysia, Portugal and others.
Arjun Wadhwa 3 years Java, JavaScript, CSS, TypeScript, Redux, React, NodeJS, Oracle SQL, ExpressJS arjunw7@gmail.com India Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands
Mufaddal Nagpurwala 4 years JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Linux, Apache, HTML, GitHub, Docker, Yii, Angular, Postgres, Test Driven Development, Jenkins CI, PHP Laravel muffaddal.nagpurwala@gmail.com India Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Ireland, Finland and others.
Mikhail Budarin 7 years JavaScript, Git, TypeScript, Scrum, Angular, NodeJS, RxJS miffael.jo@gmail.com Ukraine The Netherlands
Flavius Groza 3 years PHP, Python, MySQL, WordPress, CodeIgniter, JSP, Magento, Java Developer, REST web services flaviusmaximus@gmail.com Romania Sweden
Piyush Bhatt 4 years JavaScript, Python, REST, TypeScript, React, Angular, Git VCS, GraphQL, Node JS, Agile (Scrum) piyushbhatt876@gmail.com India Luxembourg, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and others.
Norayr Baghdasarov 7 years PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Laravel, Vue.js, React baghdasarov94@gmail.com Armenia Estonia, Sweden, Ireland, United States, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg and others.
Boris Dedejski 2 years JavaScript, Python, Django, TypeScript, Docker, Firebase, Redux, React, NodeJS, MobX borisdedejski@gmail.com North Macedonia Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and others.
Alexandru Neagu 6 years Java, Android, Firebase, Retrofit, RxJava, Kotlin, REST API alexneagu.dev@gmail.com Romania Singapore, Italy, United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Spain
Fiyin Akinrimisi 5 years Jenkins, JMeter, Cucumber, Jira, Kubernetes, REST APIs, Manual QA, Automated QA fiyin009@gmail.com Nigeria Finland, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Belgium and others.
Thiago Vinicius Gaidzinski 8 years C#, MySQL, Delphi, Microsoft SQL Server thiago.gaidzinski@outlook.com Brazil Spain, United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland and others.
Michael Oshosanya 4 years PHP, JavaScript, Python, Laravel, Go michaeloshosanya@gmail.com Nigeria Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Denmark, The Netherlands, United States, Germany
Edmund Kpodogui 5 years JavaScript, Python, CSS, MySQL, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Flask, AWS, React, NodeJS, Agile, CI/CD, Express.js, C++ ekkpodogui@gmail.com Ghana Poland, Luxembourg, Norway, Hungary, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Japan and others.
Sarabdeep Singh 5 years jQuery, CSS, HTML, Sharepoint, TypeScript, Knockout.js, .NET, ReactJS, Visual Studio sarabdeepsk@gmail.com India Denmark, Canada, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Estonia, Australia, Germany and others.
Muhammad Mubasher 7 years AWS, Java Spring, Angular, NodeJS, RESTful APIs mail@mmubasher.com Pakistan France, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Australia and others.
Petr Grinevich 4 years JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, HTML, Redux, React, SCSS pits-place@yandex.by Belarus Italy, Poland, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, The United Kingdom, Ireland and others.
Nelson Aclan 10 years Java, jQuery, CSS, MySQL, Git, Oracle, Hibernate, Maven, JSP, Spring, Unix, HTML, SVN, WebSphere, Adobe Photoshop, RESTful Web Services simulationelson@gmail.com Costa Rica Thailand, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, Cyprus, United States, The Netherlands and others.
Tania Anahi Tello Garcia 4 years Java, JavaScript, Git, TDD, Redux, React, Angular, SOLID, EcmaScript, Agile (Scrum, Kanban) tatellog@hotmail.com Mexico Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Poland, The United Kingdom and others.
Naveen Patel 7 years Java, MySQL, Git, Oracle, Azure, JUnit, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Java Spring, Angular, Spring Framework, PL/SQL, Apache Cassandra, Microservice Architecture, MS SQL, REST API, TDD/BDD, Hiberbate naveen.deism@gmail.com Denmark Belgium, New Zealand, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hungary and others.
Bong Kyun Ko 5 years PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Linux, Azure, Lua, AWS, React, Network Security, GCP bkko@outlook.kr Japan New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, United States
Ahmet Cakir 10 years JavaScript, CSS, Git, MongoDB, Entity Framework, HTML, NHibernate, .NET, RabbitMQ, ASP.NET Core MVC, Microservices, DDD, Microsoft SQL Server, NServiceBus, IoC, Microservice Architecture, Integration Testing iahmet.cakir@gmail.com Turkey Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden
Arjun Ravikumar 3 years iOS, Swift, Objective-C, RESTful APIs, Microsoft Azure, Flutter arjunjunu@gmail.com India Germany, United States, Norway, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Canada and others.
Aleksandr Kirilenko 4 years Java, Linux, Git, Swing, Maven, Spring, IntelliJ IDEA, JUnit alex.kirilenko26@gmail.com Belarus Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden, Luxembourg, Estonia, Ireland and others.
Elsayed Awd 3 years Java, Scala, Hibernate, Spring, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, Docker, Cassandra, Apache Kafka elsayedawd25@gmail.com Egypt Norway, Ireland, Malaysia, Czech Republic, France, Cyprus, Estonia and others.
Tusharkumar Gandhi 8 years JavaScript, C#, Node.js, TypeScript, Docker, Microservices, Angular, ES6, Git VCS, JIRA Agile, GraphQL, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET MVC, Rancher, REST API, GitLab CI, .NET Web API, Agile (Scrum) tushargandhi23@gmail.com India Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, France, Switzerland, Canada and others.
Dmytro Spivakov 3 years Ruby on Rails, Unix, Docker, Lead, Cloud Computing dmitriy.spiv@gmail.com Ukraine Belgium, The United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, The Netherlands and others.

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