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Name In the industry (Tech) skills Email Social Current location Possible destinations
Paóla Quintero 11 years CSS, HTML, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, UX Design, Photoshop, UI/UX Design ypaoquint@gmail.com Colombia The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand and others.
Adrian Dumitrache 5 years PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, HTML, React dumitrache.ady91@gmail.com Romania The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium
Carl Nathan Mier 7 years JavaScript, C#, JSON, ASP.NET MVC, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, REST API carlnathanmier@gmail.com Philippines Belgium, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and others.
Eslam El-Sherbieny 4 years PHP, JavaScript, C#, MySQL, XML, Apache, Magento, HTML, IIS, ASP.NET, Knockout.js sherbieny@outlook.com Estonia Japan
Michail Mironenko 7 years PHP, JavaScript, Yii miro.michail@gmail.com Russia Denmark, Luxembourg, Canada, France, Ireland, Belgium, The United Kingdom and others.
Miroslav Trninic 15 years PHP, Hibernate, Laravel, JSF, PrimeFaces, DDD, Core Java, Docker Orchestration, Java EE miroslav.trninic@gmail.com Bosnia and Herzegovina Canada, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Germany and others.
Sabrina Buenavida 12 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Angular, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration, EcmaScript, Agile (Scrum) sabrina.buenavida@gmail.com Argentina Italy, United States, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Spain and others.
José Luis 14 years PHP, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, Linux, Django, Git, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, HTML, Jenkins, Docker, Flask, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Continuous Integration, CircleCI, Serverless, AWS Lambda, Bash Scripting josetupla@gmail.com Colombia The United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Japan and others.
Ion Rivera 16 years Python, Linux, Unix, Scripting, Ansible, VMWare, Clustering initzero.ion@gmail.com Philippines Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Cyprus, The Netherlands, France, Australia and others.
Sviatlana Matsiuk 4 years Java, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Boot, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Microservices s.andriyanchik@gmail.com Belarus Cyprus, Australia, Canada, Poland, United States, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and others.
Anton Vorozheev 8 years JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, Laravel, TypeScript, PHPUnit, Karma, NodeJS, VueJS, Jest, PHP 7 anton.vorozheev@gmail.com Russia Germany, Denmark, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland and others.
Anton Zayniev 6 years Python, PostgreSQL, Shell, Pandas, Hadoop, Redshift, Data Analysis, Apache Hive anton.zayniev@gmail.com Russia Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, Denmark and others.
Midhun Suraj 10 years Java, Python, Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL, Cloud, Big Data midhunsuraj@gmail.com India Germany, Canada, United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia
Talabi Omotayo 4 years Java, CSS, MySQL, Oracle, Spring MVC, HTML, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, REST API’s omo4adex@gmail.com Nigeria France, Portugal, United States, Estonia, New Zealand, Australia, Norway and others.
Rakesh Elangovan 7 years Java, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, JMeter, SoapUI, QA Analyst, QA Automation, Automated Software Testing, Automated Web Testing, Selenium IDE rakkeee@gmail.com India Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway and others.
Eugene Tkachenko 8 years JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Selenium, Jasmine, Protractor, Cucumber, NUnit, Cypress, QA Automation jek.allen@yandex.ru Ukraine Austria, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany
Sheikh Razu 9 years jQuery, Python, MySQL, Django, Pandas, Docker, BeautifulSoup, Vagrant, Django REST Framework, Angular, Bootstrap smrrrazu@gmail.com Denmark Australia, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, United States
Amir Alian 7 years PHP, Laravel, .NET Core amircup2006@gmail.com Iran Hungary, Austria, Ireland, Canada, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and others.
Lucas Zocco 5 years JavaScript, Python, MySQL, Django, PostgreSQL, Perl, CakePHP, Redis frostylucas@gmail.com Mexico Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain
Felipe Padilha 4 years Java, C#, Android, Unity, Kotlin felipe_rion@outlook.com Brazil Singapore, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Cyprus, Canada, Poland and others.
Maurilio Machado 5 years Java, C#, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL mauriliommachado@gmail.com Portugal Australia, Ireland, Austria, The United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, Denmark and others.
Kamal Sharif 5 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Redux, React, NodeJS, Jest ksharifbd@gmail.com Bangladesh Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Malaysia, Finland, Estonia, Germany
Mosadak Al Salamat 3 years Git, Oracle, Hibernate, Maven, Spring, Jenkins, Java 8, JMS, Web Services, Java EE mosadak@gmx.de Germany The Netherlands
Alexey Perepelitsa 3 years C#, .NET, .NET MVC, MS SQL Server, Windows Server alexuz555@gmail.com Kazakhstan Canada
Aldren Alangcao 4 years Java, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, Node.js, Linux, Git, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Docker, Redis, TDD, Jira, AWS, Microservices, RESTful APIs, Agile, GraphQL, CI/CD aldren.alangcao@gmail.com Philippines Germany, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, China, United Arab Emirates, Norway and others.
Marcos Augustin 11 years JavaScript, C#, Node.js, Angular marcosaugustin@gmail.com Brazil United States, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Sweden, Canada and others.
Ronald Fersula 6 years CSS, WordPress, HTML, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, Prototyping, Photoshop, JIRA Agile, Information Design, Information Architecture, Trello, Information Graphics, InDesign, KPI, UX/UI ronaldox30@hotmail.com Italy Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Ireland
Malinda Ranasinghe 7 years MongoDB, AWS, React, MemSQL, NodeJS malindar11@gmail.com Sri Lanka Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Denmark
Bernardo Teixeira 2 years MongoDB, .NET Framework, Elasticsearch, ASP.NET Core MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core bernardo.jm.teixeira@gmail.com Portugal Ireland, Norway, Australia, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain and others.
Martín Paoloni 12 years Java martinpaoloni@gmail.com Argentina United States, Poland, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Austria, France, Luxembourg and others.
Alexander Batalov 5 years JavaScript, Swift, Git, Alamofire, AWS, APIs, iOS SDK, iOS networking stack, iOS Unit Testing, Machine Learning Theory, REST API hello@AlexanderBatalov.com Russia New Zealand, Switzerland, South Korea, Sweden, Luxembourg, Australia, The Netherlands and others.
Farkhod Khuramov 6 years PHP, Java, C#, OOP, Oracle DB f.khurramov@gmail.com Tajikistan Ireland, Singapore, Hungary, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Spain and others.
Samir Ranjan Parhi 5 years Linux, Git, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, DevOps, Shell Scripting samirparhi@gmail.com India Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Australia and others.
Vladyslav Khromykh 4 years C#, Unity, .NET hromyhvladislav@gmail.com Ukraine Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Finland, The United Kingdom, Norway, Czech Republic
Aleksandr Fofanov 10 years PHP, Laravel, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Postgres avl.fofanov@gmail.com Russia The Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Finland, Australia, Germany and others.
Darío Cavuotti 7 years PHP, Ruby, NodeJS dario.cavuotti@gmail.com Argentina Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain
Sumit Chansouliya 5 years Python, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, nginx, Redis, RabbitMQ, Django REST Framework, Celery, AWS sumitchansouliya1993@gmail.com India Spain, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Singapore, Finland and others.
David Figueroa 5 years Swift, Objective-C democres@hotmail.es Colombia Germany
Jabran Saeed 7 years JavaScript, Python, MongoDB, D3.js, Redis, Redux, React, NodeJS jabransaeed.m@gmail.com Singapore Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Italy, France, Ireland, Poland, Spain and others.
Henrique Feitosa 8 years JavaScript, MySQL, Ruby, OOP, Elixir, Rails, DDD, TDD/BDD hfeitosa@grupoea.com.br Brazil The United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Belgium, Spain and others.

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