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Alejandro Marr 7 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Laravel, CodeIgniter, API, Express, TypeScript, NestJS alejandromarr@gmail.com Argentina The Netherlands, United States, Germany, Spain, Belgium
Petru Zatîc 2 years JavaScript, Ruby, .NET Framework, Ruby on Rails, OOP, .NET, Angular, OOD, .NET Core, .NET MVC, Angular.js, REST API, .NET Web API, Agile (Scrum) zatic.petru@outlook.com Moldova Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Canada, Luxembourg and others.
Chisom Anuforom 13 years JavaScript, CSS, XML, Git, Maven, ASP.NET, Gradle, .NET, UML, Android SQLite, Oracle SQL Developer, Java Spring, ReactJS, Java Developer, Microsoft SQL Server, Android Developer, Agile (Scrum) grantnufor@yahoo.com Nigeria The Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Austria, Spain, Norway, Belgium and others.
Luis Alejandro Ruiz Del Águila 5 years MongoDB, Azure, Express, Docker, Cloud, Kubernetes, AWS, DevOps, Java Spring, NodeJS, Core Java lrda@outlook.com Peru Canada, United Arab Emirates, China, United States, The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark and others.
Acemir Sousa Mendes 12 years PHP, JavaScript, C#, CSS, Laravel, HTML, Webpack, React, Angular, Backbone, React Native, Vue acemirsm@gmail.com Brazil The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Estonia
Ilija Vujovic 6 years Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Visual Design, UI/UX Design, Art Director hello@ilija.design Czechia Austria
Tawakalt Olaniyi 4 years JavaScript, jQuery, Python, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Gulp, TDD, Redux, Ansible, React, Grunt olaniyitaiwo95@yahoo.com Nigeria Sweden, Germany, Canada, The United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates
Shervin Harsini 2 years PHP, Java, .NET, Jasmine, Mocha, React, Angular, .NET Core shervin88@gmail.com Italy The Netherlands, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada
Liam Klyneker 6 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sass, Redux, React, UI Design, ReactJS, Vue, Stylus, UI/UX Design, Next.js, Nuxt.js liamklyneker@gmail.com Peru Portugal, France, Austria, Cyprus, Italy, The United Kingdom, Germany and others.
Arjun Divakaran.k 3 years Hibernate, Spring, AWS, Angular, Java Developer, RESTful Web Services arjundk003@gmail.com India Sweden, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Canada, Austria, Australia and others.
Hoang Le Ba 7 years Python, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, Algorithm, PostgreSQL, Asynchronous, NoSQL, Apache Kafka, Golang hoangleba@gmail.com Vietnam Australia, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, New Zealand and others.
Alan Betanov 5 years CSS, Node.js, HTML, Redux, Jira, React, JS, PostCSS alanb.develop@gmail.com Russia The United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Denmark and others.
Tremaine Buchanan 5 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Node.js, Git, HTML, Angular, Bootstrap, TravisCI tremainekbuchanan@gmail.com Jamaica Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Finland, United States and others.
Paula Diniz 6 years JavaScript, CSS, REST, Cordova, HTML, AWS, Angular, NodeJS, Vue bomdiapaulaa@gmail.com Brazil The Netherlands, Ireland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Canada and others.
Lukas Formela 2 years JavaScript, HTML, Docker, Sass, Redux, React, AWS Services lukortech@gmail.com Poland Norway, Germany, New Zealand, Estonia, The Netherlands, Ireland, Finland and others.
Salvation Omorodion 7 years Business Analysis, Data Structures, Data Analysis, Microsoft SQL, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Product Management, Data Visualization omor.salvation@gmail.com Nigeria The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Sweden, United States, Canada
Jzauwne Ruzzl Leoj Abalus 3 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sass, Less, Redux, React, Lead, ES6, CSS Preprocessors jrlabalus@gmail.com Philippines United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Finland, Malaysia, Belgium, Norway, Portugal and others.
Shayan Yazdanpanah 4 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, MySQL, Ajax, Git, Selenium, HTML, Webpack, Ember Data, Leaflet, Redux, Ember CLI, React, Ember, Chai shayanypn@gmail.com Iran Malaysia, France, Ireland, Finland, Poland, Singapore, New Zealand and others.
Yuriy Kovalchuk 4 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, React, Front end, ES6, React Native, VueJS, Redux.JS, Jest, PWA jimbokid89@gmail.com Ukraine The United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, The Netherlands and others.
Danny Bennett 20 years Python, Ruby, Linux, Oracle, REST, Azure, Docker, Chef, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, *nix, Shell Scripting, Red Hat, Embedded Software Development danny@benqubits.org United States Switzerland, Estonia, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, The Netherlands and others.
Samuel Reichert 6 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Node.js, Git, Ruby on Rails, HTML, GitHub, TypeScript, Webpack, Redux, Vue.js, React, ES6/Next, Yarn, SCSS, ES6, React Native, GraphQL, BEM, Jest, PWA, Enzyme, Express.js, RESTful API, Styled Components, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), ExpressJS samuelreichertt@gmail.com Brazil The Netherlands, Estonia, Germany, Ireland
Oreoluwa Adegbite 4 years Python, CSS, Ruby, PowerShell, Azure, Jenkins, Docker, Ionic Framework, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Source Version Control, Containerisation, Configuration Management, Infrastructure as Code, Bash Scripting, Technical Support, Cloud Services adegbiteoreoluwa@gmail.com Nigeria China, United States, France, Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden and others.
Sergey Chernov 4 years Python, Git, NumPy, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, Golang, Airflow, gRPC, Data Science, C++ chernov.sergey23@gmail.com Russia Germany, Cyprus, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Finland
Anton Krylov 4 years Java, JavaScript, GWT, Redux, React, Angular, RxJS krylovsentry@yandex.ru Russia France, Ireland, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Portugal, Canada, Norway and others.
Gustavo Conde 4 years Java, Android, iOS, Swift, Objective-C, MVP, Unit Testing, iOS Development gdconde@gmail.com Argentina The Netherlands, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain and others.
Abdullah Al Imran 2 years Python, PostgreSQL, Pandas, Apache Spark, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, R, Tableau, Data Mining, Deep Learning, Data Modelling, Data Analytics, PyTorch, Data Science abdalimran@gmail.com Bangladesh Canada, Belgium, United States, Germany, Denmark, Malaysia, Finland and others.
Robert Sambuena 6 years JavaScript, Python, CSS, MySQL, HTML, TypeScript, AWS, Golang, Angular, NodeJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap robert.sambuena@gmail.com Singapore Canada, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand and others.
Fatih İnan 6 years Java, Android, iOS, Swift, Xcode, Git, JUnit, WebSocket, Android SQLite, Jira, SOLID, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Espresso, Android Studio, Core Data, Android Jetpack fatihinan1992@gmail.com Turkey
Igor Gacesa 2 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, JS code, Bootstrap igorgacesa89@gmail.com Serbia Italy
Manuel Pacheco 4 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Sass, Ionic, AWS, React, Angular, NodeJS, Agile, EcmaScript, Angular.js pachecomanuel.93@gmail.com Argentina Australia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, United States, The Netherlands, Japan and others.
Naci Yuksel 6 years JavaScript, C#, Python, ASP.NET MVC, Oracle, PostgreSQL, ASP.NET Web API, Jenkins, Docker, Knockout.js, .NET, Common Lisp, Jira, ETL, Grafana, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core, .NET MVC, Elastic Search, Postman, Microsoft SQL, .NET Web API, SOAP/REST, ASP.NET Web Forms yuksel.naci@gmail.com Turkey Canada, Singapore, Norway, Finland, Portugal, United States, Austria and others.
Marat Kamalov 3 years Java, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, Spring, TypeScript, NPM, React, Agile ranerdom@yandex.ru Russia Czech Republic, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Singapore and others.
Stanislau Liamniou 7 years Python, Bash, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Bitbucket, Kubernetes, Terraform liamnou@gmail.com Belarus Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Sweden
Dmytro Myronov 5 years JavaScript, C#, Linux, Meteor, Firebase, Sass, Redux, React, NodeJS, .NET Core dima.dev01@gmail.com Argentina Germany, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom
Ciro Campos 2 years CSS, SQL, C, HTML, Jira, Product Manager, Product Owner, Confluence, Product Development, C++ cirocamposr@gmail.com Chile Singapore, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Italy, France and others.
Alexey Andrianov 3 years JavaScript, Ruby, Git, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, HTML, RSpec, SCSS, C++ alexandrianovmail@gmail.com Belarus Finland, The United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Denmark and others.
Izek Chen 8 years Python, SQL, PowerShell, Elasticsearch, Monitoring, Kubernetes, AWS, ELK, Performance Monitoring, Shell Scripting, Linux System Administration mz00000102@gmail.com Taiwan Germany, Australia, United States, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and others.
Hamid Rezaeriad 9 years C#, MySQL, Node.js, Linux, Windows, Git, MongoDB, ASP.NET, Docker, RabbitMQ, AWS, React, GraphQL, CI/CD, MS SQL Server, Agile (Scrum, Kanban) hamid.rezaeriad@gmail.com Malaysia Sweden, Germany, Austria, Finland, Denmark
Abhishek Singh 3 years PHP, JavaScript, Git, PostgreSQL, Laravel, SVN, Socket.IO, OpenAPI, Node JS, REST API, Express.js abhisingh.singh333@gmail.com India Canada, The United Kingdom, Denmark, United States, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, France and others.
Cezary Lewczuk 3 years Kanban, Project Management, Waterfall, Agile (Scrum), Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Agile Coach lewczuk.cezary@gmail.com Poland Japan, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia, Austria, Ireland and others.
Igor Korchagin 5 years MySQL, TypeScript, Redis, RabbitMQ, AWS, React, Node JS igor.korchagin8@gmail.com Russia Italy, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, France, The United Kingdom, Finland and others.
Stefan Djordjevic 5 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, WordPress, Laravel, HTML, Google Analytics, Vue.js stefan.djordjevic@dk-studio.me Serbia Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Luxembourg and others.

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