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Bárbara Izabela Perdigão 5 years Java, MySQL, VB.NET, Docker, Apache Kafka, Microservices, Kafka Streams barbaraizabela1990@gmail.com Brazil New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Canada, France, The Netherlands and others.
Dmitry Kuzmin 3 years Java, Python, Vaadin, C++ xotonic@yandex.ru Montenegro Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany and others.
Karlis Goba 9 years Python, C, Linux, Machine Learning, Embedded, Speech Recognition, Embedded C, ARM, Deep Learning, Algorithms, DSP, C++ karlis.goba@gmail.com Latvia The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Finland, Switzerland and others.
Ori Avraham 5 years JavaScript, AWS, React, Golang, NodeJS, Postgres, Mongo sufgis@gmail.com Israel Germany, South Korea, Australia, Canada, United States, Italy, Finland and others.
Bujar Ademi 9 years C#, ASP.NET, .NET, .NET Web API, MS SQL Server, .NET Web Services bujar@bujarademi.com Macedonia Germany, Switzerland
Rodrigo Dumont 12 years Git, Golang, NodeJS rlsdumont@gmail.com Brazil The United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, The Netherlands, Portugal, France, Germany
Alexandr Shandra 10 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB, HTML, nginx, Doctrine, Twig, Memcache, NodeJS, Bootstrap shandra.alexandr@gmail.com Kyrgyzstan The Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Canada and others.
Seyma Sagbas 5 years QA, Agile, Test Automation, Robot Framework, Manual Testing seymasagbas@gmail.com Turkey Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland
Felipe Alfaro 3 years Python, Machine Learning, NLP, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science felialois@gmail.com Spain United States, Portugal, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates
Ali Kazmi 13 years MongoDB, Entity Framework, LINQ, WCF, .NET, React, NodeJS, React Native, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET MVC, Express.js smakazmi@gmail.com Pakistan Poland, New Zealand, Hungary, Finland, Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland and others.
Oleksii Yevstratov 15 years Python, SQL, Oracle, Bash, Machine Learning, Kafka, Data Analysis, Data Visualization eee.alexxx@gmail.com Belarus Italy, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France
Diego Gomez 6 years JavaScript, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, OOP, Docker, TDD, AWS, Microservices, Angular, ECS diego.f.gomez.pardo@gmail.com Colombia France, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Luxembourg, Italy, Norway and others.
Dmitry Kolesnichenko 5 years JavaScript, Python, Django, MongoDB, Flask, Angular, Postgres dimitrik.ko@gmail.com Ukraine France, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, The United Kingdom and others.
Ziv Kalderon 7 years Java, JavaScript, MySQL, SQL Server, Node.js, MongoDB, .NET Framework, AWS, React, Angular kalziv@gmail.com Israel Sweden, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Norway and others.
Nguyen Nguyen 2 years JavaScript, Python, Django, Redis, Computer Vision, TensorFlow, ReactJS, CircleCI npnguyen@apcs.vn Japan Canada, South Korea, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, Thailand and others.
Mikhail Kuzin 10 years Java, Selenium, JUnit, JMeter, TestNG, Swagger, Gatling, Jenkins CI, Performance Testing, Automated QA mkuzin.cv@gmail.com Russia The Netherlands, Canada, United States, Finland, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden
Vladimir Semenyuk 10 years JavaScript, Python, Django, TypeScript, React mail@vsemenyuk.pro Russia Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Estonia, The United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy and others.
Erekle Kereselidze 5 years JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, WordPress, HTML, Yii, Sass, Vue.js, SOLID, PHP Laravel erekle.kereselidze2@gmail.com Georgia Norway, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Cyprus and others.
Siobhán Heaton 8 years PHP, JavaScript, C#, Python, С++, Ruby, Xcode, Ruby on Rails, Selenium, Scrum, QA, ReactJS, React Native, Agile siobhan.heaton@gmail.com The United Kingdom Ireland, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Canada and others.
Nicholas O. Silva 12 years Java, Maven, HTML, Jenkins, DevOps, COBOL, Angular, SCSS nicholas.o.silva@live.com Brazil Canada, Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Ireland and others.
Atul Tirkey 6 years Product Management ast0708@gmail.com India Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Thailand, Germany, Singapore, The Netherlands and others.
Oluwasesan Osanyinbi 3 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Product Design, Adobe Creative Suite, Principle, UI/UX Design sesan2007uk@gmail.com Nigeria Germany, Estonia, Canada, United States, Spain
Amir Mohsen Khoubanfar 10 years C#, Python, PostgreSQL, AWS, Golang, Agile (Scrum) khoubanfar@gmail.com Malaysia Spain, Singapore, The United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, The Netherlands, Switzerland
Vera Stankevich 5 years WPF, .NET Framework, .NET, Windows Services, .NET Core, .NET MVC, .NET Web API stankevichvera@gmail.com Belarus
Dilshat Aliev 7 years Java, Spring Boot, NoSQL, Golang, VueJS, Multithreaded Development, REST API, Relational Databases dilshat.aliev@gmail.com Kyrgyzstan United States, Norway, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium and others.
Kenneth Chidozie Onah 4 years PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Laravel, Express.js kennet.onah@gmail.com Nigeria United Arab Emirates, Canada, Japan, Germany
Igor Rybakov 19 years Scala, Akka, Flink, Distributed Systems, Cloud Architecture irybakov@gmail.com Kazakhstan Spain, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark
Ricardo Aragón 10 years PHP, Ruby on Rails, Laravel richard015ar@gmail.com Argentina Canada, New Zealand, Germany
Saeed Moghadamzadeh 5 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Linux, Git, MongoDB, Laravel, OOP, HTML, nginx, Redis, RabbitMQ, Design Patterns saeed.moghadamzadeh@gmail.com Malaysia The Netherlands, Germany
Alessandro Alves 6 years Java, JavaScript, C#, CSS, SQL Server, .NET Framework, HTML, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Web API, Scrum, Angular, Bootstrap, DDD alessandromontividiu03@gmail.com Brazil France, South Korea, Estonia, Norway, New Zealand, Italy, Luxembourg and others.
Rogerio Chagas 7 years Java, Oracle, Selenium, Unix, SoapUI, BDD, QA, Shell Scripting, Continuous Integration, Test Automation, Software Testing rogerdeveloperweb@gmail.com Brazil Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, United States, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Portugal
Omar Yazeji 4 years Java, JavaScript, C#, jQuery, HTML, Android SQLite, Android Studio, .NET MVC, MS SQL, Visual Studio omaryazji@gmail.com Turkey Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain
Javier Marchetti 8 years JavaScript, .NET, Angular, .NET Core javiermarchetti83@gmail.com Argentina Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands
Sagar Arlekar 11 years Python, MySQL, Ruby, Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, Machine Learning, Geospatial, AWS, Microservices, Agile, Serverless, AWS Lambda, Data Analytics, Software Architecture sagar.arlekar@gmail.com United States Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, The United Kingdom, Norway and others.
Ivan Kukharchuk 5 years Python, Linux, Jenkins, Docker, DevOps ikukharchuk@gmail.com Japan Spain, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Cyprus and others.
Sheena Marie Suzzane Escobido 9 years Java, MongoDB, Spring, Spring Boot, Angular shin.escobido@gmail.com Philippines France, United States, Canada, Germany, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland and others.
Ismail Ahmed 7 years CSS, HTML, Sketch, UI Design, UX Design, Mobile UI Design, Product Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure, Balsamiq, Adobe XD ismailthedesigner@gmail.com United Arab Emirates Malaysia, Hungary, Spain, Finland, United States, Estonia, New Zealand and others.
Magno Sousa 8 years PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Postgres magno.bds@gmail.com Ireland Poland, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Australia, Portugal and others.
Tetiana Koknova 7 years Agile, Project Management tetiana.koknova@gmail.com Ukraine The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom
Nikola Ticojevic 5 years Swift, Git, OOP, CocoaPods, Realm, Objective-C, iOS SDK, REST API, Core Data, Agile (Scrum) iticojevic@gmail.com Serbia
Oleksii Horishnii 5 years iOS, Swift, Objective-C oleksii.horishnii@gmail.com Ukraine Cyprus, Hungary, Canada, Austria, The Netherlands, Spain, Ireland and others.
Alex Ezell 21 years PHP, Symfony, Python, MySQL, Django, PostgreSQL, Flask, Microservices, APIs alex@alexezell.com United States Ireland, Spain, Italy, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Thailand and others.
Michael Yung 10 years .NET Framework, Azure bearyung@gmail.com Hong Kong United States, Canada, Australia, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand and others.
Serhii Shtelmakh 5 years Selenium WebDriver, Core Java, Software QA, Agile (Scrum), Automated Web Testing shtelmah.serhiy@gmail.com Poland Canada
Muammar Yacoob 4 years C#, Unity3d, Augmented Reality, Game Development muammar.yacoob@gmail.com Italy
Clarissa Rodrigues 8 years Selenium, Protractor, Cucumber, SoapUI, BDD, QA, Automated Testing, Gherkin, REST Assured, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), WebDriverJS clarissa.ar@gmail.com Brazil Belgium, Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden and others.
Jamahl Middleton 5 years PHP, Python, PostgreSQL, Docker, Vue.js, REST APIs richard.middleton@protonmail.com United States Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Singapore and others.
Dharmendra Khichar 4 years Java, MongoDB, Backbone.js, Spring Boot, NodeJS, Oracle DB dkhichar.cse11@itbhu.ac.in India China, Australia, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Czech Republic, Estonia and others.
Vali Jafarov 5 years Java, JavaScript, SQL, GitHub, Spring Boot, Machine Learning, Spring Framework, CI/CD, RESTful Web Services, Natural Language Processing, REST API velicaferov5@gmail.com Belarus United States, Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom
Ovchinnikova Alexandra 3 years Python, Django, Docker, Celery, Vue.js, Algorithm Design ovchinnikova.ale@gmail.com Russia United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Spain, China, The United Kingdom, Singapore, Norway and others.
Ayoub Abuzer 5 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, JSON, Ajax, Git, HTML ayoub.abozer@gmail.com Israel Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Austria, Denmark and others.
Neeraj Bakhtani 7 years Java, Maven, Jenkins, Selenium WebDriver, JUnit, JMeter, TestNG, Jira, Appium, SoapUI, Agile, Test Automation, Manual QA neeraj.bakhtani@gmail.com Singapore Belgium, Hungary, The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and others.
Ihor Karalash 6 years Xamarin, .NET, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin Native ihor.karalash@gmail.com Ukraine Canada, United States, The United Kingdom
Vladislav Konovalov 10 years JavaScript, C#, CSS, HTML, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin Native servitola@gmail.com Cyprus Australia, Czech Republic, South Korea, France, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Denmark and others.
Alexander Vovchenko 10 years Python, Linux, DevOps alexander.vovchenko@gmail.com Cyprus Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany and others.
Vasily Girichev 11 years Java, C#, Node.js, Maven, Spring Boot, .NET, Spring Framework greymem@gmail.com Kazakhstan United States, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand, Malaysia and others.
Ali Baqbani 6 years Swift, Git, Cocoa Touch, MVVM, Objective-C, RxSwift, Core Location, Design Patterns, .NET MVC, Core Data, iOS Development, Agile (Scrum) alibaq@outlook.com Iran Ireland, United States, The Netherlands, Portugal, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, Canada and others.
Sohaib Ahmed 6 years JavaScript, C#, jQuery, CSS, HTML, ASP.NET, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server sohaibyahmed999@hotmail.com United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates, Finland, Italy, Japan, Norway, The Netherlands, New Zealand and others.
Jaroslaw Wawro 16 years Java, Python, Machine Learning, Scrum, Agile, .NET Core, Augmented Reality, Waterfall jarek.wawro@gmail.com Poland Australia, Thailand, South Korea, Ireland, New Zealand, Finland, United States and others.
Alfredo Peñate 6 years Java, Python, Git, Jenkins, Selenium WebDriver, SoapUI, TestRail, Angular, Postman, QA Automation, Agile (Scrum), SauceLabs alfredop423@gmail.com Argentina Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Australia, Canada and others.
Orkun Akgül 4 years Java, Git, Hibernate, Maven, Spring, Tomcat, HTML, SOAP, Docker, JUnit, Spring Boot, Glassfish, Bitbucket, Netty, Wicket, Vue.js, SoapUI, OpenStack, TCP/IP Networking, Orchestration, Java EE, PL/SQL, Agile (Scrum), Apache Ant orkun.akgul34@gmail.com Belgium Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Ireland and others.
Hammad Naeem 6 years Java, Git, Hibernate, Maven, Spring MVC, Ember.js, Jenkins, Gradle, Docker, Spring Boot, Redux, React, Microservices, Angular, J2EE, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), SOAP/REST hammadnaeemhere@gmail.com Pakistan Germany, United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom
Shilpa Patwary 6 years CSS, HTML, Webpack, React, NodeJS, Agile, Redux.JS, Git Workflow, CSS Preprocessors, Express.js, Vanilla JS shilpa.patwary15@gmail.com India The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, Germany
Aliaksandr Zhukau 6 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Firebase, .NET, Redux, AWS, Angular, NodeJS lexzhukovpro@gmail.com Belarus Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, The Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic and others.
Sagar Karathiya 7 years Java, Xcode, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Appium, XCTest, Mobile QA, Performance Testing, QA Analyst, Manual QA, Automated QA, Robot Framework sagar_karathiya@yahoo.com India Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and others.
Chris Morgan 10 years FPGA morganhardware22@gmail.com Germany The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland
Giuseppe Cardenas 7 years Python, Django, Flask, MVC, Google Cloud Platform giuseppe.cardenas@gmail.com Colombia New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, South Korea, Belgium and others.
Udon Okoh 7 years OOP, Artificial Intelligence, Wireframing, Business Analysis, MVP, Big Data, SaaS, OOD, User Stories, Team Management, Data Analytics, Product Development, User Testing, Market Research, Product Management, Application Lifecycle Management, User Journeys, Agile (Scrum), Web Development, Application Architecture udonokoh@gmail.com Nigeria Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, South Korea, Canada, France, Germany and others.
Evgenii Perov 2 years Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Extreme Programming (XP) evgenynikolaevich3@gmail.com Montenegro Canada
Strahinja Milicevic 2 years JavaScript, C#, jQuery, CSS, WPF, .NET Framework, HTML, .NET MVC, MS SQL, .NET Web API milicevicstrahinja4@gmail.com Serbia
Michael de Almeida 3 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, MySQL, WordPress, HTML, GitHub, Sass, React, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap, Redux.JS, PhoneGap, CSS Preprocessors michaelralmeida@gmail.com Brazil The Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Denmark, Japan and others.
Yoav Rapaport 10 years Java, Solr, Cassandra, Redis, Apache Kafka, Microservices, CI/CD, ZooKeeper yrapa12@gmail.com Israel Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, The United Kingdom, Finland, United States and others.
Nibu George 6 years Java, Maven, Selenium, Jenkins, JUnit, TestNG, Appium, Mobile QA, Test Automation, Postman, REST Assured nibu.cherian.george@gmail.com India Italy, Estonia, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Sweden and others.
Yuriy Kaplun 6 years .NET, React, Ember, .NET Core, .NET MVC, .NET Web API kaplun.yuriy@gmail.com Ukraine Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark
Pedro Silva 6 years Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML, Robotics, C/C++, Robot Framework silva.mfpedro@gmail.com Portugal Spain, United States, Japan, Germany, France, Australia, The United Kingdom
Reshika Fernando 5 years PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Laravel, HTML, Sass, Less, Adobe InDesign, InVision, Wireframing, SCSS, Illustrator, Photoshop, BEM, Axure, User Flows, User Journey, UX Research, Agile (Scrum), UI/UX Design reshikafn92@gmail.com Sri Lanka Spain, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, The United Kingdom
Zachary Montague 4 years Azure, Jenkins, Ansible, AWS, Terraform, DevOps, Linux System Administration zacharyrmontague@gmail.com United States Estonia, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and others.
Saurabh Pradhan 7 years Java, MVVM, Android SQLite, Android SDK, MVP, Kotlin, Design Patterns, Android Studio, REST API saurabh.saurabh88@gmail.com India Canada, Estonia, Germany, New Zealand, United States, Norway, Luxembourg and others.
Aldric Aaron Anatalio 3 years Java, Android, OOP, MVVM, MVP, Kotlin, Clean Code, Reactive Programming, Hybrid Mobile Development aldric16@gmail.com Philippines New Zealand, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, Germany and others.
Behzad Rezaie 4 years C#, Git, Elasticsearch, TFS, .NET, ADO.NET, RabbitMQ, ELK, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core, .NET Web API behzadrezaie11@gmail.com Iran Norway, Singapore, Germany, Estonia, Portugal, France, Denmark and others.
Oleg Aleksandrov 4 years Java, Spring Framework, Kotlin rentert@protonmail.ch Russia Czech Republic, Ireland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and others.
Haitam Haj Ali 7 years Java, Linux, Cryptography, Embedded, TDD, React, Agile, OOD, C/C++ hitam@live.com Israel United States, Portugal, Spain, Italy, The United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg and others.
Darya Batyreva 3 years С++, HTML, Web Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Object Oriented Design, Adobe XD, Adobe Creative Cloud batyrevad@gmail.com Malaysia The United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Austria and others.
Gabriele Muscarella 23 years Embedded C, Firmware Engineering gabriele.muscarella@tiscali.it Italy Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, The United Kingdom, Denmark and others.
Igor Brikin 8 years JavaScript, Python, Redux, React ibrikin@gmail.com Russia Spain, Poland, Austria, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada and others.
Mohammed Naji 5 years JavaScript, Node.js moha.buy@gmail.com Palestine Germany, United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands and others.
Vladimir Gasic 5 years .NET vgashic@gmail.com Serbia Austria, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Spain, Norway and others.
Bogdan Trybel 5 years Java, JavaScript, Python, Django, Jenkins, Selenium WebDriver, Docker, Django REST Framework, JavaScript Testing, JavaScript DOM, QA Automation bogdan.trybel@gmail.com Poland
Alaa Saleh 5 years PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Laravel, Redux, React alaaisale7@gmail.com Argentina Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and others.
Martin Isla 5 years C#, Git, Microsoft Visual Studio, Unity, Game Development mmartin.isla@gmail.com Argentina South Korea, France, United States, Germany, Belgium, Finland, New Zealand and others.
Facundo Sa 7 years JavaScript, C#, Azure, Angular, .NET Core, .NET Web API sajuanfacundo@gmail.com Argentina Denmark, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain and others.
Pavel Kondratenko 8 years React, NodeJS iam@kondratenko.me Russia Norway, United States, Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, The Netherlands and others.
Alexey Cherepanov 4 years Java, Selenium WebDriver, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Automated Testing, Software QA, Manual Testing alexkarina85@gmail.com Israel Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria
Zarina Baitassova 2 years SQL, Analytics, A/B Testing, Project Management, Leadership, Product Management zarina.baitassova@gmail.com Kazakhstan

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