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Riyadh Al Nur 7 years Python, Node.js, Linux, Git, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, Golang riyadhalnur@verticalaxisbd.com Malaysia Australia, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Singapore and others.
Aleksei Solovev 3 years Python, PostgreSQL, Pandas, Computer Vision, TensorFlow, Keras, Data Science, Apache Airflow solovevstats@gmail.com Russia Canada, Norway, Spain, France, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic and others.
Adrian Jiga 3 years IntelliJ IDEA, Selenium WebDriver, TestRail, QA, JIRA Agile, Software Testing, Web Testing jiga.ion.adrian@gmail.com Romania Japan, The Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Italy and others.
Roberto Cideos 5 years JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML, Backbone.js, TypeScript, React, Require.js r.cideos@outlook.com El Salvador The United Kingdom, Hungary, Finland, Cyprus, Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal and others.
Micael Reis 5 years CSS, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, InVision, Product Design, UX, Agile, Framer, After Effects, User Flows, Adobe XD, Adobe Creative Cloud micaelreis96@gmail.com Portugal Estonia, United States, Australia, Denmark, Canada, United Arab Emirates, China and others.
Dusan Stevanovic 5 years JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Ajax, Node.js, Sass, Redux, React, Jest, Enzyme dooshanstevanovic@gmail.com Serbia Finland, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, The Netherlands and others.
Umesh Soni 10 years Git, Jenkins, Docker, Mule, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, DevOps, Cloud Engineer us.usoni@gmail.com India Hungary, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, New Zealand, Japan and others.
Elena Balakina 5 years Java, Selenium WebDriver, JMeter, Business Analysis, Functional Testing, Software QA, Selenium IDE, API tests, Regression Testing e.p.balakina@mail.ru Russia Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Cyprus, Finland, Denmark and others.
Niccolo Anjello Alcancia 4 years Java, PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, Unix Shell Scripting nalcancia@gmail.com Philippines Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, Ireland and others.
Kenneth Onah 4 years PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Laravel, Express, TypeScript, Socket.IO, Golang, WebSockets, REST API kenzdozz@gmail.com Nigeria United States, Canada, Germany, Australia
Sadegh Tarkibi 13 years Routing, DHCP, Core Networking, BGP sadegh.tarkibi@gmail.com Iran Portugal, Germany, Canada, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and others.
Aleksandr Kozachuk 7 years Spring Framework, Core Java, REST API kozachuk.a.p@gmail.com Russia Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore, Germany
Darío Carrasquel 6 years Java, Scala, REST API addario7777@gmail.com Panama Norway, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, United States, The Netherlands and others.
Gábor Czetter 1 year JavaScript, C#, Android, WPF, ASP.NET, .NET, MS SQL cz3tt1@gmail.com Hungary Norway, Sweden, United States, Portugal, France, Spain, The Netherlands and others.
Ivan Tuzhilkin 12 years MySQL, Linux, Git, Bash, Docker, DNS, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, DevOps, Golang, Cybersecurity, Riak, Load Balancers, GCP, SRE ivan.tuzhilkin@gmail.com Russia The United Kingdom
Shahina Ismail 8 years SAP, Agile shahinaismail111@gmail.com India The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Sweden and others.
Juan Contreras 10 years Windows, Networking, Automation Scripting, Python 3, TCP/IP Networking, Multi-Region Topologies, MAC addresses, OSI layers, VoIP, BGP, OSPF juanjose.cz@gmail.com Argentina Austria, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic and others.
Sergey Razmakhnin 17 years Cyber Security sergekorsak@gmail.com The Netherlands France, United States, The United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain
Rômulo Argôlo da Silva 9 years JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, Vue ronho@hotmail.co.uk Brazil Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, United States, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal and others.
Venkatesan Rethinam 7 years JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PowerShell, TypeScript, .NET, Less, AWS, Responsive Web Design, Web Design, Angular, SCSS, Agile, Automation Scripting, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core, Microsoft Azure, .NET MVC, .NET Web API venkateeian@gmail.com India Japan, Thailand, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Italy, New Zealand and others.
Daniel Torres 5 years iOS, Swift, Objective-C danstorre@gmail.com Argentina Singapore, Australia, United States, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand and others.
Olha Horlova 4 years Java, C#, Git, Scala, Hadoop, ASP.NET, Apache Spark, Parallel Processing, Sitecore, Batch Processing, Flink, Big Data, Stream Processing, Concurrent Programming, Parallel Programming, Fiddler, MS SQL, Bioinformatics, Databases olyagorlova@gmail.com Italy The Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and others.
Manu John 6 years Java, Python, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS manu.john.ann@gmail.com India Luxembourg, Estonia, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Hungary and others.
Momchil Jambazov 8 years Python, CSS, Django, Git, OOP, HTML, Docker, Functional Programming, Webpack, Redux, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, InVision, React.js, Jest, REST API, CSS Animations momchil@jambazov.com Bulgaria Germany, Singapore, Canada, Austria, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Ireland and others.
Eugene Palchukovsky 17 years Linux, Windows, Docker, NoSQL, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Microservices, Golang, C++ eugene@palchukovsky.com Cyprus Cyprus, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Italy, Switzerland and others.
Cesar Muñoz 6 years C#, TypeScript, .NET, AWS, DynamoDB, NodeJS, Serverless, AWS Lambda, .NET Web API cesar.alberto.munoz@gmail.com Argentina United States, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and others.
Mohammed Saad 12 years Python, Linux, Data Engineer, Performance Tuning and Optimization, Data Warehousing, Database Administration, Data Management liaqatsaad@hotmail.com Saudi Arabia Canada, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Austria, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates
Augustine Emeghara 5 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Redux, React, Angular, NodeJS, SCSS, ExpressJS emeghara.augustine@gmail.com Nigeria Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Switzerland and others.
Juan Sebastian Montoya Rodriguez 5 years PHP, JavaScript, C#, SQL, Node.js, ASP.NET MVC, Linux, Git, WinForms, Apache, LINQ, Laravel, Spring MVC, HTML, Firebase, Dart, Angular Material, Angular, Bootstrap, RxJS, Web Services, Machine Learning Theory, Single Page Apps, Google Cloud Platform, Flutter, RxDart ing.sebastian.montoya@gmail.com Czech Republic Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Portugal and others.
Sudhanshu Singh 7 years Java, Android SDK, RxJava, Kotlin, RxAndroid, Android Studio, Android Platform sudanshs@gmail.com United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates, United States, Hungary, Poland, Australia, France, Sweden and others.
Vladimir Okonechnikov 10 years Java, Python, C, Linux, Django, Django REST Framework nomorecoffee@yandex.ru Russia
Andrés Jiménez 4 years JavaScript, Node.js, React, React Native andresjimqui@gmail.com Costa Rica The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg and others.
Austin Dibble 2 years Java, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, Bash, MATLAB, VBScript, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Vue.js, ARM, Deep Learning, PyTorch, C/C++, Embedded Software Development, SystemVerilog, Firmware Engineering austin.dibble15@gmail.com United States The United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, France, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland and others.
Vimal Dhaduk 7 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, MySQL, JSON, Spring MVC, HTML, Spring Boot, Core Java vimaldhaduk73@gmail.com Cyprus The United Kingdom, France, Australia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Canada and others.
Jake Morrison 25 years Python, Ruby on Rails, Erlang, Ansible, Elixir, AWS, Kafka, Terraform jake@cogini.com Taiwan
Max Li 4 years SQL, Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Docker, Redis, NoSQL, RabbitMQ, Message Queue, AWS, Golang maxlivinci@gmail.com Taiwan Japan, Finland, United States, Portugal, Singapore, Austria, Denmark and others.
Emir Bahsi 12 years Java, C#, TypeScript, Angular, .NET MVC, Microsoft SQL embahsi@gmail.com Turkey Switzerland, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, United States, Sweden, Australia and others.
Maksim Yaromin 7 years JavaScript, React, .NET Core yaromin.m.y@gmail.com Belarus The Netherlands, Finland, The United Kingdom
Eldan Abdrashim 3 years Python, MySQL, C, Django, PostgreSQL, OOP, Docker, Flask, Machine Learning, RabbitMQ, Celery, JWT, AWS, Agile, Data Structures, RESTful Web Services, Algorithm Design, Graylog, asyncio, Elastic Search, PyTest, C++, API tests, Sentry eldan.abdrashim@gmail.com Kazakhstan Italy, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Canada and others.
Grigory Fedorov 10 years Java, Android, Kotlin gregory.230101@gmail.com Russia The Netherlands
Werner Strauss 8 years Git, ASP.NET Core MVC, .NET Core, Microsoft SQL, Angular 2+ werner.strauss.za@gmail.com South Africa Australia, New Zealand, United States, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark and others.
Mauro Ariel Ventosa 7 years Git, Maven, TypeScript, JUnit, Spring Boot, Java 8, Apache Kafka, Angular, Spring Framework, Continuous Integration, Microservice Architecture ventosa.mauro@gmail.com Argentina Italy, Ireland, Japan, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and others.
Ehsan Kiani 10 years .NET, ADO.NET, Angular, .NET Core, .NET Web API kiani.ehsan66@gmail.com Iran Portugal, Cyprus, Hungary, Norway, The United Kingdom, France, Sweden and others.
Fredy Sanabria 13 years Java, Hibernate, REST, Maven, SOAP, JUnit, Spring Framework, Oracle SQL, TDD/BDD, AEM sanabria.fredy@gmail.com Colombia United States, Spain, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Germany
Natasha Dos Reis 12 years Java, Selenium, Cucumber, Mobile QA, Manual QA, Automated QA visions.prelude@gmail.com Canada Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Luxembourg, Germany and others.
Caesar Mukama 9 years PHP, JavaScript, C#, CSS, OOP, HTML, TypeScript, Sass, ASP.NET Core, Less, React, RESTful APIs, React Native, ES6+, Vue, Ember, WebSockets, GraphQL, SaaS, Web Services, .NET Web API mcaesar88@gmail.com Uganda Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, United States and others.
Illia Kaplaushenko 4 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Angular, ES6, Agile (Scrum) ilkap07@gmail.com Ukraine Austria, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Canada and others.
Hai Le 10 years Git, .NET Framework, Maven, Spring Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Java EE, REST API, Leadership, Oracle DB hailt1209@gmail.com Vietnam New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Australia and others.
Ahmed Magdy 7 years Networking, DNS, Ansible, AWS, DHCP, Ethernet, OpenStack, TCP/IP Networking, Network Security, iOS networking stack, Core Networking, IAAS, IP Networking, Network Installation, BGP, AWS ECS, OSPF, Bash Scripting, Linux System Administration, Cloud Computing, Spanning Tree ahmed.magdy.tedata@gmail.com Egypt Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland
Armin Etemadi 8 years PHP, JavaScript, React.js armin.etemadi@gmail.com Iran New Zealand, Japan, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Canada and others.
Dorin Balan 3 years SQL Server, Azure, Docker, .NET, Kubernetes, .NET Core, Service Bus, .NET MVC, .NET Web API, Microservices Architecture gxsham@gmail.com Hungary Australia, Hungary, Canada, South Korea, The Netherlands, Germany, Japan and others.
Artem Molonosov Khavruk 8 years Node.js, Angular, React.js, Express.js artmol91@gmail.com Spain Germany
Prateek Dubey 7 years Python, Azure, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Databricks, Core ML prateekdubey12@gmail.com Singapore United States, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Denmark and others.
Rohit Kotecha 10 years Oracle, MongoDB, Hibernate, Maven, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, JBoss, Cloud, Apache Kafka, Spring Framework, Core Java, Web Services, ZooKeeper, Java EE, Microservice Architecture, REST API kotecharohit@gmail.com India Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Australia, The United Kingdom, Switzerland and others.
Pedro Boueke 5 years Python, Node.js, .NET, Elixir phboueke@gmail.com Brazil United States, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Sweden, Japan and others.
Aleksandar Mitrovic 5 years PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Elasticsearch, TypeScript, Docker, NoSQL, AWS, NodeJS, REST API aleksa446@gmail.com Serbia Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, Portugal, Estonia, Switzerland and others.
Philip Jonas 5 years Node.js, TypeScript, React, PHP Laravel, AWS ECS pjcjonas@gmail.com South Africa New Zealand, Canada, United States, Australia
Julia Shestakova 5 years MongoDB, Express, TypeScript, React, NodeJS greenroach@gmail.com Russia Germany, Austria, Spain, Luxembourg, Czech Republic
Fernando Imazu 14 years Python, SQL Server, Azure, Apache Spark, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Data Architecture, ETL Development, Azure Databricks, Data Engineering, Azure SQL fimazu@gmail.com Brazil Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany and others.
Valery Yakovlev 12 years Java, Spring Boot, NoSQL, Postgres, REST API yvaldm@gmail.com Russia France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and others.
Esteban Mercado 13 years Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js, Angular, Agile (Scrum) v.estebanmercado@gmail.com Argentina United States, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Norway and others.
Jared Huayta 4 years Java, C#, MySQL, SQL, AWS ejhuayta@gmail.com Peru The United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Italy, Austria and others.
Elena Pavlova 3 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, WordPress, Git, MongoDB, Webpack, Smarty, PrestaShop, SCSS elena.forester@gmail.com Germany Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, The United Kingdom
Bruno Krnić 3 years Database Administration, Database Development krnic.bruno@gmail.com Croatia The Netherlands, Canada
Anatoli Nicolae 8 years PHP, React, NodeJS, Flutter desk@anatolinicolae.com Italy Sweden, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands and others.
Oleksii Rozanov 5 years JavaScript, Node.js, React, Angular rozanovz13@gmail.com Ukraine Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Austria, United States, The Netherlands
Sara Nassar 10 years Java, Spring MVC, TypeScript, Jenkins, Spring Boot, AWS, GraphQL, Project Management, React.js, Serverless, Jenkins CI, Node JS, AWS CloudFormation, Fargate, Agile Software Development saraomaya@gmail.com Egypt Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, France, Ireland and others.
Alex Boasca 4 years JavaScript, CSS, Django, PostgreSQL, HTML, Django REST Framework, Vue alexandru.boasca@gmail.com Romania The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Cyprus and others.
Reme Le Hane 8 years React, Angular, NodeJS, React Native reme.lehane@gmail.com South Africa Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Australia
Ilya Strelov 6 years PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Django, Laravel, TypeScript, Yii, Redux, React strelov1@gmail.com Russia France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, The United Kingdom and others.
Alex Sukhitashvili 5 years JavaScript, Node.js, Angular sukhitashvilialex2@gmail.com Georgia Italy, Germany, Norway, The United Kingdom, France, United States, Austria and others.
Michel Ridguay 10 years MySQL, Linux, Windows, Oracle, .NET, MSSQL, AWS RDS, System Administration, Database Administration ridguay@gmail.com Uruguay Canada, Poland, The United Kingdom, Japan, United States, Spain, Czech Republic and others.
Mohamed Younes 5 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, CSS, MySQL, Ajax, OOP, Doctrine contact@medunes.net Germany Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Italy, Thailand, Canada and others.
Louise Santos 5 years JavaScript, CSS, Git, HTML, Sketch, Prototyping, Wireframing, Product Design, User Experience, SCSS, UI Design (Web/Mobile), Agile Methodologies louise.gabriela@hotmail.com Brazil Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, Australia, France and others.
Nathaniel Capule 7 years JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Golang, Google Cloud nmcapule@gmail.com Philippines Japan, Austria, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, South Korea and others.
Sanni Taiwo 3 years JavaScript, Python, Django, Flask, AWS, Data Engineering tywosanni@gmail.com Nigeria Canada, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, New Zealand, Finland, Austria and others.
Alexey Tereshchenko 7 years Java, Android, SQLite, Gradle, Firebase, Realm, Retrofit, Fabric, Dagger, RxJava, Android Studio ter.al.ser@gmail.com Ukraine United States, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand
Mahmud Bodurov 3 years encryption, Oracle SQL Developer, Core Java, AWS RDS, AWS ECS bodurovmahmud@gmail.com Azerbaijan The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and others.
Loc Nguyen 4 years Python, Azure, AWS, React, Microservices, Angular, VueJS, Big Data locnguyen3051994@gmail.com Vietnam Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Luxembourg, Canada and others.
Henry Otighe 3 years PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, React, NodeJS, ExpressJS oti4me@gmail.com Nigeria Sweden, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Poland, Finland
Ratko Dimovski 7 years Linux, System Administration d_ratko30@yahoo.com North Macedonia Australia, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, The United Kingdom and others.
Ramya Penmatsa 7 years Swift, Cocoa Touch, MVVM, Objective-C, MVC, iOS Development ramyapenmatsa62@gmail.com France The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Germany, Singapore, The United Kingdom, Sweden
Christian Porras 8 years Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, VMWare, AWS CloudFormation porras.c.m@gmail.com Costa Rica Estonia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Denmark and others.
Tyler Adams 5 years JavaScript, Python, Django, Django REST Framework, Redux, React, Jest tyleraadams@gmail.com United States France, Portugal, Italy, Spain
Rainer Keerdo 3 years Java, Python, С++, Linux, Automation, AWS, Golang, CAN, Continuous Integration, RESTful Web Services, Infrastructure, Infrastructure as Code r.keerdo@gmail.com Estonia Germany, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Japan
Milos Nikolic 4 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, Sass, Webpack, Liferay, Redux, React milos5611@gmail.com Serbia Singapore, Ireland, Canada, Denmark, China, Luxembourg, Sweden and others.
Adebayo Oluyemi 6 years JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, HTML, AWS, Bootstrap, VueJS, PHP Laravel, Flutter adebayooluyemi4@gmail.com Nigeria The United Kingdom, United States, Austria, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Singapore and others.
Duc Nguyen 12 years Java, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Angular, REST API ducnv82@gmail.com Vietnam The Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Finland, France, Denmark, Norway and others.
Denis Yackushev 14 years PHP, Symfony, MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, API, nginx, Elasticsearch, WebSocket, Lua, Redis, NoSQL, memcached, Team Lead, RESTful Web Services, Columnar Storage, Oracle SQL kisanetik@gmail.com Latvia Ireland, United States, Spain, China, Singapore, France, Hungary and others.
Shahin Nazarov 3 years Java me@shahinnazarov.com Azerbaijan The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, South Korea, France, Germany, United States, Luxembourg and others.
Viet Pham 5 years Java, C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, Selenium, IntelliJ IDEA, Cucumber, BDD, Test Automation phamquangquocviet@gmail.com Vietnam Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Poland and others.

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