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Name In the industry (Tech) skills Email Social Current location Possible destinations
Mohamed Elshemy 5 years Java, Spring, RESTful Web Services mhmd.elshemy@gmail.com Egypt Australia, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Japan, The Netherlands and others.
Roman Klevtcov 8 years Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Angular, Docker Orchestration, Preact, Vuex frontandstart@gmail.com Russia Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, The Netherlands and others.
Juan Carlos Sanchez Ruiz 9 years JavaScript, Ruby, Go, React, Angular, Tech Lead, API Design juanjcsr@gmail.com Mexico Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, United States
Woraprat Jindain 10 years JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, GitLab, React, VueJS, Node JS mrrkdesign@gmail.com Thailand Sweden, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Finland, The United Kingdom and others.
Bipin Babu 8 years JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Microservices, Java Spring, Angular, Node JS bipin.u.babu@gmail.com India The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Estonia, Canada, Finland, Denmark and others.
Quinton Howard 14 years Python, Linux, Unix, HTML, Microsoft, Grafana, MS SQL, Data Analytics, ERP, Oracle SQL, ITIL qhoward1@gmail.com South Africa The Netherlands
Victor Zelenin 4 years MySQL, Linux, PostgreSQL, Docker, JUnit, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Akka, Mockito, AWS, Core Java, Hiberbate zelenin.victor95@gmail.com Ukraine Ireland, Cyprus, Hungary, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Finland and others.
Mouayad Khashfeh 13 years C#, SQL Server, Jenkins, .NET, Apache Kafka, AWS, React, Team Lead mou2ayad@gmail.com Malaysia Germany, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, The Netherlands and others.
Kaisar Akhmet 7 years Java, jQuery, Ajax, Git, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Maven, Hadoop, Apache Spark, SOAP, Gradle, Spring Boot, JBoss, Jira, IntelliJ, REST API kaysar89@gmail.com Kazakhstan United States, Switzerland, Canada, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands
Konstantin Kochukov 5 years Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, PostgreSQL, Scala, Spring, Docker, Spring Boot, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Kafka, T-SQL, Hiberbate kkochukovat@gmail.com Russia Japan, The United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and others.
Sang Tran 5 years Java, C, Git, Mercurial, Jira, C++ sangqt.inb@gmail.com Vietnam Germany, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand
Olena Pliskina 5 years Python, Oracle, Perl, AWS, QA, MSSQL olena.pliskina@gmail.com Ukraine The United Kingdom, Estonia, Germany, Canada, The Netherlands
Kevin Mbarua 5 years JavaScript, Python, HTML, Core Java ​murimiclerk@gmail.com Kenya Japan, Norway, Malaysia, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Canada and others.
Hossam Ali 3 years TDD, Redux, React, Scrum, Angular, Agile, Jest, Enzyme hossamm.ali1993@gmail.com Egypt Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada, Ireland, Sweden and others.
Arda Tosun 4 years Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, SOAP, Jenkins, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Cloud, Vue.js, Spring Framework, CircleCI, Microservice Architecture, REST API t.arda@outlook.com Turkey Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland and others.
Ilya Sherpakov 15 years JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET, RabbitMQ, C++ ilya.sherpakov@gmail.com Ukraine Cyprus, Canada, The Netherlands, United States, Czech Republic, Germany
Mark John Moreno 6 years Java, Spring, Docker, JUnit moreno.mark.john@gmail.com Philippines Australia, Portugal, Austria, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Czech Republic and others.
Grace Kimotho 3 years JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Flask, CoffeeScript, Redux, React, MobX graycenjoki@gmail.com Kenya Australia, Austria, Hungary, The United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, Sweden and others.
Mohamed Rizvi Abdul Hameed 5 years iOS, Swift, Objective-C, SDLC rizvimweb@gmail.com Sri Lanka Denmark, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Ireland and others.
Mark Fadeev 9 years Java, PostgreSQL, Unity, Docker, Kubernetes mark.fadeev@gmail.com Russia The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland
Isaac Kiyimba 7 years Java, MySQL, Spring, Docker, JUnit, Kubernetes, AWS, Kotlin isaaceduardk@gmail.com Uganda Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Finland, Canada, Luxembourg and others.
Matias Safranchik 5 years CSS, HTML, .NET, Sass, React, Angular, ES6+, .NET Core, Node JS, Next.js matisafra@hotmail.com Argentina Germany, Finland, United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands and others.
Jandos Iskakov 10 years Java, Oracle, Maven, Spring j.isqaqov@gmail.com Belarus The United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, United States
Victor Komolafe 5 years Java, SQL, Spring Boot, Kafka, Java EE vokomolafe@gmail.com Nigeria Belgium, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Canada, New Zealand and others.
Hassan Ali 10 years JavaScript, C#, jQuery, Hibernate, Docker, Windows Services, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, AWS, Java Spring, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core, .NET MVC, Postgre, REST API, C/C++, .NET Web Services, Web APIs hassan.mcsd@hotmail.com Lebanon France, Norway, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden and others.
Sergio Fernández 12 years CSS, HTML, Redux, React, GraphQL, Node JS sfernandez.dev@gmail.com Paraguay Switzerland, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Estonia, Sweden, Germany and others.
Esteban Vertzner 6 years JavaScript, C#, jQuery, CSS, Delphi, HTML, .NET esteban.vertzner@gmail.com Argentina Germany
Mirko Stanić 9 years PHP, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, REST, Angular, Tech Lead, Node JS mirko.stanic@gmail.com Croatia Luxembourg, France, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and others.
Matheus Cuba 4 years PHP, JavaScript, C#, Sass, Less, Vue.js, React, .NET Core, Node JS matheusmcuba@gmail.com Brazil Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, United States, Spain, Sweden and others.
Elie Tabet 7 years JavaScript, iOS, CSS, SQL, Swift, HTML, ASP.NET, Objective-C Eliebtabet@gmail.com Lebanon Italy, Belgium, France, Norway, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Austria and others.
Gaurav Dudeja 4 years Java, Spring, Golang, gRPC gauravddja@gmail.com India Canada, Poland, Malaysia, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Denmark and others.
Abdul Wahid Saeed 5 years JavaScript, .NET Core, .NET MVC, Node JS, Microsoft SQL wahidsaeed1@outlook.com Pakistan Cyprus, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Germany, France and others.
Facundo Conde 3 years JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Angular chuck.conde@gmail.com Argentina France, Australia, Germany, Canada, Italy, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and others.
Dzmitry Bely 4 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, React, Angular, Frontend dmitriibely@gmail.com Belarus Canada, Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Cyprus and others.
Abdurhman An-naggar 4 years PHP, Java, Android, Linux, AWS, Java Spring, React.js, Node JS abdurhmannaggar@gmail.com Egypt The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Finland and others.
Marijana Berket 15 years Mobile QA, Team Management, QA Analyst, User Testing, Manual Testing, Regression Testing mberket@hotmail.com Ireland Portugal, United States, Germany, Japan, France, Austria, Switzerland and others.
Ravi Joshi 6 years Java, REST, Spring Boot ravihj5@gmail.com India Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Sweden and others.
Laislla Ramos 6 years C#, .NET, .NET MVC, .NET Web API laisllaramos@gmail.com Brazil Switzerland, France, Finland, South Korea, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and others.
Peter John 12 years PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Jenkins, Redux, AWS, React, NodeJS, Elastic Search peterfirst@gmail.com United Arab Emirates The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Finland
Walid Shoufani 10 years Java, Hibernate walid.shoufani@gmail.com Lebanon
Hesham Osman 4 years Java, Hibernate, React, Spring Framework hesham.osman28@gmail.com Egypt Italy, Ireland, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Sweden and others.
Rodolfo Americo 6 years Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Oracle, Docker, Spring Security, Spring Boot, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Spring Data JPA, Postgre rodolfoamerico2010@hotmail.com Brazil Switzerland, Germany, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Australia, Italy and others.
Jose Mario Gutierrez 8 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, NodeJS, CSS3 animations, Augmented Reality, SVG Animation, Next.js josemariogutierrez.co@gmail.com Colombia Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, New Zealand and others.
Rudolf Eremyan 4 years Python, Machine Learning, AWS, Data Science eremyan.rudolf@gmail.com Georgia France, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and others.
Arun K Ramachandran 5 years JavaScript, CSS, Git, Express, HTML, nginx, Gulp, Webpack, Redux, AWS, React, Flux, NodeJS, ES6, Jest, Enzyme, Cypress, User Interface arunk.ramachandran6@gmail.com The United Kingdom Ireland, Cyprus, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Switzerland, Norway and others.
Dmitriy Aflitonov 6 years JavaScript, C#, .NET aflitonovdv@gmail.com Estonia Estonia, Canada, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and others.
Eleazar Mejias 5 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, Spring Boot eleazar1805@gmail.com Peru Spain, The United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, The Netherlands and others.
M.Reza Qurbani 12 years Python, AWS, Team Lead, C/C++ mreza.qurbani@gmail.com Iran Germany, Canada, Poland, Finland
Ravi Agrawal 9 years MySQL, Maven, Tomcat, Redis, Apache Kafka, Java Spring, Distributed Systems, Core Java, Apache Cassandra, REST API, Hiberbate agrawal.ravi1989@gmail.com India Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany and others.
Raphael Etim 4 years JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Mongoose, Sequelize.js, React, Redux.JS raphaelumoh@gmail.com Nigeria Sweden, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Norway, Ireland, United States and others.
Juba Diboune 5 years CSS, HTML, UX Design, Interaction Design, UX/UI hello@jubadiboune.com United States Portugal, France, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States and others.
Anthony Agbator 6 years Node.js, Vue.js, Angular, GraphQL agbatoreanthony@gmail.com Nigeria Luxembourg, Germany, Canada, United States, Finland, France, The United Kingdom and others.
Andrey Yagovkin 6 years JavaScript, Azure, .NET, Unit Testing, .NET Core, .NET MVC, Microsoft SQL, .NET Web API ay.pbox@gmail.com Russia Canada, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Belgium, United States, Cyprus and others.
Lucas Daniel Romero 2 years JavaScript, Webpack, Vue.js, React lucasromero674@gmail.com Argentina Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Austria, United States and others.
Mohamed Taher 7 years JavaScript, C#, CSS, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core MVC, Microsoft SQL mo7amed_taher@hotmail.com Saudi Arabia The United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium
Luan Fagundes 10 years JavaScript, Vue.js, AWS, React, Angular, ES6, Jest luan03@msn.com Brazil Ireland, Australia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands and others.
Davmi Jose Valdez Ogando 3 years .NET Framework, Xamarin, .NET, React, .NET Core, .NET MVC davjvo.dev@gmail.com Dominican Republic Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Luxembourg, Spain, Canada, The United Kingdom and others.
Akhil Mittal 8 years Java, Git, MongoDB, Spring, Spring Security, React, Microservices mittal.akhil002@gmail.com United Arab Emirates Estonia, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Singapore, United States, France and others.
Anton Laptashev 9 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Vue.js, React, Angular anton.laptashev@gmail.com Belarus New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Luxembourg, Ireland and others.
Ehsan Yar Mohammadi 5 years JavaScript, MySQL, Git, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, JSP, Spring, Tomcat, JPA, SVN, SOAP, Jenkins, Spring Boot, Redis, Glassfish, RabbitMQ, SonarQube, GitLab, Swagger, ReactJS, REST API, BPMN, Splunk, Oracle DB, Hiberbate ehsanyar1991@gmail.com Iran Switzerland, Hungary, The United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, Italy, Estonia and others.

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