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Dinesh Kumar 4 years Ruby, TDD, Kafka, Golang, Distributed Systems dineshkumar_cse@hotmail.com India Germany, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway
Mariano Grimaux 9 years PHP, Symfony, Java, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, SQL, Ajax, HTML mariano.grimaux@gmail.com Argentina Norway, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Finland, The United Kingdom, Ireland and others.
Volodymyr Diachok 8 years UI Design, UX Design, InVision, 3D Studio MAX, Axure, Adobe Creative Suite, Interaction Design vdiachok@emp.org.ua Ukraine United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Austria and others.
Miranda Medrano 10 years Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Acrobat mirandaxmedrano@gmail.com United States Spain, France
Emmanuel Ugwuanyi 4 years C#, PostgreSQL, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Angular Material, Microsoft SQL Server, Angular.js nwachukwu.ugwuanyi@gmail.com Japan Norway, Sweden, Canada, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, France and others.
Kavin Kumaran 4 years Python, Shell, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, AWS, ELK, Nagios kavin.kumaran27@gmail.com India Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Portugal and others.
Juan Garcia 6 years C#, .NET, AWS, SOLID, .NET Core, Clean Architecture juan.garcia.1@icloud.com Guatemala France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, The United Kingdom and others.
Juliano Ladeira 5 years Java, JavaScript, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, TypeScript, Angular, Oracle SQL julianoladeira@gmail.com Brazil Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Austria and others.
Jhustine Dayrit 5 years C#, Python, С++, MySQL, SQL, Git, SVN, Visual C++, ASP.NET, CMake, Android SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Unity C# jhustineanthony@gmail.com Philippines Canada, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, The United Kingdom, Malaysia, New Zealand and others.
Wilmon Monteros 14 years JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Linux, Git, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, AWS, Microservices, Scrum, DevOps, Agile, Spring Framework, Core Java, Java EE bricksdown99@gmail.com Philippines New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Estonia, Norway, Denmark and others.
Rafael Affonso Rodrigues 11 years PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, JSON, Ruby, Node.js, Git, MongoDB, Maven, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Redis, Kubernetes, AWS, DynamoDB, Mesos, Golang, JIRA Agile, GraphQL, Unit Testing, RESTful JSON APIs, Confluence, Orchestration rafael_affonsor@yahoo.com.br Brazil Japan, Finland, The Netherlands, Estonia, The United Kingdom, China, South Korea and others.
Yuriy Tsemashko 8 years Ruby, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Docker, TDD, Microservices, BDD y.tsemashko@gmail.com Ukraine Germany
Abdul Mobeen 4 years PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, AWS, Microservices, APIs, LAMP mobeendev@gmail.com Qatar Germany, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, South Korea, Sweden and others.
Gabriel Yesuron 3 years Sketch, UI Design, UX Design, InVision, Prototyping, Wireframing, Mobile Design, Adobe Suite, UX Research gabrielyesuron@gmail.com Argentina The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Finland, France, Norway, Ireland and others.
Jonathan Tormoen 3 years Java, C#, Python, SQL, C, Django, Data Analytics jonathan.tormoen@gmail.com United States Ireland, Luxembourg, Canada, Austria, Germany, Poland, Belgium and others.
Collins Ruto 3 years Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Docker, RSpec, TDD, Stripe Payments, Golang, Git VCS, GraphQL, CI/CD, Minitest borecollins@gmail.com Kenya Japan, Spain, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Malaysia, United States, Sweden and others.
Ali Bahadir Turkmen 13 years C#, Python, MongoDB, Delphi, Go, .NET, JuliaLang, Microservices, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core, Microservice Architecture abturkmen@hotmail.com Turkey Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Spain and others.
Caroline Fidelaire 10 years Project Management, Agile (Scrum), Agile Coaching c.fidelaire@gmail.com The Netherlands Portugal, The Netherlands, Canada, United States, France, New Zealand, Japan and others.
Salam Omarbagaev 3 years JavaScript, C#, CSS, HTML, .NET, Redux, React, SCSS, MS SQL omarbagaev@gmail.com New Zealand Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Sweden, France and others.
Daniil Demidovich 5 years JavaScript, TypeScript, React, MobX daniil.demidovich@gmail.com Russia Spain
Erdinc Kolukisa 8 years Java, Android, iOS, Swift, Xcode, Git, Cocoa Touch, Firebase, UIKit, Objective-C, XCTest, Android Studio, Core Data, Core Animation, Core ML erdinckolukisa@gmail.com Latvia Spain, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany and others.
Terrie Vergara 5 years Java, SQL Server, JSON, VBA, Selenium WebDriver, VBScript, JIRA Agile, Functional Testing, Test Automation, Postman terrie.vergara@gmail.com Philippines Australia, The Netherlands, United States, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, France and others.
Max Rozhdestvenskiy 8 years JavaScript, .NET, Redux, React max.react.js@gmail.com Russia The United Kingdom, United States, Canada
Ahmet İzgi 14 years Java, Git, OOP, Selenium, Jenkins, JUnit, Automation, Cucumber, TDD, TestNG, Vaadin, Appium, SoapUI, BDD, Java Spring, Agile, Automated Testing, White Box Testing, Postman, REST API, REST Assured, Agile (Scrum) ahmetizgi@gmail.com Turkey Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, United States, Belgium, Denmark and others.
Cuthbert Guerrero 8 years JavaScript, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, ReactJS, Postgres, Vue cuthbert.guerrero@gmail.com Philippines United States, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Estonia, New Zealand
Camilo Sierra 8 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, jQuery, Python, CSS, MySQL, XML, HTML, .NET, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, C++/CLI, AWS, React, Angular, BI, Business Analysis, Tableau, Apache Cassandra, MS SQL, PyTorch, Cloud Computing camiloandressierra@gmail.com Colombia United States, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg
Vani Ganji 6 years Embedded C vanisai413@gmail.com India Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Canada
Mostafa Hussien 5 years JavaScript, CSS, JSON, Ajax, HTML, Sass, Adobe Photoshop, UI Design, UX Design, REST APIs, Angular.js mostafahussien91@live.com United Arab Emirates France, Germany, Canada, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Austria, Denmark and others.
Rahul Sonawane 9 years Java, API, Selenium WebDriver, JMeter, Protractor, Cucumber, Appium, AWS, DevOps, Manual QA, Automated Software Testing rshw8487@gmail.com Malaysia Ireland, South Korea, Poland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and others.
Jaques Dias 8 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Ruby, Git, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, RSpec jaquesdias19@gmail.com Germany The Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Ireland, United States, New Zealand and others.
Arife Mutlu 4 years JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Oracle, Entity Framework, HTML, ADO.NET, .NET MVC, PL/SQL, MS SQL, .NET Web API arife.mutlu@outlook.com Turkey Hungary, The United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and others.
Alin Gabriel Eremia 5 years Java, Python, С++, SQL, Linux, Jenkins alingeremia@yahoo.com Romania Sweden, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium
Aidyn Torgayev 3 years Python, Go, C/C++, Embedded Software Development aidyn.torgayev@gmail.com Belarus The United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Australia, Luxembourg and others.
Rustem Saitkulov 7 years Java, Android, Git, Kotlin srmsam@yandex.ru Thailand Switzerland, The United Kingdom
Roman E. 22 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, WordPress, HTML, D3.js, SVG, Gulp romanedirisinghe@gmail.com United States Singapore, The United Kingdom, Thailand, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Sweden and others.
Salim Mouffok 4 years PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, Git, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Docker, UML, JWT, Angular, WebSockets, Automated Testing, REST API salim.mouffok@gmail.com Algeria Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Canada, Norway and others.
Ruslan Khasanbaev 8 years C#, MongoDB, Docker, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core khasanbaev.r@gmail.com Russia The Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, France, Australia, Portugal, United States and others.
Elvin Mahmudov 5 years PHP, JavaScript, AWS, Golang, Java Spring elvinemahmudov@gmail.com Azerbaijan Japan, Czech Republic, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, Hungary and others.
Andrey Chernyshov 17 years Java, Spring, Microservices, Web Services andrey.chernyshov@gmail.com Australia Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Spain, Czech Republic and others.
Jamie Camfferman 5 years Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Sketch, UI Design, UX Design jecamfferman@gmail.com South Africa Australia
Kirill Vakhrin 14 years JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Git, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, RSpec, Redis, CoffeeScript 3367894@gmail.com Russia Austria, Germany, Spain
Ievgenii Krevenets 16 years JavaScript, Python, Pandas, NumPy, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, TDD, Deep Learning, Game Development, Keras, Data Science hyzhaka@gmail.com Ukraine Canada, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, United States, Ireland, New Zealand and others.
Yury Vatlin 10 years С++, Machine Learning, OCR, Deep Learning avaini@gmail.com Russia Poland, Japan, Australia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and others.
Roy Rivera 9 years Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, NodeJS royrivera.k@gmail.com Costa Rica Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Czech Republic, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and others.
Pavel Casparov 5 years Java, JavaScript, C#, SQL, Selenium, Jenkins, Selenium WebDriver, NoSQL, Scrum, QA, Kanban, Test Automation, Cypress pavel.casparov@gmail.com Moldova United States, The Netherlands
Greg Cymbalski 16 years Ruby, Linux, Jenkins, Automation, Cluster Computing, Kubernetes, DevOps cymbalski@gmail.com United States Finland, Ireland, Norway, Luxembourg, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and others.
Evgenii Alushkin 4 years JavaScript, C#, Docker, .NET, Protractor, TeamCity, QA, Mobile QA, JavaScript testing frameworks, REST API, Manual QA, QA Automation alushkin1221@gmail.com Cyprus Austria
Shubham Deodia 5 years JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, HTML, Redux, SCSS, React.js shubham.deodia@gmail.com Cyprus Spain, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Cyprus, Portugal and others.
Stanislav Bondarets 5 years Project Management, Product Management bondarets.stas@gmail.com Ukraine Poland, The Netherlands, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, United States, Czech Republic and others.
Karina Castillo 5 years Java, Android, iOS, SQL, Jenkins, Jira, SoapUI, Scrum, Kanban, pgSQL, Trello, Postman, Software QA kcastil23@gmail.com Costa Rica Australia, New Zealand, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Hungary, Japan and others.
Gustavo Silva 10 years PHP, Python, MySQL, SQL, Docker, Routing, PyQt, BeautifulSoup, DevOps, APIs, Grafana, System Analysis, Web Services, IP Networking, Zabbix, Bash Scripting, Linux System Administration, Firewalls silvagustavo@me.com Brazil New Zealand, Spain, Poland, Cyprus, Switzerland, Portugal, Canada and others.
Oleg Lukin 8 years Java, C#, Elasticsearch, .NET, TDD, AWS, DDD, Microsoft Azure, MS SQL Server, Agile Software Development oleg.e.lukin@gmail.com Australia Singapore
Nguyên Nguyễn Tường 7 years C#, Entity Framework, ASP.NET, .NET, .NET MVC nguyenntvb@gmail.com Vietnam New Zealand, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Italy, The Netherlands, Australia and others.
Tien Doan 6 years Swift, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, iOS SDK, RxSwift tiendnuit@gmail.com Vietnam Sweden, France, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Finland and others.
Martín Palmieri 8 years JavaScript, CSS, Git, HTML, Sass, Flexbox, Angular Material, Responsive Web Design, Angular, ES6+, BEM, RxJS, Babel.js palmierimartin@gmail.com Argentina The Netherlands, Spain, United States, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany
Jobins John 5 years Swift, Xcode, Git, UIKit, AFNetworking, Alamofire, Objective-C, Async Networking aj.jobins@gmail.com United Arab Emirates Denmark, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Belgium, United Arab Emirates and others.
Kostiantyn Natalukha 4 years Java, SQL, JSON, Linux, Perl, Maven, Selenium, XPath, GitHub, Jenkins, TestNG, Jira, Appium, BDD, QA, Continuous Integration, Test Automation konstyantinnataluha@gmail.com Ukraine Germany, Spain, Sweden, Cyprus, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic and others.
Vladimir Lila 13 years PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Laravel, HTML, Docker, Yii, Golang, NodeJS, Postgres, Neural Networks, Linux System Administration v.b.lila@yandex.ru Russia Spain, United States
Caio Ferreira 8 years UX Design, Business Analysis, Project Management, Product Management caiohdf@gmail.com Brazil Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Japan, Germany, Spain and others.
Rohan Vats 6 years JavaScript, HTML, Sass, Redux, ReactJS, Vue rohankvats@gmail.com India Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Belgium, United States, Denmark and others.
Emre Alper 7 years JavaScript, .NET, ASP.NET Core, Redux, ASP.NET Core MVC, AWS, Microservices, SOLID, Fullstack, React.js, .NET Core, Domain Driven Development, .NET MVC, AWS Lambda, Microservice Architecture, .NET Web API, Enterprise Architecture emrealper@gmail.com Turkey Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, The United Kingdom and others.
Andrey Vasnetsov 5 years Python, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Machine Learning, NLP, PyTorch vasnetsov93@gmail.com Russia Portugal, Australia, Belgium, Spain, The United Kingdom, Poland, New Zealand and others.
Yuliya Akhtsiamava 6 years UI Design, UX Design, Prototyping, Wireframing, Product Design, User Flows akhtsiamova@gmail.com Latvia New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and others.
Movses Poghosyan 7 years JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, React, C/C++ movsespoghosyan86@gmail.com Armenia Belgium, Australia, Singapore, United States, Austria, Italy, United Arab Emirates and others.
Leandro Soares 6 years Java, Python, C, Oracle, Maven, Docker, Spring Frameworks lndrobrito@gmail.com Brazil United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Australia and others.
Anoop S Nair 5 years MySQL, Hadoop, Apache Spark, MapReduce, Oozie, Core Java, AWS Data Pipelines, Apache Hive anooppavi@gmail.com Malaysia Denmark, Spain, Malaysia, Estonia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and others.
Jayson Uy 7 years JavaScript, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, AWS, ReactJS jayson_uy@ymail.com Philippines The Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Norway and others.
Eduardo Alejandro Guzman Lau Len 4 years Java, JavaScript, C#, Linux, TypeScript, Docker, NoSQL, ASP.NET Core, AWS, DevOps, Angular, NodeJS, Continuous Integration, .NET Core, Continuous Deployment, Java EE, Microservice Architecture, Unity C# eduardo@egll.tech Peru Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Norway, Belgium and others.
Aleksandr Ryabets 6 years C#, WPF, OOP, Go, Docker, Lua, Cassandra, .NET, WPF Controls, OCaml, Microservices naeptunao@gmail.com Sweden Denmark, Thailand, Cyprus, South Korea, Italy, Singapore, China and others.
Shruti Upadhyaya 7 years iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Scrum shruti.upadhya@gmail.com Germany Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Austria
Anton Sinitsyn 4 years Java, Android, Git, MVVM, Retrofit, Espresso, RxJava, Kotlin, Clean Architecture left-sinii@mail.ru Malta France, Canada, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, United States, Denmark, Spain and others.
Oleksandr Dуkуі 5 years JavaScript, MySQL, JSON, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, NodeJS, SOLID, CI/CD, React.js, AWS RDS, REST API, JavaScript DOM, Express.js, Agile Software Development alex.dykyi@gmail.com Ukraine United States, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, France, Germany, South Korea and others.
Wallace Reis 12 years JavaScript, Python, MySQL, Linux, Git, Oracle, MongoDB, Apache, PostgreSQL, Perl, nginx, Docker, Chef, Ansible, Kubernetes, DevOps, Automated Testing wallace@reis.me Brazil United States, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, France, Austria and others.
Sebastian Alarcón 5 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Redux, React Router, React, Flux, SCSS sebas.alarcon8@gmail.com Colombia The United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands
Víctor Bolívar 5 years .NET Framework, Scrum, Product Owner, Business Analysis, Project Management bolivarvictor@gmail.com Costa Rica The Netherlands, Germany
Diego Barrera 4 years Node.js, Ruby on Rails diegobarrera25@gmail.com Colombia Switzerland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Finland, Italy and others.
Riccardo Pinto 4 years Java, Python, Agile (Scrum), C/C++ riccardopinto87@gmail.com Italy Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and others.
Tiago Garcia 5 years Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Docker, Docker Orchestration tmmgarcia7@gmail.com Brazil Germany, Sweden, Italy, New Zealand, Hungary, Canada, The Netherlands and others.
Renan Garcia 5 years JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, CSS Preprocessors, JavaScript DOM renangarciab@gmail.com Brazil Norway, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and others.
Georgii Fandeev 5 years SQL, Analytics, R, BI, Tableau george.fandeev@gmail.com Russia Sweden, Portugal, Canada, Czech Republic, Australia, Poland, Belgium and others.
Vladimír Krichťák 13 years PHP, C#, Python, Node.js, Docker, .NET vladimir.krichtak@icloud.com Czechia Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Cyprus and others.
Anthony Di Benedetto Rubini 10 years PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Laravel, Docker, Redis, NodeJS, VueJS tonyblast@gmail.com Argentina Germany, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain
Pavel Zarudnev 6 years Java, iOS, Swift, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, Storyboard, Interface Builder, XIB, Objective-C, Core Location, Core Data, Core Animation rockinpaulz@gmail.com Russia The Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Austria and others.
Branko Markovic 14 years Linux System Administration branko.markovic77@gmail.com Serbia Japan, United States, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, Denmark and others.
Cyril Ologho Paul 5 years Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, Web Development cyrielo911@gmail.com Nigeria United States, Germany, Canada
Ani Davtyan 7 years JavaScript, NodeJS, Postgres an.davtian@yahoo.com Armenia Norway, Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, United States, The United Kingdom, Canada and others.
Kyrylo Horban 10 years NumPy, Sketch, Figma, UX Design, Material Design, InVision, Prototyping, Wireframing, Framer, Adobe Suite, Information Design, Moqups, Market Research, Neural Networks, UI Design (Web/Mobile) compozio.app@gmail.com Ukraine Italy, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands
Bogdan Lashkov 4 years Python, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, System Analysis, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Data Science i@bogdan.co Russia Austria, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium
Jason Naughton 3 years JavaScript, Redux, React, NodeJS jjnaughton93@gmail.com United States Germany, The Netherlands
Konstantin Ryzhov 5 years JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, React.js theaklair@gmail.com Russia Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Canada, United States, Finland, Estonia
Mikhail Barabanov 12 years Android, iOS, Docker, .NET, Dart, Akka, Angular, DDD, CQRS barabanov.mikle@gmail.com Russia Spain, United States, Germany, Portugal, Austria, The United Kingdom, France and others.
Oleg Soroka 25 years Python, Bash, Jenkins, Docker, Cloud, Ansible, DevOps, Agile, CI/CD oleg40a@gmail.com Latvia Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, United States, Austria, Switzerland and others.
Tomás Agustín Farías Santana 4 years Python, Django, Pandas, Flask, Spark, Golang tomasfariassantana@gmail.com Argentina The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Hungary, Australia, United States, Ireland, Spain and others.
Aleksei Nesterov 13 years SSAS, BI, SSRS, Microsoft SQL Server, OLAP, Database Administration, Database Development, Database Architecture asnest@gmail.com United States
Ulzhan Tankayeva 4 years Java, JavaScript, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Spring, React, Kotlin, Web Services, Play Framework ulzhan.tankayeva@gmail.com Kazakhstan Belgium, Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Japan and others.

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